James Roguski’s 25 Self-Evident Truths

A sign, 25 Self-Evident Truths. On the other side of ravine two people. "I'd rather believe the obvious lies."

This is a great list. James Roguski has done an enormous amount of work regarding the WHO (World Health Organization). Visit his Substack.

  • I Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

    I hold these truths to be self evident:

    1. Crimes against humanity have been, and continue to be, committed by people in positions of power across every sector of our society. Each and every one of us has a moral obligation to do everything possible to stop these horrors.

    2. Our laws have been corrupted over decades to the point where criminal activity that is morally, ethically and spiritually wrong has been made to appear “legal.”

    3. “Health” agencies worldwide (WHO, NIH, FDA, CDC, EMA, UKHSA, MHRA, TGA, etc.) have been captured and are largely controlled by the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex.

    4. The mainstream news media receives enormous amounts of advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies, to the point where their reporting of the “news” has clearly become marketing propaganda in support of their advertisers.

    5. Politicians receive campaign donations and both they and government bureaucrats are often offered positions of power in the corporate world as a reward for their support while in office.

    6. Denigration of the truth by referring to it as mis-, dis- or mal-information and the censorship of those who are merely seeking to expose the truth or express their opinion is a clear violation of our unalienable rights.

    7. The “virus” that has been named SARS-CoV-2 has never been properly isolated and it has not been shown to be the sole cause of the disease known as COVID-19.

    8. The use of the RT-PCR process to “diagnose” COVID-19 “cases” is an act of fraud.

    9. Epidemics, pandemics and states of emergency must not be predicated on manipulated tests that are said to determine “asymptomatic cases.”

    10. The declaration of a “state of emergency” does not give anyone the authority to trample upon the unalienable rights of men, women and children.

    11. The concept of “two weeks to flatten the curve” was a lie that clearly failed.

    12. Lockdowns, curfews, travel restrictions, social distancing, isolation and mask mandates obviously failed and are not reliable methods to reduce the spread of disease.

    13. The use of ventilators and the drugs that are associated with their use did not save lives, in fact, it shortened lives.

    14. Masks do not stop the spread of respiratory pathogens and, in fact, they can and do aggravate respiratory diseases.

    15. The refusal to allow individual doctors to recommend early treatment with essential medicines, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies was a criminal act that caused enormous harm.

    16. Incentivizing the diagnosis of COVID-19 with financial bonus payments was an enormous mistake that encouraged poor treatment and corruption.

    17. The genetic sequence that was used in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was created in a computer, not by nature.

    18. The COVID-19 “vaccines” fit the legal description of a man-made biological weapon that is not found in nature. Those who created, promoted and administered these biological weapons must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

    19. Many people have been harmed, permanently disabled and killed by the COVID-19 “vaccines.” They have suffered damage to their immune, cardiovascular, nervous, liver, kidney and other systems due to the COVID-19 injections. These injuries are real, not rare.

    20. The COVID-19 vaccines were rushed into use based on fraudulent clinical trials. They are not safe. They are not effective. They are not “vaccines”. They are biological weapons. Their use must be stopped IMMEDIATELY.

    21. Remdesivir has caused more harm than good and must be removed from the marketplace IMMEDIATELY.

    22. Many people have died, but their deaths have been wrongly attributed to COVID-19.

    23. The scientific method requires open discussion and debate and invites challenges to accepted beliefs. The concept of “trusting the science” is actually a violation of the scientific method.

    24.  The concept of “public health” is deeply flawed. The health of any group is the sum total of the health of the people that make up that group. The unalienable rights of every man, woman and child must always be respected.

    25. Everyone has the unalienable right to make their own individual health-related decisions.

    Regarding point 16 take a look at this list which was part of the book, What the Nurses Saw.

    COVID Hospital Admission Incentives

    Amounts hospitals were paid for admitting one Covid patient. Don't worry, there couldn't possibly be a conflict of interest. Move along.

    • Alabama  —  $158,000
    • Alaska  —  $306,000
    • Arizona  —  $23,000
    • Arkansas  —  $285,000
    • California  —  $145,000
    • Colorado  —  $58,000
    • Connecticut  —  $38,000
    • Delaware  —  $127,000
    • Florida  —  $132,000
    • Georgia  —  $73,000
    • Hawaii  —  $301,000
    • Idaho  —  $100,000
    • Illinois  —  $73,000
    • Indiana  —  $105,000
    • Iowa  —  $235,000
    • Kansas  —  $291,000
    • Kentucky  —  $297,000
    • Louisana  —  $26,000
    • Maine  —  $260,000
    • Maryland  —  $120,000
    • Massachusetts  —  $44,000
    • Michigan  —  $44,000
    • Minnesota  —  $380,000
    • Mississippi  —  $166,000
    • Missouri  —  $175,000
    • Montana  —  $315,000
    • Nebraska  —  $379,000
    • Nevada  —  $98,000
    • New Hampshire  —  $201,000
    • New Jersey  —  $18,000
    • New Mexico  —  $171,000
    • New York  —  $12,000
    • North Carolina  —  $252,000
    • North Dakota  —  $339,000
    • Ohio  —  $180,000
    • Oklahoma  —  $291,000
    • Oregon  —  $220,000
    • Pennsylvania  —  $68,000
    • Rhode Island  —  $52,000
    • South Carolina  —  $186,000
    • South Dakota  —  $241,000
    • Tennessee  —  $166,000
    • Texas  —  $184,000
    • Utah  —  $94,000
    • Vermont  —  $87,000
    • Virginia  —  $201,000
    • Washington  —  $58,000
    • West Virginia  —  $471,000
    • Wisconsin  —  $163,000
    • Wyoming  —  $278,000

    Average per patient/per hospital: $173,740

    Source: "Follow the Money Series: Blood Money in U.S. Healthcare Financial Incentives: The Use of 'Covered Countermeasures' PDF, opens new window ©2022 AJ DePriest and TN Liberty Network
    From the PDF: "The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) distributed the first phase of $100B emergency funding on 10 Apr 2020. However, $30B was distributed to hospitals based on Medicare revenue—not number of Covid cases in each state. Figure 5 [the above table] shows what states were paid per Covid case admitted to hospitals. Some states received as little as $12,000 per Covid case (e.g., New York). Some states received as much as $471,000 per Covid case (e.g., West Virginia). Another $20B went to providers on 24 Apr 2020."

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25 Self-Evident Truths

“I’d rather believe the obvious lies.”

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