Klaus Schwab writes Justin Trudeau

Obtained fairly easily. I figured out Schwab’s email password is:


Got it on my third try.

Map of the World, Large corporate show stepping on someone. Text is: World Economic Tyranny (Color)

Klaus (The Great Bullshit) Schwab

Date:February 25, 2022 1:00 pm
To:Justin Trudeau
From:Klaus Schwab
Subject:Canada & The Truckers

Little Fidel,

Ha! In addition to my superior intellect I have the ability to crack myself up.

Justin, Justin, Justin, my dear, dear boy. I know you’re probably a little upset those nasty truck drivers took so long to do what you wanted. By the way, you’re welcome for the reinforcements. I love watching the brutes fight each other while they chant their quaint, insignificant slogans. It’s really quite fascinating.

Our brutes are very well-trained, don’t you think? I’m extremely impressed. It never occurs to them they should be fighting us and not their fellow brutes, but manipulating the herd never gets old, though it is relatively easy. Remember this, Justin: nothing is more satisfying than watching the livestock do our bidding.

Your mistake, I think, was angering the bulls. You will only achieve our ends by going a bit slower than you have been. Rescinding the Emergency Powers was a good strategy. The cattle will feel grateful for that, but you can still weigh them down with mandates and other regulations while they are distracted by their good fortune.

Justin, remember that distraction is best used when you see the masses beginning to wake up. Use it whenever you need to.

Keep the agitators in prison, punish the participating truck companies and then you can slowly continue with our plan. The opportunity has never been greater and we can’t let it slip away now.

Don’t worry about America. With Trump gone, they’ll do anything I ask.

The Great Reset is upon us! Or should I say “them”? Ha!

Klaus Schwab

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