News Digest: August 18-20, 2022: Let the Red-Pilling Begin

We [the unvaccinated] have withstood hurt, insults, attacks, smears, stigmatization, denounced, isolation, ostracization, humiliated openly, job and earning loss, discriminated against, and social isolation and exclusion. We were banned from loved ones, families, friends, and lost near 2.5 years of life, liberty, freedoms. Due to Fauci and Birx and Hahn and Redfield and Francis Collins and all of those sick twisted inept malfeasants who had the science but chose to go against it. Everyone else bailed and fell, their independent thinking was sidelined. Somehow and one day we will learn all who did wrongs here and we will get accountability.

— Dr. Paul Alexander

Told You So by Bob Moran

Told You So by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

  • My colleague Dr. John Littell reminds us, do not go treating children with all sorts of drugs; COVID now is a common cold, flu like, just use OTC treatments; manifests primarily as cold or flu like

    A question was posed by another clinician about treating a 14 year old who tested positive and here is Littell’s response in an internal communication I am part of

    I agree with him 100%. And this is why we are saying the use of prevention like nasal oral washes, washings hands, remains the key to keeping all pathogen at bay.

    Here is Dr. Littell’s response in full:

    Please for the sake of our own integrity as a medical profession, let’s be sure we know what in fact we are treating when we treat people who “test positive“ for Covid.

    The current variants Of Covid manifest primarily as cold or flu like symptoms in our self-limited with little if any respiratory involvement.

    Hence, I see no reason to be offering remedies other than usual OTC formulations and of course, vitamin D, C, zinc etc.

    I believe we are doing our patients and ourselves a disservice by continuing to prescribe HQ and or IVM in the vast majority of cases.

    And in so doing, we are placing too much importance on the need for patients to seek out medical attention urgently. This is also driving the narrative of fear, the demand for vaccines, the continued masking, quarantining, and, perhaps most egregiously, the unnecessary testing of children and others who are simply afflicted with a common cold.

    Everyone needs to understand that the hospitals are complicit with these fear mongering tactics. They are continuing to test people for Covid even though minimal or no symptoms and then placing them in isolation and offering Remdesivir and other futile and/or dangerous treatments.


  • Finally, One Honest Doctor Comes Forward to Report the Death and Devastating Injuries Linked to the COVID-19 Vaccine

    There are a lot more than one, but the article is interesting, and at this point we have every reason to believe every word of it. Steve Kirsch is contacting the doctor to verify.

    What is Dr. Smith [not real name] seeing? First, the vaccinated are dying off. Second, he’s seeing heart attacks, strokes and blood clots in incredible numbers. Third, they’re getting rare and advanced (stage 4) forms of cancer. Many of his patients were in cancer remission, but suddenly post-vaccine the cancer has come roaring back — except now it’s spread everywhere in their bodies. He used to see skin cancer once or twice a month; now he sees it several times a week. Thyroid cancer has skyrocketed — and he reports that it’s always diagnosed after they get the booster jab.

  • MISinformed Consent

    Another great article. I’m getting the feeling the dam is about to break. I really hope so. But get ready, they will continue to double and triple down to save themselves from prosecution regardless of what happens to the people they “care so much about.”

    The CDC is either astonishingly incompetent, or they have been blatantly lying to the American Public.

    I vote both, heavily leaning toward lying to the American public.

    These next two sections are very important. I’m going to quote them in full:

    CDC MISinformation #1:


    The first inaccurate claim from the screenshot above:

    “All COVID-19 vaccines work with the body’s natural defenses to safely develop immunity to disease.”
    This claim was quietly removed after 5pm on July 8, 2021 because it was demonstrably UNTRUE. However, that didn’t stop the government and the media from continuing to push the narrative of “safe and effective”.

    Then, on September 2, 2021, the CDC changed the definition of the word “vaccine” to remove the claim that vaccines provide immunity.

    OLD DEFINITION (Up to and including September 1, 2021): “Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”

    NEW DEFINITION (September 2, 2021 and thereafter): “Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

    Rather than honestly address the fact that the COVID-19 “vaccines” were not effective in preventing the disease or its transmission, the CDC decided to change the definition of the word “vaccine”.

    In the past, vaccines provided “immunity.” Now “vaccines” merely stimulate an “immune response.”

    Yes. That is a big difference.

    CDC MISinformation #2:


    The inaccurate claim:

    “the material never enters the nucleus of the cell.”

    This claim was finally changed (on December 16, 2021) to…

    “Viral vector COVID-19 vaccines deliver genetic material to the cell nucleus”

    From April 15, 2021 to December 15, 2021, the CDC was CLEARLY spreading disinformation regarding the way the Johnson and Johnson injectables were DESIGNED to work. The “vaccine” was designed so that the injected DNA would enter the nucleus of the cell. To say otherwise was blatantly false.

    Readers can decide for themselves whether the CDC was spreading MISinformation, DISinformation or MALinformation.

    Regardless of the reader’s opinion, the information presented by the CDC claiming that the injected DNA did not enter the nucleus of the cell was and is FALSE. Many other sources clearly stated otherwise.

    Many People Need to Be Prosecuted!

    December 16, 2021 was a very fateful day in the saga of the viral vector vaccines. On that day the CDC issued its official panel recommendation of preference for mRNA vaccines over J&J, effectively ending Johnson & Johnson’s vaccination campaign in America.

    The CDC finally corrected their inaccurate information within 24 hours of recommended against using the Johnson & Johnson injections.

    In short, millions of people who received the J&J shot prior to December 16, 2021 did so with the publicly issued assurance from the CDC that no genetic material would enter the nucleus of their cells. This was scientifically known to be false the entire time.

    Misinforming the general population about nuclear penetration for 8 months is about as awful a violation of informed consent as can be imagined. One can hardly imagine a more invasive drug mechanism about which to falsely proselytize the public.

  • Biden Admin officials scramble to escape blame for unlawful Pentagon order mandating mRNA for troops....Former Pentagon official Terry Adirim says she was directed by the Secretary of Defense to justify the mandate.

    This is a good article!

    It all began on August 24, 2021, when Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo mandating mRNA “vaccination” for the active military, but with the stipulation that this mandate only applied to fully licensed products. This was because, as The Dossier understands, it is illegal to force service members to take an EUA vaccine. Only President Joe Biden has the authority to enforce an EUA shot on service members. And no overriding authorization from the White House ever arrived at the Pentagon.

    Houston, We Have a Problem

    The Sec Austin memo and the guidance that followed created an issue, because, as The Dossier readers are well aware of by now, the FDA licensed versions of the mRNA shots never actually made it to market, rendering the initial vaccine mandate useless.

    Houston, We Have a Bigger Problem

    Dr Terry Adirim, the woman who signed the memo, is a devoted democrat political activist and, as a medical doctor, advocates for “gender-affirming prescriptions” for “transgender” children. At the time, she was the acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs (under a Biden political appointment). Adirim’s memo attempted to justify mandating EUA shots as if they were FDA approved.

    Thousands Injured

    Following the mRNA injection order, untold thousands of service members were coerced — under threat of both administrative and criminal action — to take a “vaccine” that they wanted no part of. Unsurprisingly, this mandatory novel gene therapy injection has harmed combat readiness and produced widespread, serious, long term injuries throughout the armed forces.

    The Guilty are Getting Scared

    Since leaving the Pentagon, Adirim has sought to distance herself from the letter, claiming that “crazy” attempts to hold her accountable are misguided, because it was “The Secretary” (Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin) who “directed vaccinations.” Neither Austin nor the Pentagon has confirmed that the Secretary of Defense ordered Adirim to sign off on the unlawful mandate.

    Adirim remains in government as the program executive director of the VA’s Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office. As a government official, both she and the Secretary of Defense are easily accessible to testify via a congressional subpoena, should congress want to investigate their controversial memos. As Adirim’s memo has come under scrutiny, she has decided to lock her social media accounts.

    Who, if anyone, will be held accountable?

  • news about elevated death rates is leaking out...and we're running out of excuses to deflect blame

    The title and subtitle from the The Telegraph article that the cat references is:

    Lockdown effects feared to be killing more people than Covid

    Unexplained excess deaths outstrip those from virus as medics call figures ‘terrifying’

    The bad cat writes:

    these deaths look concentrated in cancers and heart conditions. both are known side effects of the covid vaccines. both were warned against endlessly but these warnings were ignored.

    in their place, we got sustained campaigns of gaslighting like the infamous “everything causes heart attacks in young people now” and the myth of covid caused myo and pericarditis that has since been disproven.

    Data on Heart Risk

    the data on heart risk and heart damage from covid vaccines is pretty unequivocal at this point. they have been discontinued in the young in many countries because the risk clearly outweighs the benefit and the elevated death rates are concentrated in the young and healthy, precisely those who seem to bear the worst brunt of this adverse event.

    There are some good graphs in the article. He ends with this:

    and the costs are about to blow out.

    people with heart damage will pop every round of vaxxes. the cancer issue will likely just keep rising as the CG enriched nature of the mRNA vaxxes takes its toll.

    and who is going to pay for it? who is going to take care of the bills for heart treatment and cancer?

    the payors are seeing this spike and i know they are because several have told me. they also know full well what’s doing it and who they want to go after, but the liability shields prevent it.

    how much water can build up behind this dam before it breaks?


  • Lawsuit filed: RW Malone vs. WP Company, LLC

    Let’s see what the Washington Post does here. When Kirsch threatened Media Matters with a lawsuit, they backed down and changed their headline (see below). These people know their lying or at least the people they take their orders from know they’re lying.

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, August 8-August 15

  • More on Mandates - It ain't over till it's over. California culture has gone barking mad.

    Good article on some things going on in California (my home state) and the nation. College information, political climate is shifting from Democrat to Republican and more.

  • Media Matters Changes Headline on Kirsch Fox Appearance

    Here’s the original headline:

    Fox News guest lies about the COVID vaccine killing “hundreds of thousands” and says it’s “the most dangerous vaccine ever created”

    Here’s what they changed it to:

    Fox News guest claims the COVID vaccine is killing “hundreds of thousands” and says it’s “the most dangerous vaccine ever created”

    This is kind of a win. Kirsch threatened them with a lawsuit on the original headline. If they had any balls at all they would have kept the headline, but they don’t have any, so like the pussies they are, they changed it.

    Kirsch writes:

    Instead, they quietly revised their original hit piece to remove the accusation that I lied and reflect the fact that they were wrong. To get even, they replaced their headline calling me a liar to a story with links to multiple “hit pieces” on me. How thoughtful of them.

    They refuse to speak with me about the allegations on a recorded video. That’s because they aren’t interested in finding the truth or being challenged on what they wrote. None of them has the courage to debate me on camera.

  • Too little, too late: Disband the CDC now

    Cities across the country fired teachers, firefighters, health care staffers, police officers, sanitation workers and so many others because they refused to get vaccinated. Many of these people had worked through the early days of the pandemic — and contracted COVID many times over — while we baked banana bread and patted ourselves on the back for ordering from Uber Eats. Now the CDC acknowledges this was the wrong thing to do. Whoopsie!

    and this:

    During its 2½ years of dealing with COVID, the CDC has failed to do these things at any level. It has become completely politicized and is now flailing around for relevance updating guidance that never made sense in the first place. It has caused Americans much harm. Disband it now.

  • What Is The Story Behind Sudden Death Syndromes?

    This is a very good article. I appreciate the Midwestern’s doctor attention to detail and his ability to look at a problem as objectively as possible.

    Historical trends in increased vaccination also directly parallel the incidences of autism; the moment the autism epidemic took off immediately followed when Anthony Fauci brokered a 1986 deal to give vaccine manufacturers critical legal immunity from financially unsustainable vaccine injuries, which was, unsurprisingly, followed by a flood of unsafe vaccines entering the market.  Research in this area is prohibited and whenever a study emerges linking vaccines to autism it is either altered or the author is vilified and prosecuted (ie. for doctors Andrew Wakefield and Paul Thomas).

    Polio Vaccines

    Cause is covertly addressed. The polio epidemics were largely due to lead arsenate and then DDT pesticides being sprayed on crops.  These were phased out at the same time the polio vaccines were rolled out, leading to a mythology being built around a problematic vaccine that removed all blame from the pesticide manufactures (it should be noted that the decline of polio was also due to a deliberate reclassification of the disease and at in present day the primary cause of the disease is polio vaccine induced polio).

    Back Pain

    Failed back syndrome – There are a variety of easy to correct causes of back pain that are almost never recognized within the conventional medical model, even though back pain is one of the most common reasons patients visit their doctors.  Back surgeries, particularly spinal fusions, are an immensely profitable way to treat low back pain and are heavily incentivized by health insurance programs, but frequently leave the patient much worse off, at which point very little can be done to help them since the effects of the surgery are for all practical purposes irreversible.  “Failed back syndrome” is the cute euphemism that has been coined for this sad situation.


    Not long after, people began to contact me to ask if the vaccine could cause heart attacks or strokes and once the magnitude of the problem dawned on me, I started logging them (approximately 50 people I directly knew of died following vaccination in the first year of the campaign).

    The Normalization of SADS

    Like many of the syndromes listed earlier in this article, I suspect we are gradually transitioning through the same steps they have followed with SADS:

    1. Attempts to obscure the phenomenon.
    2. Attempts to provide ridiculous alternative explanations of the phenomena.
    3. Attempts to normalize the phenomenon into something not new, had no specific trigger or cause and instead arose from a composite of risk factors.
    4. The previous are ultimately successful and almost no memory exists of the world before the phenomena.

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