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Covid dictators and rulers with a big NO red circle around them.

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  • CDC admits it failed to meet expectations in COVID response

    Ya think!?!?!?

    I’m sorry, but there is no forgive and forget with these fucking people who destroyed businesses and lives with their continued lies and policies. When they are rotting in prison, I still won’t forget.

    We will NEVER forget. Never!

    Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, outlined a broad plan to overhaul the organization’s structure and operations in light of what she said was its failure to respond efficiently to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to media reports.

  • CDC admits they were wrong about a huge safety problem by silently deleting the erroneous text

    What happens when the scientific evidence is so clear about the spike protein from the COVID vaccines remaining in your body that the CDC has to admit they were wrong?

    They just delete the inaccurate statement and say nothing. Nothing!

  • My email to the CEO of Media Matters

    The CEO of Media Matters responded to my notice that I was going to sue them and offered to change “lied” to “falsely claims.” I didn’t accept.

    Good for Kirsch. What a lame ass change and, let’s be honest, disingenuous.

  • COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis

    Dr. Naomi Wolf was talking about this from day one.

    Thorp found that vaccines for COVID-19 “are associated with increases in menstrual disorders, miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal cystic hygroma, fetal malformations, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal cardiac arrhythmias, fetal cardiac disorders, fetal vascular malperfusion abnormalities, abnormal fetal surveillance testing, abnormal fetal growth patterns, placental thrombosis, and fetal death.”

    Compared to influenza vaccines, COVID-19 shots posed the following risks:

    • Abnormal uterine bleeding (menstrual irregularity), 1,000 times greater than for influenza vaccines
    • Miscarriages, 50 times greater
    • Fetal chromosomal abnormalities, 100 times greater
    • Fetal malformation, 50 times greater
    • Fetal cystic hygroma (a major malformation), 90 times greater
    • Fetal cardiac disorders, 40 times greater
    • Fetal arrhythmia, 50 times greater
    • Fetal cardiac arrest, 200 times greater
    • Fetal vascular malperfusion, 100 times greater
    • Fetal growth abnormalities, 40 times greater
    • Fetal abnormal surveillance tests, 20 times greater
    • Fetal placental thrombosis, 70 times greater

  • Doctors Criticize Fauci for Saying COVID-19 Vaccines Induce ‘Temporary’ Menstrual Irregularities

    This dumb fuck, Fauci, will say anything at anytime regardless of what he has said before. It is not about truth, it never has been. It is about what lies can I (we) get away with now, what will they general populace believe now?

    Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent comments on menstrual irregularities met with serious rebuttal from gynecologists, who say the COVID-19 vaccines shouldn’t have been administered without adequate safety testing, especially on pregnant women.

    “The menstrual thing is something that seems to be quite transient and temporary,” Fauci told Fox News on July 25, when asked about the effect of the vaccines on menstrual cycles.

    Not so fast, Mr. Bullshitter

    But Dr. Christiane Northrup, a former fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, disagrees with Fauci.

    “Unfortunately, the menstrual problems we are seeing are far from transient and temporary,” she told The Epoch Times. “Many women have been bleeding daily or having heavy, irregular, painful periods for an entire year.

    “And some of these are well past menopause. Something is way off here,” she said.

  • I put Media Matters on notice just now

    They either show their facts OR retract their article. If they do neither, they will be served with a defamation lawsuit for >$1M in damages.

    I love Kirsch. They guy never gives up. He keeps pushing and pushing and pushing. Go to the link to read his letter. He ends the piece with this:

    They will ignore this.

    And they will find out very quickly I wasn’t joking. You should see who I have lined up for this.

  • Do you know how many people have been killed worldwide by their governments from the COVID shots?

    It’s around 12M. That is 40X the number of Americans who were killed in World War II. It’s more than double the number killed by COVID.

    A Conservative Estimate

    A more conservative number is to divide the number of doses by 2,500. This is the number Mathew Crawford estimated from global data: 411 deaths per Million doses. Earlier, I offered a $1M reward to anyone who found a significant error in his work. No takers. This is documented on my Substack and in my Twitter stream, but of course everything I tweeted was deleted by Twitter as being unsafe. A free $1M no strings attached. Nobody accepted.

    Even Trump Remains Silent

    The vaccine is never mentioned in any of these unexplained death reports.

    Yet people all over the world have noticed that these unexpected deaths are ONLY happening to the vaccinated. Hmmmm…. I wonder why?

    The CDC will not require medical examiners to do the proper tests to make the association. They could easily do that. But they won’t. That tells you everything you need to know about the corruption.

    So it will be an unexplained rise in unexplained deaths due to unknown causes because nobody in the mainstream media is ever going to admit they were wrong and ask a few unscripted questions.

    Even Donald Trump is afraid to speak out about what is going on. He remains silent too.

    This is why we have no debates, only censorship.

    Hundreds of people at the CDC are aware of what is going on, but they aren’t going to speak out or they will lose their job. Even the people who have resigned are remaining silent. It’s really stunning.

    So the killing continues unabated.

  • There's So Much Election Fraud Evidence It's Hard To Keep Up!

    Here are eight articles from yours truly summarizing all the fraud

  • Anti-vaxxers are principled freedom fighters

    A free society is one in which the people have certain rights that cannot be taken away by the government.

    In a free society, people cannot be forced to submit to unwanted drug injections in order to exercise their rights.

    This is because any activity that is conditioned on submission to government-mandated drug injections has been transformed from a right to a privilege.

    Chehov Quote

    But unelected, anonymous bureaucrats not only comprise the majority of government agents, they are typically the most amoral and ruthless ones. And officials who are doctors have been revealed as perhaps the most amoral and ruthless government agents of them all. As Anton Chekhov (himself a doctor) wrote:

    “Doctors are the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you, too.”

    We Must Act

    In California, there are no religious exemptions to school vaccine requirements and no personal belief exemptions to school vaccine requirements. None.

    This is such a horrific human rights violation that it is incumbent on all of us to act. I do not want to live in a country in which education is a privilege reserved for those who follow government orders. Do you?

  • Lara Logan: They’re Giving Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens at the US Border

    Lara Logan: You look around you and you know they don’t actually believe in citizenship. And now when people come across the border illegally, I have this confirmed from border patrol agents who are actually, physically doing this, they get given a Social Security number. They get assigned a Social Security number when they cross. I’m not sure how many of you are aware of that. And if you really want to know where the cheating starts, it’s long before you get to the polls. Think about it, it starts with the census. It starts with counting illegals in the census.

  • BREAKING: True The Vote Releases Information Given To FBI Months Ago – China Has Information on 1.8 Million US Election Workers On Server In Wuhan

    True the Vote held a private, invite-only event over the weekend. CDMedia had a reporter at the conference conducted at an undisclosed location.

    Information was released that True the Vote many months ago stumbled upon a server in China which True the Vote says holds a great deal of personal information on 1.8 million U.S. election workers. The data was brought to the FBI which has so far done nothing with it.

    Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips told the audience they are now a target of an FBI investigation over the issue, not the CCP.

    CDMedia will report more information as it can be verified.

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