Let’s Go Out to Vaccinate!

A faux menu with vaccine side effects.

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Sudden Death
Our sudden deaths can happen at any time
So delicious you may sleep forever!

Turbo Cancer
Never Had Cancer? Want to bring back cancer in remission?
Add Myocarditis at no extra charge!

women love This Dish
effective birth control made easy

Disability Forever
Regular life can be stressful
You may never have to work again!


you may very likely want
to go to heaven immediately. The perfect way
to fight climate change. Ask about our Canada specials!

Rare Side Effects
please make sure to ask if you
do not see something above that you’d like to experience
We are more than happy to accommodate Your worst fears!

Our ingredients are secret and our research is hidden
so we can bamboozle as many people as possible.
Still Safe and Effective!

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