Inslee will advance bill that makes lying about elections a gross misdemeanor

Of course the obvious question is: who decides what is a lie concerning the election? We all know what Governor Inslee in Washington thinks just by this attack on free speech. He’ll want to censor anyone who says the election was stolen. The election was stolen! Either fight that statement with facts or go have a latte.

Our question shouldn’t be: Don’t these people understand the importance of free speech? Because they do! They understand that with free speech their narratives will break down and be seen for what they are. This is why the Mainstream Media only pushes their narrative and censors the other side. Our only question at this point should be: How do we stop them?

Read the article: First Amendment challenge: Gov. Inslee to advance law that makes lying about elections a gross misdemeanor

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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