News Digest: April 23-29, 2022

  • Is there any EVIDENCE that old people should get the shot?

    I’ve wondered this. I have said in the past, based on what I heard from Dr. Malone, that it might make sense for an older person with a lot of comorbidities. According to Kirsch, it doesn’t look like it. To be fair to Malone, I don’t know what he would say today.

    A good article with good information and more questions that the CDC, NIH and FDA do not want to answer.

  • The Federal Government Finally Admitted Corruption Crafted the COVID-19 Response

    Interesting article. Here are some highlights:

    The four agencies most responsible for crafting the COVID-19 response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) were surveyed the GAO.

    The GAO reported that employees at the FDA, CDC and NIH had told the GAO they observed incidents that they perceived to be political interference but did not report them. A few of those surveyed at the FDA and the CDC further stated: “they felt that the potential political interference they observed resulted in the alteration or suppression of scientific findings”

    This is extremely important for two reasons.  This is to my knowledge the first clear admission from a “credible” government agency that the COVID-19 response was crafted by corruption and not science.

    See no Evil. Hear no Evil.

    •“NIH officials stated their existing procedures do not address political interference in scientific decision-making because NIH has not experienced political interference.”

    •“FDA officials told us that FDA does not train staff on how to report potential political interference because FDA did not receive any formally reported instances of potential political interference in the period between 2010 through 2021.”

    I recommend the full article.


  • Three new papers everyone should know about

    Another good article by Steve Kirsch. He also refers the video my Mark Steyn below.

  • A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

    So now, if you’re vaccinated, not only do you have to worry about COVID but you also have to worry about the unvaccinated, those of us who are still healthy and experiencing no adverse side effects. That’s gotta feel good.

    Canada Headlines asserting Unvaccinated are risk to the Vaccinated

  • ‘What I’ve Seen in the Last Two Years Is Unprecedented’: Physician on COVID Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnant Women

    Former Pfizer VP: ‘Adverse impacts on conception & ability to sustain a pregnancy were foreseeable’

    We know all of this at this point. We must keep spreading this information and we must never forget and everyone responsible for these crimes against humanity must be help accountable.

    “What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented,” Thorp asserted.

    Thorp explained that although he has seen an increase in fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with the COVID-19 vaccination, attempts to quantify this effect are hampered by the imposition of gag orders on physicians and nurses that were imposed in September 2021, as reviewed in the publication entitled “Patient Betrayal: The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent and the Physician-Patient Relationship.”

  • Pfizer, BioNTech Ask FDA to Authorize COVID-19 Vaccine Booster for Children Aged 5–11

    Children do not need the vaccine! By getting it they are only taking on risk, no benefits!

    These Pharma companies are evil.

  • COVID persists, but the COVID vaccine narrative has taken on so much water, the powers that be have stopped bailing, and are going to let these vaccines slowly sink

    This is good, hopeful article that lists many reasons why the author, Meryl Nass, thinks the powers that be are going to have to abandon the vaccines and the COVID narrative. I hope she’s right. She does say:

    I am not thinking we will all sing kumbaya. I expect a good deal of misery as the cabal pushes all the levers at its disposal.

    I’ve heard other reiterate this. The cabal will not go down easily. Then she says:

    We are finally understanding that the awful government policies were deliberate — intended to cement control over and impoverish us. But maybe we can start to build something a whole lot better.

    We are shaking loose of the educational indoctrination system, the ruination of our foods, the user-unfriendly and health-damaging healthcare system. We are starting to grasp that our governments acted with malice aforethought to stupefy and eventually enslave us.

    The full article is worth the read.

  • Fiction Disguised as Science to Promote Hatred

    This is excellent article by Dr. Byram W. Bridle. It’s a rebuttal to a paper by Dr. David Fisman, Dr. Ashleigh Tuite, and a graduate student. The paper asserts the following:

    Being with unvaccinated people increases COVID-19 risk for those who are vaccinated: modelling study

    You read that right. Bridle writes:

    After all, with raw public health data unable to support the only COVID-19 narrative that has been deemed acceptable, fresh fuel was apparently needed. Lots of media outlets have been reporting on this study…

    This statement by Fisman is priceless:

    We thought what was missing from that conversation was, what are the rights of vaccinated people to be protected from unvaccinated people?

    Seriously? Is that how science works? The mainstream will say anything at this point as the house of cards continues to become more and more unstable.

    Thia rebuttal by Dr. Bridle is excellent and highly recommended.

  • COVID vaccine victim? Meet Dr. Avindra Nath of the NIH

    If you’ve a frequent visitor to this site you know by now I like Steve Kirsch. He is on the war path. His posts are thorough and informative. Make sure to check our his substack and subscribe.

    A constant theme of Kirsch’s is that no one from the other side is willing to debate him. No one. He’s offered money too. Lot’s of it. And you don’t even have to win the debate. Just show up and agree to be video taped. Ahhhhh….there’s the rub: lasting proof that the other side has no argument, no good defense, just a house cards of that is ready to collapse under the slightest weight of scrutiny.

    This another good article about the corruption in the NIH.

  • Where Military Aid to Ukraine Comes From

    View the source link to see the interesting graph.

  • Twitter Bans Ads That ‘Contradict the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change’

    Twitter is prohibiting advertisers from running ads that “contradict the scientific consensus on climate change,” the company announced on April 22.

    The clampdown on such ads aligns with the company’s policy on inappropriate content, which bans ads using misleading content, two Twitter officials said in a blog post.

    “We believe that climate denialism shouldn’t be monetized on Twitter, and that misrepresentative ads shouldn’t detract from important conversations about the climate crisis,” Sean Boyle, Twitter’s director of sustainability, and Casey Junod, the company’s global sustainability manager, said.

    Don’t worry. This is all for your own good. Twitter cannot depend on you to think for yourself, research for yourself or come to your own conclusions, particularly if they are the wrong conclusions. Latte?

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