News Digest: April 2 – 8, 2022

  • Appeals Court OKs Biden Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — President Joe Biden’s requirement that all federal employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 was uhpheld Thursday by a federal appeals court.

    In a 2-1 ruling, a panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reversed a lower court and ordered dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the mandate.

    The problem is there is no mass non-compliance. People are willing to risk their lives and their futures to keep their jobs. It’s very sad. What happened to the backbone of the American people?


  • White House COVID-19 Czar: US Has ‘National Interest’ to Vaccinate Entire World

    They just keep pushing. In the midst of all the evidence against the use of these vaccines the governments of the world continue to double and triple down. I’d say it’s unbelievable, but it’s not anymore.

    “It is a real disappointment that there’s no global funding in this bill. This virus knows no borders, and it’s in our national interest to vaccinate the world and protect against possible new variants,” Zients said Tuesday during a briefing at the White House.[emphasis mine]

  • Michael Patmas, MD says that only people with CREDENTIALS are qualified to opine on infectious disease issues

    This is an important article by Steve Krisch and explains not only what is happening in our medical professions, but in the world in general. Elites, professionals, experts all tend to think that they know better than anyone else, that because they can speak the language it makes them more intelligent and in possession of knowledge that us normal folks simply do not have access to or are incapable of understanding.

    This is bullshit. 100% pure and unadulterated. No additives. Organic.

    John Ralston Saul in his book Voltaire’s Bastards, published in 1992, wrote this:

    One of the specialist’s most successful discoveries was that he could easily defend his territory by the simple development of a specialized language incomprehensible to nonexperts.

    The specialized language doesn’t even have to mean anything. It can simply confound those listening so that it makes them feel stupid or ignorant, when in reality most things can be explained to the layman by an intelligent “expert” if they so desire.

    Read Kirsch’s article, it is worth the read to see one of these “experts” in the wild.

  • Numerous Health Problems More Likely Due to COVID-19 Vaccines Than Coincidence: VAERS Data Analysis

    At this point, I really don’t need any more evidence to be convinced these jabs are dangerous. Like the stealing of the election, the evidence continues to mount.

    A deeper analysis of the data, however, indicates that many of the adverse effects are more than just a coincidence, according to Jessica Rose, a computational biologist who’s been studying the data for at least nine months.

    “The safety signals being thrown off in VAERS now are off the charts across the board,” she told The Epoch Times.


    Rose has encountered resistance in the establishment science circles when she first tried to publicize her analyses. Last year, right before her paper on VAERS myocarditis data was printed, the publisher pulled the paper for unclear reasons.

  • Dr. Robert Malone Is Creating List Exposing 4,000 WEF Names On Blockchain

    In his speech, Malone called out Klaus Schwab the leader of the WEF for attempting to control the human population by initiating the Great Reset.

    Dr. Malone would go on to say that he has created a spreadsheet of over 4,000 Names that are connected with the WEF and will release those names in the near future on a blockchain-run website.

    I’m hoping this will be a downloadable spreadsheet. If so, I, The Inmate, plan to put all these names up on The Asylum, so that they can be searched and sorted in various ways.

    As Malone says, we need to dox all these people. No more being nice. Dox the hell out of them!

  • Washington State Plans to Outlaw Most New Gas-Powered Cars

    SB 5974, which was recently signed (pdf(opens new window)) by Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee(opens new window), establishes that “all publicly owned and privately owned passenger and light duty vehicles of model year 2030 or later that are sold, purchased, or registered in Washington state be electric vehicles” and creates an “interagency electric vehicle coordinating council.”

  • Canceling All Things Russian ‘A Warning Sign’: Professor


    A current trend to cancel all things Russian, even Tchaikovsky concerts, is a warning sign because it’s the same kind of thinking used during the totalitarian Soviet Union and can lead to more harm, according to Gary Saul Morson, a Northwestern University professor who has studied Russian literature and thought for decades.

    On Extremes

    But some measures against Russia seem to have gone to extremes. Early this month, Canada canceled concerts by the 20-year-old Russian pianist Alexander Malofeev. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Wales, performances featuring Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky were reportedly axed. New York’s Metropolitan Opera announced that it wouldn’t work with Russian artists or organizations that support Putin or are supported by Putin until the country’s invasion of Ukraine ends. Performances by some Russian ballet companies have also been affected, for example, a performance of Swan Lake by the Royal Moscow Ballet was called off in Dublin, Ireland. The list can go on.


    “The writer Solzhenitsyn has a famous line where he says, ‘the line between good and evil runs through every human heart.’ We have to recognize each person’s own capacity for it and we’re never so prone to doing evil as when we are convinced that we are completely morally pure.’”

  • It's Not the Free-Floating Spike Causing Adverse Effects!

    My last article “Vaccine Russian Roulette : Why some might be just fine and some not…” argued that Covid vaccines could be particularly dangerous – in the short and medium term – under very specific conditions.

    Contrary to many, my investigation didn’t point to the famous spike protein, but to a combination of factors:

    • the inevitable destruction of transfected cells by T-cells and…
    • the probable inadvertent intravenous injection of the vaccine and its immediate consequences.

    An interesting article and worth the read.

  • Whoops! The TOGETHER Trial actually showed that ivermectin worked.

    Even the author admitted it. The media and medical establishment did not read the study carefully. They seize on anything that supports the narrative and fail to look at the study critically.

    Kirsch lists these two key points:

    1. Be careful not to generalize the result of a trial. A given trial means that drug X given with a delay Y and at a dose Z and duration A and…. is not statistically significant if there are only B people in the trial. Changing one or more of these variables can turn a “not statistically significant result” into something that is statistically significant with a big effect size. The press should never say, “HCQ doesn’t work for COVID.” They should say, “If you give HCQ at dose X for duration Y on Z hospitalized patients, there was not a statistically significant effect.” When you give it early in the appropriate dose and duration and in combination with other drugs, it works great as George Fareed and Bryan Tyson (among many others) will attest to.
    2. Timing, dosing, duration, and combination of drugs all matter. Timing is the most important thing. If you delay for too long, a miracle drug can turn into a dud.

    The Press and Their Biases

    The study also PROVED that the NEJM, mainstream medical community, and the press are incapable of objectively interpreting the results of a study.

    It’s important you all know that.

    In today’s world, evaluation of studies is driven by agreement with the mainstream narrative, not by a critical look at what the study actually shows. If it agrees with the narrative, the study doesn’t have to be evaluated for flaws.

    That is not how science is supposed to work.

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