Lessons From the Pandemic

Daughter on her Dad's lap. Son playing on the floor. Daddy, what did you and Mommy do during the Great COVID pandemic? We did not for one minute succumb to the most massive global propaganda operation in the history of the world. Fucking legends. (Color)For the three of you who read , including my Mom in heaven, I’m moving in a little different direction.

I spent the first year of researching, reading and thinking about our current times. Valuable and necessary time. Read lots of statistics, studies and the like.

When I wrote I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World?(opens new window) I had a fair amount of angst about what the hell I was going to write about. What was I trying to accomplish? Did I really have anything to say that hadn’t been said by people who are far more intelligent and far better writers? Honestly, I’m kind of still asking that question.

One of the conclusions I have come to is that at this stage people are not going to be red-pilled by peer-reviewed papers, undeniable statistics or logical arguments from the big players out there. Joel Smalley wrote:

…I am moving more towards the psychological and anecdotal approach to reporting on the “current situation”. If someone hasn’t been swayed by the data and evidence by now, they never will.

My book became more of call to action than anything else. Maybe something for those who are already on our side, but wondering, like me back in 2021, what the hell can I do?

Anyway, I have started posting some fiction and I’ll no longer be doing the News Digests, but posting single posts, like this one, highlighting articles that strike me as important.

The article below, by Toby Rogers, is well worth the read.

  • Four key lessons from the pandemic

    1. The billionaires want to kill us (depopulation);

    2. Capital wants to enslave us (via chronic illness);

    3. The bourgeoisie is eager to help capital implement this plan; and

    4. Most people lack the capacity to understand 1 & 2 & 3.

    Here’s my favorite part of the article. This relates to what Smalley said above and to the book I just wrote:

    I think our energies would be better spent educating and mobilizing our base — decent ordinary folks who have been bamboozled by the cartel. I believe that good old fashioned person-to-person political organizing is the way out of this. It always is. That includes:

    • Sharing our stories of vaccine injury.
    • Meeting people where they are at.
    • Asking people to share with us their health journey.
    • Introducing people to OpenVAERS.
    • Giving books.
    • Hosting screenings of Vaxxed, Vaxxed II, The Real Anthony Fauci, Anecdotals, and more in your home or church.
    • Incorporating The Highwire into home school and pod school lessons each week.
    • Helping others to detox and begin the healing journey.
    • What else would you add to this list?

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