Grand Jury: The Court of Public Opinion

I heard Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talk about this a year or so ago. At the time they had hoped to find an actual court to take their case against the major players in this plandemic which they aptly call: Nuremberg 2.0 Trials for Crimes Against Humanity. No court would take it. Early on I think they were hoping to have the case heard in the Hague at the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice. I’m not sure which one.

I suspect these courts are controlled by the very people that they are investigating, so maybe it is better those courts did not take it.

What they have settled on is what they are calling, Grand Jury: The Court of Public Opinion. Essentially, they are presenting their evidence before a Grand Jury for all the world to see, or least those who are familiar with alternative forms of media.

Fuellmich writes:

In serious criminal cases in the U.S., a so-called grand jury is presented with the evidence at hand to convince them that this evidence is sufficient to bring public charges against the defendants.

We are adopting this model to prove to the public, with the help of real witnesses, lawyers, a judge and experts from around the world, that we are dealing with crimes against humanity that span the globe.

The goal is a coherent presentation of all the facts gathered to date, and thus to convince the populations of all countries that resistance here is not only possible, but required of every individual.

Fuellmich’s opening statement did not pull any punches. You can watch the video on The COVID World:

The COVID World

I wish I could say I have great hopes for this, but over the last 5 years we have had lots of evidence of all kinds of criminal activities and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. The most important thing happening now is the Canadian Truckers. The lesson there is that if we want our freedoms back, it is up to all of us to stand up against tyranny in anyway we can.


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Dick van Toulon van der Koog

I’m hopeful, that Mr. Fuelmich c.s. will be allowed to complete their work, and convince a meaningful number of those among us, who still refuse to believe, that we are witnessing a world coup by corrupt big business, with the goal to seriously reduce the world population, manipulate the health of surviving ing human beings and wield complete control over every living human soul.

The Inmate

I hope so too! I do think everything that what we do (the convoys, talk radio, websites, newspapers, commenting on websites, speaking out and who knows what else) will have a cumulative effect, hopefully a tidal wave that cannot be ignored. That’s why I started this website.

Thanks for your comment. Yours is one of the first since I started this website a couple of months ago.


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