Klaus Schwab writes Joe Biden’s Handlers about Ultra MAGA

It's a MAGA agenda all right. Let me tell you about this ultra-MAGA agenda — it's extreme, as most MAGA things are.

— Illegitimate Joe Biden, May 4, 2022

Klaus is upset that Joe threw out the label “Ultra MAGA.” Was that a tactical mistake?

Map of the World, Large corporate show stepping on someone. Text is: World Economic Tyranny (Black and White)

Klaus (The Great Bullshit) Schwab

You'll Own Nothing and We'll Be Happy

Date:May 6, 2022 1:00 am
To:Biden's Handlers
From:Klaus Schwab
Subject:ULTRA MAGA Was a Mistake!

What the hell is wrong with you people? ULTRA MAGA? Are you fucking kidding me? It’s their word. You’re using an adjective on their word! What did you think they were going to do with it? Did you really think ULTRA MAGA was something they were going to run away from? Now look what the fuck you’ve done. Meme’s everywhere, the MSM is talking about it and what did it accomplish?

They are calling themselves “ULTRA MAGA” with pride. They love it. They’ll probably make hats and t-shirts. It’s your fucking fault.

I know it’s not easy for you people to be useful idiots, but all you have to do is stick to the narrative and do what we tell you to do. It’s not that difficult. Do not go off script. Don’t think for yourself. I know you think your ideas are good, they’re not. Know your place. Our plan is working. OUR plan, not yours.

Just use what we’ve always used: Nazi, racist, white supremacist, homophobe, transphobe, islamaphobe. You know the drill.

You could have called them Nazi MAGA or Racist MAGA, but no, you thought “Ultra” was a good idea. It’s too late now. The only way to fix this is to go back to the old narrative and do not use “ULTRA MAGA.” With some luck it may slowly die. Just keep repeating the old insults and don’t let up.

Get the word out and do it quickly.


Give him a tranquilizer and send him to bed.

Klaus Schwab

The White House: Front View. Vector Image

The White (Tyrannical) House

Date:May 7, 2022 5:08 pm
To:Klaus Schwab
From:Joe Biden
Subject:Re: ULTRA MAGA Was a Mistake!

I like cheese.

Joe Biden

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