Neil Oliver: 2019 A Different World

Across the pond Donald Trump was in the White House. The US were energy independent then and hadn't got involved in any new wars all the time he was in residence. European states even sneered when he warned against their reliance on Russian gas.

— Neil Oliver

Millions of ordinary, law-abiding reasonable tax paying people in one country after another have noticed how different their world has been made without their consent. Those millions, though roundly abused by the authorities and ridiculed and shouted down from all sides have shouted back, defiant. Loud has been the cry that the emperors are not wearing any clothes, but nothing has happened because our seeing and knowing and shouting about it isn’t deemed to matter. However, however, it’s only the emperors and those telling the emperors what to say and do who think it doesn’t matter. What has been done these past two years or so does matter. It’s the most important point of all. Millions of us have seen it and will always remember. In the end, when all is said and done, what we have seen and understood about our leaders and the world we live in will matter a very great deal indeed.

— Neil Oliver, GB News (Britain's News Channel)

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