News Digest: August 26-28, 2022

An angel leading a soul into hell. Oil painting by a follower of Hieronymus Bosch. Text: Fauci Steps Down...Way Down. Angel says, And this, Tony, is your new neighborhood. (Color Version)

  • Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives

    In other words, their focus is propaganda, propaganda and propaganda.  The very basis of the existence of the Mercury Project presupposes that individuals cannot be trusted to make up their own minds about the information they are exposed to, and that they must be molded to accept the mainstream narrative.  It also presupposes that mainstream or establishment information is always trustworthy and unbiased.

    The widespread non-compliance against covid vaccination mandates despite extensive government pressure is perhaps one of the most underappreciated events of the past century.  It is likely the reason why political elites and the corporate media went from a non-stop fear campaign against the public to almost no mention of covid within a matter of weeks.  It was as if the populace was being put through two years of waterboarding and then one day the torture simply stopped without explanation.

    What’s the Motive?

    And, the threat still lingers.  Why the Mercury Project feels the need to compose vaccine propaganda for a virus with a mere 0.23% median Infection Fatality Rate is not explained.  And, if vaccination numbers from agencies like the CDC are accurate, then the population has already achieved herd immunity anyway (perhaps their numbers are not accurate?).  Why are globalist groups so obsessed with 100% vaccination for covid?  This is never explained.

    They will say it’s all about saving lives, but if only 0.23% of people on average are at risk regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, then public health is not really a believable explanation.  It would seem that the Mercury Project’s purpose is more about influencing people to vaccinate despite the science rather than in the name of science.

  • Over 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine

    So how can there now be over 30 deaths of young doctors in Canada who died shortly after the vax shots? I know this from a very reliable source; the details of those deaths will be released in about a week from now.

    As you can see from the CMA death notices, that rate of death for young doctors is pretty much non-existent. So there must be something that all these doctors had in common that killed them. It would have to be particularly deadly to kill these young healthy doctors. The time of death is strongly correlated with the vaccine shot. It appears that all the people who died young were vaccinated recently. Hmmm….

    I wonder what that could be? The Canadian health authorities are stumped.

  • Caged animals are safe, but it is not much of a life

    I returned late last night from speaking at the Gateway for Freedom conference, which was held at the Gateway Conference Center in Collinsville, IL (suburb of St. Louis). Why was it held in Collinsville, Illinois you ask? Because not a single conference venue actually located in the city of St. Louis would allow it to be held in the city, as the speakers and topics to be discussed were not acceptable. So the conference organizers had to go across the river to a venue in Illinois. That is where this all has come to. The words of Drs. Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Richard Urso and Ryan Cole are so dangerous that they should not be heard.

  • All those who ordered lockdowns and school shutdowns must lose their jobs.

    All those who ordered lockdowns and school shutdowns must lose their jobs.

    All those who generated an atmosphere of fear and paranoia and then leveraged that fear and paranoia for their own wealth and power must be held to account.

    All those who issued no visitor bans in hospitals and nursing homes must be held responsible for deaths of despair and last words never spoken.

    All those who told families to ostracize their unvaxxed relatives must be ostracized by their own relatives.

    All those who made women give birth in masks, and made toddlers in diapers wear masks, and made high schoolers play sports and play music in masks, must be publicly shamed.

    All the “experts” who swore that the covid vaccines were safe and effective must be locked up.

    All the government and health officials who forced people to submit to experimental drug injections without their full, informed consent must be locked up.

  • The Media’s Culpable Refusal to Consider the Role of the Vaccines in Driving Excess Deaths

    However, nowhere are the vaccines mentioned by mainstream outlets as a possible factor. Instead, the impact of lockdowns (especially denial of healthcare access) and the lingering effects of Covid are put forward as likely causes.

    I don’t doubt that these will be contributing. But with the main causes of the excess deaths being related to the heart and circulatory system, and the Covid vaccines being known to injure the heart and cause clotting, it is frankly bizarre and irresponsible not to include the vaccines in a list of possible causes of a rise in heart deaths and strokes.

    The Vaccinated

    But data on hospitalisations by vaccination status for non-Covid reasons appear to show that the vaccinated are being hospitalised at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated.

    The Vaccinated and their Hearts

    That the Covid vaccines can injure the heart is well-documented in the scientific literature. A large Scandinavian study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found vaccination increased the risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120-fold. It also found that incidence of serious heart inflammation following infection (and not vaccination) was negligible, counting against the claim that the problem is primarily due to complications of Covid infection.

    A major French study in Nature found serious heart inflammation up to 44 times higher after Covid vaccination.

    Why No Consideration?

    Covid and lockdowns may well have contributed to heart problems. But there’s a very obvious cause of heart injuries that mainstream outlets are entirely failing to acknowledge. Are they unaware of the studies on this, or are they just afraid to mention the vaccines? Either way, it is a serious failure in a matter of significant public concern. Let’s hope the Government does better.

  • Boosted as another fight for human rights, "trans activism" now is an inhuman wrong

    LGB activists are speaking out against that “movement,” which has been doing them, and all the rest of us, more harm than good; and one trans youth tells his horrendous story as its victim

    Only Women Can Have Babies

    Now, speaking for myself, I can, with perfect confidence, assure Prof. Bridges, or any of her co-religionists, that I (a) think that only women—or, as she calls them, “cis women”—can have babies, and yet (b) bear no hatred whatsoever toward transgender people. That trans women simply can’t give birth is just (what we might quaintly call) a fact, and not one that I somehow hold against them. (Why would I? Why would anyone?) I find Prof. Bridges’ view (what we might quaintly call) deranged; and, as it happens, so do the transgender people whom I know.

  • The COVID Vaccines Corrupt Human Blood

    German scientists have confirmed: the COVID vaccines are toxic and not by accident

    The group concludes:

    The conclusion of this group’s report is simple and stark: all COVID vaccine programs must be halted immediately.

    Why? Because every COVID vaccine that was tested was toxic to human beings.

    If this is true, and I think it probably is, here are the findings:

    I want to highlight four of the group’s discoveries:

    The first discovery: toxic substances were found in all of the samples of COVID-19 vaccines — without exception.

    The second discovery: The blood samples of all the people who had been vaccinated showed marked changes.

    The third discovery: The greater the stability of the envelope of lipid nanoparticles, the more frequent are vaccine side effects.

    The fourth discovery: The vaccines consistently contain substances the purpose of which cannot be determined. Using a small sample of live blood analyses from both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, artificial intelligence (AI) can distinguish with 100% reliability between the blood of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This indicates that the COVID-19 vaccines can effect long-term changes in the composition of the blood of the person vaccinated without that person being aware of these changes.

    I recommend this entire article. Here’s a link to the paper Robinson references(opens new window).

  • GLOBAL Farmers Protests - Why is MSM Not Reporting

    Is the coverage of populist movements, like the uprising in Sri Lanka, smeared to appease a globalist agenda? That’s too much of a conspiracy theory, isn’t it!? I spoke with the journalist and former co-host of The Hills Kim Iversen about how some global agencies (WEF) seem to have an influence on the way that nations devise policy, for example, the font of the changes around fertilizer that would bankrupt farmers.

    These people weaponize the things we all want…to make us all afraid. Lack of coverage of the huge protests going on prove the MSM don’t give a flying you-know-what about us. This is a good video.

  • Silenced healthcare workers speak out publicly for the first time

    We need more people to speak out and while I appreciate these stories, if all these people would speak out publicly, I think it would make a far bigger impact. In any case, here is what Kirsch writes:

    I created a form to ask healthcare workers to speak anonymously about what they are seeing.

    Here’s what they said in their own words.

    Here is a quick summary of some of the things they said:

    1. They are afraid to come out publicly due to intimidation tactics such as loss of job and/or license to practice medicine.
    2. Unvaccinated healthcare workers are extremely upset with the medical community. They feel they have been treated unfairly.
    3. It is the vaccinated workers who are getting sick with COVID, but it is the unvaccinated who are punished with constant testing, restrictions, and threats of losing their jobs.
    4. The COVID shots are a disaster. Even for the elderly which is supposed to be the most compelling use case, death rates in elderly homes went up by a factor of 5 after the shots rolled out. Each time the shots are given, the deaths spike. Nobody is talking publicly about this. It’s not allowed.
    5. Doctors are seeing rates of injury and death increase dramatically in all ages of people. The injuries are only happening to the vaccinated. There is no doubt that this is happening but many doctors have so much cognitive dissonance that they don’t see it.
    6. One nurse with 23 years of experience says she’s never heard of anyone under 20 dying from cardiac issues until the vaccines rolled out. Now she knows of around 30 deaths.
    7. “I have been a nurse for 36 years. I have NEVER witnessed people in their 20s and 30s having strokes, atrial fibrillation, or cardiomyopathies until the Covid vaccines. I work in cardiology. When I mention that someone should look at the vaccines as a possible reason, I am immediately silenced and told, “It is NOT from the vaccine.””
    8. Doctors aren’t recording vaccination status in the medical records so that all the deaths are attributed to the unvaccinated.
    9. Doctors are deliberately ignoring the possibility that the vaccines could be the cause of all the elevated events. The events are simply all unexplained.
    10. Many doctors have either quit or will quit.
    11. Some doctors and nurses at top institutions such as Mass General Hospital have falsified vaccine cards. They publicly toe the line and encourage their patients to take the shot knowing full well it is deadly. They value their job more than the lives of their patients. The important thing is they are risking 10 years in jail for doing this. These highly respected medical workers are telling the world that these COVID shots are so dangerous that they are willing to risk 10 years in prison to avoid taking the shot. That’s the message America needs to hear. And if Biden were an honest President, he would call for full amnesty and protection from retaliation for all these cases if people admitted publicly they did this. He’d be amazed at the number of responses he’d get. But he won’t do that because it would be too embarrassing for his administration.
    12. Things don’t seem to be getting any better.
    13. The medical examiners all over the world are not doing the proper tests during an autopsy to detect a vaccine-related death. Without doing the necessary tests, it is very hard to make an association. There isn’t a single “guidance” document from any medical authority anywhere in the world to do these tests on people who die within 3 months of their last COVID vaccination. This is why no associations are found: they aren’t looking and it is deliberate. The mainstream press doesn’t call them out on this either.
    14. Doctors are being forced to take other vaccines so the hospital can meet their quota. This was admitted to them.

  • Covid Charlatans Blame Trump as Vaccine Narrative Collapses

    COVID vaccine quacks and charlatans, who for about a year thought of themselves as big winners, are now abandoning “the COVID narrative” in droves and fiercely fighting each other.

    A famous well-paid “misinformation fighter” David Gorski, for example, is now calling fake “Covid health experts” Monica Gandhi and Leana Wen “misinformation spreaders”. Why is David Gorski so upset with his fellow Covidians? He is upset because Monica Gandhi and Leana Wen jumped the COVID ship, are now trying to distance themselves from their previous acts, and are “bravely” criticizing masks in hopes to score some points as “Covid skeptics. David Gorski is older and less flexible and is staying the course for now. He is mad at Leana and Monica.

    This is hilarious. I hope we see a lot more of it and I think we will. There is concern by others that much of this turnaround is just for the midterms, to give the Biden administration “a win” before everyone starts voting. Very likely. We have to keep pushing and exposing and when it looks like these evil assholes are faltering and backing off, WE DO NOT BACK OFF. We keep at it until we throw the knockout blow. And then we keep training and getting ready for any other assholes that show up.

    There are some good screenshots in this article you might want to look at.

    There are also some good points to think about with regard to Trump and the vaccines. Igor believes one politician has gotten it right from the beginning: DeSantis. Igor ends on this:

    The current leadership, as well as the corporate press, desperate to win elections and realizing the gravity of their responsibility, will try to blame Trump for Covid vaccines.

    While such misdirection of blame would be factually incorrect and intellectually dishonest, Trump is NOT a Covid saint and, unfortunately, missed several opportunities to get things right.

    What do you think?

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