Meeting the Like-Minded in the Wild

Went to get my vehicle smogged yesterday. The gentleman who helped me and worked on my car was not wearing a mask (I’m in Southern California). I sat down while he completed the test. When I got up to pay I said something like, “Good to see you’re not wearing a mask.” He said something like, “It’s such bullshit.”

We kind of danced around the issues a bit both determining how unwoke the person we were talking to was. After we figured that out, it was all over. He told me his daughter had gotten sent home from school the day before because she tested positive for COVID, a test they did not ask his permission for. He was ticked about that. Said his family is considering moving back to Texas. We’re also planning to move out of California if we have to. His neighbor, who is a doctor, will be losing her job because she won’t get the jab. She was gone for 2 weeks looking for a house a in Texas.

We asked where each other got news. I told him about, a site he not heard about.

We had this real connection and I love these kind of encounters. I find it beautifully refreshing to unexpectedly meet others who also see the bullshit. We talked a bit more and wished each other well on our future paths. Before I left he said something like:

“Watch those Karens out there. You never know when they’ll start yelling at you for not wearing a mask.”

MAGA, friends.

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