It’s Obvious, Obviously: Part 1: Election Fraud

No one has to do tons of research to know the presidential election of 2020 was stolen. There are mountains of evidence that prove the election was stolen, but it’s not necessary to spend your days and nights going through it.

Anyone who was paying attention on election night would know the election was stolen: Trump leading substantially in four battleground states with what most would call insurmountable leads, but by the next day Biden is the winner in all of them. In the document, “Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management”, Edward B. Foley considers a possible scenario where Trump is leading Pennsylvania by 20,000 votes on election night. Of that he wrote:

“Although 20,000 is a sizable lead, they [the press] have learned in recent years that numbers can shift before final, official certification of the election results.”

“Moreover, if the idea of a 20,000-lead on Election Night evaporating entirely during the canvassing of returns seems implausible, think again.”

The actual leads on that night in 2020 in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin were 356,945, 555,189, 293,052 and 112,022 respectively. Think about that for a moment. The idea of those evaporating is implausible, is impossible.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Mental Gymnastics

The mental gymnastics one has to go through to convince said self that the 2020 election was legitimate requires self-delusion on a grand scale. The major players are not deluding themselves, they know they cheated.

The second obvious general reason we know the election was stolen is the response of the Mainstream Media to it at the time and up until today. Not only do people get banned on social media for voicing opinions contrary to leftist echo chambers, but our precious MSM from day one has not been willing to cover the other side. Why? Because they know any real debate about it would make the obvious, obvious, obviously.


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