National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan – Same Old Shit

Shakespeare once wrote…wait a second. Isn’t he a dead white guy? Should I be quoting him here? Just a sec, let me check on that.

[on the phone]
“Hey Human Resources, this is The Inmate, can we quote Shakespeare on this site?”
“Jake Spear? Who’s that?”
“Not Jake Spear, Shakespeare, one word, you know, the playwright.”
“No, I’m not familiar with that play.”
“I didn’t mean, ‘play, right?’, I meant ‘playwright’, one word.”
“What’s a playright?”
“Someone who writes plays.”
“Well, just looking here, my phone says the definition is ‘the exclusive right to perform a dramatic act.'”
“No, no, no, not p-l-a-y-r-i-g-h-t it’s spelled p-l-a-y-w-r-i-g-h-t. He’s a playwright.”
“Shouldn’t be a problem. If he’s a minority, even better. Pretty cool name. Wish I’d thought of that. Is he a rapper? Only thing I’d do is check with Shakespeare to make sure you’ve got his pronouns correct, that’s very important.”
“Yeah, HR, I’ll make sure to do that. Thanks.”

Shakespeare once wrote:

Good Monsieur Charles, what’s the new news at the new court?
There’s no news at the court, sir, but the old news.

As You Like It

I started reading the “National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan” because I’m The (MAGA Patriot) Inmate and get paid the big bucks to do such things. So, I started reading it and then I skimmed the 96 pages to the bitter end. It really is just the same old shit. Interesting, isn’t it, that it is still a “Preparedness Plan”? We’re not done preparing yet? I thought the two weeks to flatten the curve was preparation enough.

This document was hard to read and what government document isn’t? The first paragraph sets the tone for the entire plan:

President Biden came into office facing the worst public health crisis in more than a century. COVID-19 was wreaking havoc on our country – closing our businesses, keeping our kids out of school, and forcing us into isolation and lockdowns as our first line of defense.

First of all, COVID-19 didn’t do any of this to us, people in government did. The people in government closed our businesses and kept our kids out of school. People in government forced isolations and lockdowns when none of this was necessary. Our frontline doctors, who actually care about patients, figured out how to deal with COVID-19 early on and Tony (Dr. Death) Fauci, the CDC and the FDA didn’t want to listen.

In the third paragraph we get this gem:

To get this country moving in the right direction, we worked hand-in-hand with doctors, nurses, businesses, unions, community organizations, governors, mayors, and citizens across every state, Tribe, and territory.

They didn’t work with the doctors who figured out very successful early treatment plans for their patients. In fact, they demonized them and censored that information whenever they could. They still do. Dr. Robert Malone appears on the Joe Rogan show and suddenly there’s a national emergency. Old washed up rock stars start virtue signaling, Spotify and Rogan are vilified and social media savants are outraged. Then they have the gall or the lack of self-awareness to say this:

For COVID-19 treatments to be most effective, they need to be administered within days of the start of symptoms.

You don’t say? Seriously? Thanks for bringing that to our attention when at the beginning of this “pandemic” you told people to go home and come back to the hospital when they got worse. I assume you have issued apologies to Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and a host of others who have been saying this from the beginning of the plandemic.

Guess what? Also mentioned in this document in relation to early treatment is the securing of “20 million courses of Pfizer’s life-saving antiviral pills.” Why, my gosh, it almost looks like the vilification of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine was so Pfizer could put out their own, far more expensive and probably dangerous, antiviral drug. I know, I know, conspiracy theory for sure.

The plan emphasizes that our path forward must rely on “vaccines, to tests, to treatments, to masks, and more.” It’s the “more” we should be concerned about. There are couple of things in here that should give us pause. There is, of course, the need to secure funding to:

Continue vaccination outreach and education efforts and combat misinformation and disinformation. HHS will continue its work to equip Americans with the tools to identify misinformation and to invest in longer­ term efforts to build resilience against health misinformation.[emphasis mine]

The phrase “combat misinformation” or something similar appears six times in the plan. The obvious question to ask and the one that our government and the Mainstream Media don’t care to ask, is: Who determines what is misinformation?

The most disheartening thing for me in this document is this:

The Administration will work with Congress to secure the necessary funding to:

Launch an effort to vaccinate America’s youngest children as soon as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorizes and the CDC recommends a vaccine for that age group. If the FDA authorizes and the CDC recommends a vaccine for children under five years of age, the United States is prepared to immediately distribute vaccines through a network of thousands of pediatricians’ offices, children’s hospitals, health centers, and local sites, so that vaccines are made available conveniently to families across the country.[emphasis mine]

Children DO NOT need this experimental vaccine. It is a risk not worth taking for any child. The appeals to children to protect their grand parents is an evil propaganda tactic meant to instill unnecessary guilt and fear in the innocent. What good and decent grandparent would want their grandchild to take such a risk?

Another troubling thing that shows up in this document is this:

The Administration has developed a network of over 17,000 volunteers, including 1,000 local doctors to engage with their communities to boost vaccine confidence. This network, called the COVID-19 Community Corps, empowers trusted voices in every state Tribe, and territory with the latest facts about COVID-19 so that they can share information with their communities. Member organizations – big and small – as well as people in communities around the country can sign up – with the goal of encouraging vaccinations; and this network can be activated at any point so volunteers can continue engaging with their communities.[emphasis mine]

The COVID-19 Community Corps? Will they call it the CCC? Sounds a little like the CCP. Will they wear brown shirts? What kind of encouragement are we talking about? Coercion and bullying like we’re seeing now or maybe something a little stronger since this is so important? Don’t worry, whatever they do it will be for our own good.

The best tools, according to our government, that we currently have for this pandemic? You guessed it: “vaccines, boosters, treatments, tests, and masks.” On masks they say this being careful to leave open their opportunity to control the livestock:

By monitoring community risk, masks can be worn when the risk of severe disease in the community is high and taken off when the risk is low. Overall, it means Americans will be wearing masks less because so many people are protected from severe disease….

Masks have been a critical tool to protect ourselves, but they have a time and a place.

What we’ve learned since is that masks, at least these masks being used, do little to protect anyone.

This repetitious document could have been much shorter. Here’s how often some key words show up:

  • Disinformation / Misinformation (20)
  • Mask/Masks (61)
  • Vaccine / Vaccines (241)
  • Test / Tests (354)
  • Treatment / Treatments (164)
  • Free (72)

There’s a lot of free stuff in this plan that we are told Congress will have to appropriate money for. Yes, yes, yes, more money, let’s just print some more money. There are free testing sites and free tests. Free vaccines, not only for us, but for the entire world. That is one of the stated goals and vitally necessary if we are to combat this pandemic:

Continue to lead the effort to vaccinate the world and save lives

The word “world” appears 50 times in the plan. All these vaccines are “free” of course. The government buys them from Big Pharma and then passes them out to us and the world. No chance, I suppose, that this honest regime we currently have is pocketing any money from these transactions? Nahhh. Terrible of me of even suggest such a thing.

There’s a lot more in this plan, but it really is the same old shit. The words “mandate” and “passport” did not show up one time, but do not think that these are not in the works. The California Assembly Bill 1993, if it passes, will require all employees in the Golden State to be vaccinated at both public and private companies and this will include independent contractors. California Assembly Bill 2098 will, if it passes, censor and punish doctors who spread misinformation.

Is there some backtracking happening as I’ve written about in the past? Yes, but it appears that it is only superficial. Vaccinations are still the way forward. Getting the world vaccinated is still the goal. It may look a little like the pandemic measures are slowing down with the distraction in Ukraine and Russia, but they are not. They want our freedoms and they will not stop that pursuit until we make them stop.

You can download the same old shit plan here:

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