News Digest: August 10-13, 2022

Despite the news below that the CDC is loosening their guidelines, these people have no intention of giving up their power at this point. This seems to me to simply to a ploy to make undecided voters feel better about the current tyrannical regime before the November elections.

  • The Covid Tyrants Must Be Held Accountable

    Covid Guidance from CDC

    There would never have been a problem if the medical system offered every sick person early treatment with cheap, off-patent antivirals, anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants, and antibiotics.

    The only requirement should have been what we have always done our entire lives – if you are sick, stay home.

    Instead, they ran us all through a CIA biopharmaceutical wargame; locked down the world, took away human rights, printed trillions of dollars, crushed small businesses, closed schools, shutdown churches, wrecked supply chains, mandated mRNA gene therapies, pushed 150 million of the world’s poorest into hunger, censored doctors, silenced scientists, and increased top-down control and authoritarianism around the world.

    They could have just used hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, doxycycline, aspirin, budesonide, zinc, quercetin, vitamin c, and vitamin d which you can buy in any third world country’s corner pharmacy for a few dollars.

    The people in power who did this to humanity must be held accountable.

  • CDC Quietly Ends Differentiation on Covid Vaccination Status

    Covid Guidance from CDC

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, August 2-August 8

  • America Has Fallen Into Tyranny

    It’s now perfectly obvious that the primary role of the FBI and the DOJ is to interfere in domestic politics in favor of the Democrat Party. They do so regularly and without repercussions. News that the FBI had an informer planted inside Mar-a-Lago before its third-world raid on a former president means that Christopher Wray’s agency has now spied on President Trump continuously for seven years.

  • The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh - Part 1

    The north Indian state of 231 million people eradicated COVID with an ivermectin treatment program, representing one of the greatest public health achievements in history. It was kept a global secret.

    Yogi Adityanath

    Uttar Pradesh (UP) is a state in the north of India with a population of 231 million people. It’s the home of the Taj Mahal. If it were a country, it would be the sixth largest in the world.

    In my view, the foundation of UP’s historic achievement rests on the integrity of its Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath. He is a Hindu monk and known for his policy of zero tolerance against corruption. The importance of this quality cannot be overstated, especially given the last 2 years of unceasing corruptions of medical science and public health policy that continuously emerge each day.

    This is the kind of leadership we need

    I believe Yogi Adityanath’s emphasis on deterring corruption was the key ingredient to one of the most successful public health campaigns in history. Yogi Adityanath’s achievement in combatting COVID resulted from the massive amount of human and institutional resources he mobilized, along with his selection of extremely talented and committed public health officials. His oversight of these officials ensured they could carry out their tasks without big Pharma’s influence. It is clear from the record below that his primary purpose was doing what he thought best for the citizens of UP.

    Ivermectin it is!

    So, UP immediately started administering ivermectin to close contacts of positive cases in the district and noticed profoundly positive results. Based on these observations, the state health authorities gave the green light to use off-label ivermectin not only in prevention… but in treatment.

    Hey Australia, How’s Your COVID Policies Workin’ Out for You?

    Notice that UP’s government did what my colleagues and I had been imploring since the pandemic began. Employ a risk/benefit decision-making analysis in an emergency. Like you do in war. Even if the view was that the clinical trials evidence for HCQ or IVM was “insufficient,” the evidence for harm was near nil, while the evidence for harm of widespread untreated COVID was obviously catastrophic. Just ask Australia right now in the summer of 2022 after years of lockdowns and mass vaccination campaigns and outlawing of ivermectin:

    See the graph on his substack…..

    South Africa responds Inappropriately

    Anyway, South Africa’s government responded to this development by criminalizing the importation of ivermectin (I am not making this up). The South African ivermectin advocates (many of whom are now my friends and close colleagues) eventually achieved a “compassionate use” designation allowing physicians to prescribe without penalty. But it wasn’t easy. Or quick. Many died unnecessarily during that time. The highpoint of South Africa’s ivermectin frenzy was when South African farmers reported that there was no longer a supply of ivermectin available for their animals. Whoa again.


  • The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh - Part 2

  • You are 25X more likely to be injured and 20X more likely to die if you get the COVID shot

    When you combine this result with negative vaccine efficacy, the COVID shots are completely nonsensical. Nobody should take them. We couldn’t find a single supportive anecdote!

    7 Died

    I recently learned about conservative radio show host Wayne Root’s stunning anecdotal evidence about the 200 people who attended his wedding. He tracked what happened just 8 months after the wedding: 26 were injured and 7 died in the vaccinated group but nothing happened to people in the unvaccinated group, even though Wayne estimated that most of the guests were unvaccinated.

    I loved the setup: it’s an almost “as good as it gets real-life randomized trial.”

    A single anecdote isn’t compelling. What is compelling is that others are observing the same huge event rates. Wayne is hardly an outlier. And the fact we can’t seem to find any stories equally extreme on the opposite side has got to be very troubling for those supporting the “safe and effective” narrative.

    Anecdotes for the Vaccine?

    An article on The Expose just claimed that 1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to the UK Government which is a factor of 5 lower than my hypothesis, but that’s just limited to the first 60 days after a single dose.

    And then I went even further looking for anecdotal evidence that Wayne was wrong. I asked my 50,000 followers on Gab for opposite anecdotes. None of the 372 people had an anecdote supporting use of the vaccine. Stunning.

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