Judging Judges

Meryl Nass said of this article:

This scares the ****out of me.

This is similar to bringing charges against Trump’s lawyers for representing him in questioning an election.

  • Germany Sentences Judge for Ruling Against Government’s Mask Mandates

    A German court has sentenced one of its own judges to prison for ruling against the government’s mask mandates.

    In 2021, Judge Christian Dettmar struck down a local government ordinance that required schoolchildren to wear masks in the German state of Thuringia. The case made headlines across Germany.

    Judge Dettmar is now set to lose his legal career and pension and receive a two-year suspended prison sentence for allegedly “perverting the law.”

    Judge Consulted Experts…The Horror, The Horror

    A police raid on his home and his office, conducted only weeks after his ruling was overturned, seized his electronic devices, including his mobile phone, which contained private correspondence that allegedly revealed his bias against lockdown measures.

    Prosecutors further accused the judge of being biased toward experts who were critical of lockdown rules before giving his verdict, according to the German tabloid Bild.

    They said he met with them before hearing from the official experts who were consulted in the case when making his original decision.

    Judge Dettmar said he did consult with scientists who were skeptical of the measures enacted by the government at the time.

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