News Digest: April 16 – 22, 2022

  • Beware the Fact-Checkers

    This a fascinating article. Malone brings in guest columnist Leonard C. Goodman, JD, who write about his experience with fact-checkers. First, you get his experience and then the full article that was published that caused the controversy. I.e. he published truth and that is controversial.

    One of the fascinating things he mentions is how fact-checkers will call something misinformation, but will, in a very convoluted way, agree with the statement after making their initial statement sound as if it is  misinformation.

    But times have changed. Today, an entire fact-checker industry has emerged to check your opinions, making sure you have not strayed beyond acceptable limits for public discourse. These professional fact-checkers are often brought in after publication of a controversial article, opinion piece or podcast to quell a controversy. Acting more like business consultants, they help media platforms large and small stay on the right side of government officials and corporate sponsors.

    COVID-19 has been a boon to the fact-checking industry. Big outfits like Politifact and have special divisions just to police COVID “misinformation.” Like the Ministry of Truth imagined by George Orwell in his epic novel, “1984,” these outfits will tell you what you can and can’t say about the lockdowns, masks, and the mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna.

    I got a window into the world of professional fact checkers last November after I published an op-ed for the Chicago Reader called, “Vaxxing our Kids, Why I’m not rushing to get my six-year-old the COVID-19 vaccine.” In it, I considered the arguments for and against the official policy to vaccinate every child. And I apparently crossed a line by including opinions held by a significant number of prominent scientists and physicians who believe healthy children don’t need the vaccine because their risk of severe COVID is minuscule, the vaccine may do more damage than good to children, and it does little to stop the spread of COVID.

    Good article. I recommend the whole thing.


  • My My My, Myocarditis rates are high

    The evidence continues to mount and still the MSM in the U.S. will not report on it.

    A quick look at what this study actually looked for. It comprised of four cohort studies from health registers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The study involved 21,233,522 residents, aged 12 years or older between December 2020 and October 2021. The authors were looking at vaccination data and hospital diagnoses of myocarditis and pericarditis, specifically within “the 28-day risk periods after administration date of the first and second doses of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine”.

    The article confirms what those of us who have been paying attention already know. The vaccines should be discontinued and those responsible need to go on trial for Crimes Against Humanity.

  • 26 Governors Create Border Strike Force ‘In the Absence of Federal Leadership’

    “In the absence of federal leadership, states are partnering together to create the American Governors’ Border Strike Force to disrupt and dismantle transnational criminal organizations by increasing collaboration, improving intelligence, investing in analysis, combating human smuggling, and stopping drug flow in our states,” the agreement states.

  • WHO Recommends People Still Wear Face Masks in Public Even if Not Mandated

    Well, of course they do. This is the best way for the WHO to see who can be controlled and who the WHO can’t control. Remember, this is the organization that wants to control the entire world’s response to future pandemics.

  • Strange Trend of Food Processing Plant Fires Appears Across the US

    At least sixteen fires have broken out at food processing plants, impacting the nation’s supply of beef and poultry

    This can’t be a coincidence. Check out the article.

  • 3 US sailors from aircraft carrier found dead in less than one week

    I’m not saying this is vaccine related, but I’m also not saying it’s not. I suspect it probably is related to the vaccine. Three sailors, most likely young guys in their 20s all die within a week. I also suspect the deaths are cardiac related.

    Call it a hunch.

    Just a wild guess.

    The navy is giving no details about the deaths and of course CNN is not going to bring up the possibility of a vaccinated connection. How could they? It’s safe and effective!

    Move along. Latte?

  • Desantis Threatens to Sue Twitter's Board

    DeSantis announced today that because Florida’s pension plan is invested in Twitter, he has standing to sue the board for breaching its fiduciary duty to do what’s best for shareholders.

    Why Reject the Offer?

    DeSantis wasn’t done.

    “The question is, why would you reject the 20% premium? I don’t think that was a rejection based on financial concerns or business judgment,” he told a news conference today. “They rejected it because they know they can’t control Elon Musk, they know he will not accept the narrative, and that their little play toy of Twitter would not be used to enforce orthodoxy and to basically prop up the regime and these failed legacy media outlets.”

  • mRNA Vaccines Produce Persisting Spike Protein, Likely Causing Clots, Heart Inflammations, Cancers: Dr. Ryan Cole

    According to Dr. Ryan Cole, messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines produce persisting spike protein that may cause severe damage to the recipient’s health, such as unusual clotting, heart inflammation, or cancer.

    More Cancer and Other Issues

    In a February interview with The Epoch Times, Cole said that he had seen an uptick in cancers that he shouldn’t be seeing. In addition, he has seen elevations and clotting factors persisting for a long time post-vaccination. However, when he voiced his concerns, no government agencies were willing to look into this finding.

    Study from Sweden

    “A study out of Sweden shows this,” said Cole, referring to a recent study showing that mRNA from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine can enter human liver cells and be converted into DNA inside the nucleus. “Now the cell, the DNA can’t repair itself. So the cell is going to do one of two things, it’s either going to blow itself up, that’s called apoptosis, or it’s going to mutate. And now it becomes an atypical malignant cell.”

    Francis Collins on Money

    According to Axios, in May 2020, then-NIH Director Francis Collins said, “We do have some particular stake in the intellectual property” behind Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine.

    “Talking to the companies, I don’t hear any of them say they think this [vaccine] is a money-maker,” Collins said. “Nobody sees this as a way to make billions of dollars.”

    Oh please! Spare me. The ability of the left to lie with a straight face is a common, well-practiced strategy. Peddle your snake oil somewhere else!

  • More strange events: athletes dropping, hepatitis in kids, severe dengue in Brazil: is it the vax?

    The evidence is so obvious at this point that the vaccines are NOT “safe and effective” that it sometimes does not see worth reporting all the reports that are coming out, but it is worth it. We have to saturate the world with this information. Steve Kirsch with another excellent article and with questions that have obvious answers unless you belong to the CDC or are a MSM fact-checker.

    If you know how to use VAERS, the connection between the COVID vaccines and these events is obvious. But if you are a mainstream doctor and you trust the CDC, it’s a mystery.

    Here’s a summary:

    Consider the following recent headlines:

    1. 769 Athletes Collapse from Cardiac Arrest Since Covid Vax Rollout
    2. What’s Causing A Sudden Outbreak Of Hepatitis In Kids In Europe And The US?
    3. Hepatitis detected in children in US, UK; Cause of mysterious, severe virus unknown, officials say

    In the article Kirsch digs into all of these. Good read.

  • The State and Local Leaders Who Aren’t Ready to Give Up Pandemic Power

    Some states simply do not want to give up their emergency powers and governors are fighting to keep them.

    While many government leaders sound the all clear message on COVID-19, dropping vaccine restrictions and mask mandates, some states and municipalities are clinging to the emergency powers that allowed them to govern people’s behavior in unprecedented ways.

    Citing the need to direct emergency funding and oversee hospitals, they have held on to their emergency orders even as many restaurants, shopping centers, and sports arenas are once again packed and lingering pandemic concerns have faded into the background of a more normal life.

  • FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression

    There are confirmations in the this article of many things we’ve known for awhile now, but now we know that the FDA and Pfizer knew it too. Here are some of them:

    • Side effects are more likely in those under 55.

      As noted by The Naked Emperor on Substack(opens new window), “with a vaccine that is producing more frequent and more severe reactions and adverse events in younger individuals, the vaccine should have been restricted to those who were actually at risk of severe COVID-19.”

    • Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is has not been ruled out.

      Yet Pfizer’s own consent form clearly states: “Although not seen to date, it cannot yet be ruled out that the studied vaccine can make a later COVID-19 illness more severe. As noted by Iversen, if ADE truly was of no concern at all, the consent form would not include it. Yet there it is.”

    • Pfizer knew about Immunosuppression. From Pfizer documents:

      Clinical laboratory evaluation showed a transient decrease in lymphocytes that was observed in all age and dose groups after Dose 1, which resolved within approximately one week…

    • They knew about myocarditis

      Interestingly, Pfizer’s documentation also includes medical information that mainstream media and fact checkers have labeled as misinformation or disinformation. A pediatric consent form lists several possible side effects, including a myocarditis rate of 10 in 100,000 — far greater than the 1 in 50,000 (i.e., 2 in 100,000) rate previously reported.

    There is more in this article. The evidence is so overwhelming and available that nothing is surprising at this point.

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