Grand Jury Day 2 – History – Brian Gerrish, Debbie Evans

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Brian Gerrish – Public Speaker & Investigative Journalist
Starts at 1:58

  • Organization of Gangsters, a Conspiracy. Huge power and wealth. They want to control everything.
  • How have gangsters been dealt with? They have been brought down by their crimes. Real evidence. Named persons involved in those crimes.
  • Their crimes: Oppression, slavery, human trafficking and ultimately death from the COVID vaccines and pandemic.
  • They want to control our minds. They believe any opinion they hold is the correct one. This is a battle for our minds.
  • 1940 Paper. Mental Hygiene. Large scale infiltration through propaganda.
  • Mental Hygiene means you’re not fit to be a human being unless you adopt the ideas of the gangsters
  • Common Purpose, an organization, unleashing a plan to change our society. Common Purpose seeks out the people they want. Future leaders. The objective is to change the world.
  • UK Government SAGE / SPI_B Covid Team Minutes (March 22, 2020)
    • Education
    • Persuasion
      “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”
    • Incentivisation. Social Approval.
    • Coercion
      “Consideration should be given to use of social disapproval but with a strong caveat around unwanted negative consequences.”
      Using people to police each other. I’m wearing a mask, you are not.
    • Enablement
  • World Governments are using applied psychology to change behavior.
  • A Document: “Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy. Germany. C0untry Overview”
  • Vaccine deaths have outstripped the benefits of the vaccines
  • MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – U.K.) has ignored adverse effects and deaths. Psychology is used for everything.
  • Medical Fascism
  • A million change agents needed to change NHS in U.K. to what the new narrative is
  • Nurses and doctors started to follow Mantras… such mantra: “Covid. Unvaccinated. Death Pathway.”
  • Nurses and Doctors do not even want to talk about adverse effects.
  • People are victims….black and white approach does not work.
  • There is no research on what may happen to people adversely who are being psychologically manipulated. Example huge increase in suicide. There is no admission about this
  • Manipulation of Genes. An agenda from governments and tech and pharma.
  • Elite corporate will…no democracy involved

Debbie Evans – Retired Nurse
Starts at 2:21

  • Golden University Triangle (Oxford, Cambridge, London), also known a Brain Curve
  • Cambridge (hospitals)
  • Oxford (high tech)
  • The Russell Group
  • London (digital capitol of Europe)
  • The MHRA would like to become the global regulator. Many conflicts of interests.
  • Charities seem to be involved in all of this as well. Cancer U.K. funded by many Pharma companies.
  • TB levels are rising in the U.K. Cancer and Dementia are on the rise.
  • SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028. Futuristic Scenario.
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Lots of bullying in Government, lots of competition to hold the government line.
  • Biosensors…can be in food, clothing, etc.
  • NHS data birth until death

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