How does it feel to be vindicated?

This is a very good article by Dr. Robert Malone. The most poignant passage for me is this:

The biomedical world that I thought I was living in has been revealed to be a sham.  The legitimacy of the industry and discipline that I have committed my entire professional life to is in shambles.  I am now embarrassed to call myself a vaccines and biodefense expert, because the fundamental corruption inherent in those domains has been so clearly revealed. I cannot unsee what I have seen.  I cannot recapture all of those years spent in a profoundly corrupt academic system, spent supporting a deeply compromised discipline which appears primarily driven by financial interests rather than by what I had naively believed was a commitment to saving lives.  I chose to not pursue the careers of my father and father in law, which were spent building weapons of war.  Only to find that I had inadvertently played a significant role in enabling one of the most tragic medical follies in the history of man.

At the end of the article Malone writes:

I now have a very different worldview than I had two years ago. I have no regrets. But I take no pleasure in the thing.

The full article is worth the read.

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