January 23, 2022 – Free Speech Day for Healthcare Providers

This is being organized by Steve Kirsch. He says, in the link below, that there are three reasons the COVID narrative has been allowed to continue:

  1. Trust in Authority
  2. Restricting free speech of medical authorities
  3. Marginalizing and censoring those who speak the truth

On #2 he says that every single medical board in the country has let doctors know if they speak out against the CDC they will have their licenses taken away.

So the idea is to have all of them speak out at once. In Kirsch’s poll of his healthcare readers many have said they will speak out if others do. So that’s the plan.

On a larger scale, it is what all of us must do too. Don’t wear your mask. Just don’t. Don’t comply.

Read Steve Kirsch’s Article: Jan 23, 2022 is free speech day for doctors and other healthcare providers


As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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