Mask Watch


Mask mandates are dropping like flies, which makes this page, thankfully, obsolete.

I started not wearing a mask probably in March or April of 2021. I don’t get out a lot. I live in the east county of San Diego on five acres and try to limit my trips into town. It’s always a bit of a shock seeing everyone in masks. Since I started not wearing masks I have only been confronted once at Costco in La Mesa, CA. At the time my strategy was to debate and if the issue was forced, to wear the mask. We had a pleasant discussion and I wore the mask. I’m not going to do that anymore. If they press I’ll leave. Maybe I’ll just walk in and make them follow me. Not sure yet.

I’ve decided to chronicle my maskless experiences here. And I’ve also decided from here on out to only chronicle interesting experiences (I’ve deleted a lot of entries).

February 8, 2022Werner Optometry in El Cajon, CaliforniaI was refused service because I would not wear a mask in their waiting room. When I made the appointment I was told I would be given service without a mask. Read the full story ».
January 28, 2022Smog Testing Station in El Cajon, CAThe gentleman who helped me was not wearing a mask. I wrote about our conversation.

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