Insurance Companies see Spike in Mortality Rates

Sometime back the OneAmerica insurance company CEO reported a 40% rise in morality rates in ages 18 – 64. Edward Dowd, recently on the Steve Bannon show, has some newer stats and he thinks it is going to get worse. These insurance companies are also seeing a rise in Q4 2021 against the baseline in 2019:

  • 57% for Lincoln National
  • 41% for Prudential
  • 32% for Hartford
  • 24% for MetLife
  • 21% for RGA.

For reference see the above stats on WND.

10% for these kinds of policies would be huge. These current numbers are once in a lifetime numbers. Dowd said one Dutch company, AEGON, saw a 268% increase in U.S. claims in the third quarter. Dowd also said that the two funeral home companies in the stock market were looking like growth stocks in 2021 and he expects that to continue this year. No one in Mainstream Media is admitting why this is happening since so many people have received the “safe and effective” COVID jabs. There’s probably no correlation between the jabs and these deaths. How could there be? Move along. What a cute dog photo!

Well, Bill (No Population Growth) Gates did say that vaccines could reduce population growth. There’s that.

The Epoch Times reports this:

In October 2021, The Times of India reported that health insurers saw a “huge surge in non-COVID claims,” with the head of interventional cardiology at a Mumbai, India, hospital noting a 40 percent increase in heart problems compared to the previous six to eight months.

See the Dowd interview below.

Edward Dowd Interview

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