March Madness

March Madness parody brackets with eight: Vaccine Deaths, Extraterrestrial Assault, Train Derailments, Vaccine Injuries, Ukraine / WWIII, IHR Health Regulations, J6 Tapes, SVB Bank Failure

As Toby Rogers has written we’ve won the debate(opens new window). The jabs are killing people. The jabs are maiming people. The jabs are not safe or effective. We’ve proved it all. Over and over again.

But the other side is not interested in our proof, nor are they interested in providing proof of their own or engaging anyone on our side in a debate. That’s not how they roll. They don’t play by the rules. There are no rules except one: the ends justify the means.

As one of my friends recently said to me, “If we had a fair press we wouldn’t be having these issues.” But what we have in the Mainstream Media is propaganda, lies, half-truths and omissions. How do we fight such recklessness?

Rogers writes in the same article linked above:

It seems to me that in general, we keep trying to out-think the other side. But the mainstream gave up on science over twenty years ago when the CDC started destroying data in order to keep the vaccine genocide going — and the media, doctors, and government colluded to cover that up. We’ve won every scientific debate ever since. For the last eight years Pharma has used military tactics — Shock & Awe, 5th-generation warfare, character assassination, surveillance and censorship, and multibillion dollar global propaganda campaigns to keep their profitable machine of death grinding along.

We can’t rely on politicians or the courts or our neighbor down the street. We, you and I, must not comply. Our governments are not going to help us and they are so invested at this point they can’t admit they got it all wrong. It’s political suicide and they’re not going have any come to Jesus moment no matter how much evidence and proof we present.

The CDC (Robert M. Califf and Rochelle P. Walensky) recently sent a letter to Joseph A Ladapo, the Surgeon General of Florida, dated March 10, 2023(opens new window). Here are just a few of the lies and these are old lies. There is nothing new here. It is just the regurgitation of the same falsehoods we heard espoused immediately after the so-called vaccines rolled out.

The claim that the increase of VAERS reports of life-threatening conditions reported from Florida and elsewhere represents an increase of risk caused by the COVID-19 vaccines is incorrect, misleading and could be harmful to the American public.

Despite increased reports of these events, when the concern was examined in detail by cardiovascular experts, the risk of stroke and heart attack was actually lower in people who had been vaccinated, not higher.

Based on available information for the COVID-19 vaccines that are authorized or approved in the United States, the known and potential benefits of these vaccines clearly outweigh their known and potential risks.

That’s bad enough, but here’s the conclusion from these two useful idiots:

We stand firmly behind the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which are fully supported by the available scientific data. Staying up to date on vaccination is the best way to reduce the risks of death and serious illness or hospitalization from COVID-19. Misleading people by overstating the risks, or emphasizing the risks without acknowledging the overwhelming benefits, unnecessarily causes vaccine hesitation and puts people at risk of death or serious illness that could have been prevented by timely vaccination.

This is madness. It’s the same, nauseating madness we have been exposed to the last three years. Look who is saying it? Rochelle Walensky. Walensky has been saying stupid shit for a long time. Here are some of my favorites:

So many of us wanted to be helpful. So many of us wanted to say, ‘Okay, this is our ticket out, right, ‘now we’re done.’ So I think we have perhaps too little caution and too much optimism for some good things that came our way. I really do. I think all of us wanted this to be done.

And the truth is science is gray, and science is not always immediate, and sometimes it takes months and years to actually find out the answer. But you have to make decisions in a pandemic before you have that answer.

But we knew the answers. This is all bullshit and yet with everything we know now they are still pushing the same bullshit and defending the same bullshit with the same bullshit they used to defend  the bullshit in the first place. They’ll say anything. If they’ve got nothing new to say, they’ll just say the old bullshit again and again and again.

The continued madness declares the vaccines safe and effective while distracting those who will listen with bank failures, Ukraine, J6 tapes, train derailments and whatever else they can push to make the world forget that millions are being killed and maimed by the so-called vaccines pushed upon them by powerful people who knew damn well these so-called vaccines were neither safe or effective.


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March Madness 2023

Vaccine Deaths
Extraterrestrial Assault
Train Derailments
Vaccine Injuries
Ukraine / WWIII
IHR Health Regulations
6 Tapes
SVB Bank Failure

World Health Oligarchy

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