New Award: The Asylum Unjust 100

CNBC apparently gives out 100 awards every year which they call the “CNBC Just 100.” I will not desecrate this website by displaying the emblem that winners can display on their websites. Maybe some companies deserve it, I don’t know, but the only one I have ever seen is to a company that does not deserve it and will have the distinction of receiving our first ever The Asylum Unjust 100 award. I’m sure, many, many, many more will have to be awarded to other companies in the future.

Later today I will be revealing the lucky first winner of this prestigious award. No doubt they’ll display our emblem just as proudly as they have displayed CNBC’s. We produce it here for your viewing pleasure.

Please, please feel free to use it to award those companies who deserve it most.

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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