Klaus Schwab writes Joe Biden

Map of the World, Large corporate show stepping on someone. Text is: World Economic Tyranny (Black and White)

Klaus (The Great Bullshit) Schwab

You'll Own Nothing and We'll be Happy

Date:March 3, 2022 6:00 pm
To:President Joe Biden
From:Klaus Schwab
Subject:Somebody Take Care of This!

Biden Handlers!

Don’t let this email get to Joe. I’m writing to you! I’m not happy.

Please, stop letting this man talk. All he does is embarrass us. The other day he said Putin invaded Russia. This makes us look bad. All of us. We’re already starting to have a PR problem and Joe is not helping. That means you’re not helping.

Do whatever you have to do. Give him more drugs or up the volume in his ear piece, I don’t know, just don’t let the man talk for more than five minutes. He can’t even read a teleprompter correctly. Send him on vacation, let him watch Disney movies or just feed him ice cream. I don’t care. I suspect he’ll die of old age any moment anyway, but keep him away from the microphone.

When he’s gone, at least Kamala can talk. She can read a teleprompter and she knows how to laugh at inappropriate times just like Bill, but it helps keep the masses off balance while they’re working out why anyone would laugh at those moments.

This is top priority. Make it happen.

Klaus Schwab

The White (Tyrannical) House

We're Here to Take Your Money
You're Here to Work Hard To Give It To Us

Date:March 9, 2022 12:06 am
To:Klaus Schwab
From:President Joe Biden
Subject:Re: Somebody Take Care of This!


Can you resend your email? I need to read it again.

President Joe Biden

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