It’s Obvious, Obviously: Part 2: COVID BS

Like election fraud, it is simple to look at the response to COVID and know, beyond any doubt, that something is not right. Yes, there are facts and figures, there are many, many doctors across the globe with awesome credentials speaking out against the jabs and if you want to wade through a lot of that, please, go right ahead. I’m not saying don’t do that. I’ve done that.


But any rational person looking at the events around us will at the very least, after a little reflection, calmly look skyward, speaking to no one in particular, and ask, “What the fuck is going on?”

Early on I was simply amazed at the barrage of all kinds of media pushing the experimental jabs: radio commercials, billboards, television commercials, flyers, newspaper ads and editorials, there was no way to get away from it. When have you ever seen that?


Then they started offering money and food, donuts no less. Admittedly, donuts tested my resolve beyond the limits of what I thought I could handle, but I pushed through and no doubt am a stronger and thinner person because of it. Win the lottery. Bribing teenagers without parental consent? Any of this would make a logical, rational person question the authenticity of what they are being told by governments, talking heads and “medical experts.”

The propagandized take it all in.

Simple Math: It All Adds Up

Methinks more states have something rotten in them than just Denmark. That’s the other thing. This is a coordinated effort to implement totalitarianism worldwide. Look at Australia. Look at Germany. Look at Austria. Look at Israel.

Listen to the rhetoric about the “unvaccinated.” Ring any bells?

When have we EVER seen a worldwide effort like this to get everyone, and I mean everyone, to take a jab? Passports, mandates, bullying and coercion, they are pressing forward and appear to have no inclination to back down, no matter how many protests there are.

Take this jab or lose your job! It’s not right and it shouldn’t be happening.

Do Not Comply!

DO not comply.

Do NOT comply.

Do not COMPLY.


Seriously, just don’t. Get on or stay on the right side of history!

This is a war, a real war. It’s a different kind of war, but a war nonetheless. We’re all foot soldiers and we all have a part to play.

Don’t wait for the cavalry. We are the cavalry.

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