News Digest: August 29-31, 2022

I really do try to keep these News Digests short….at first I was going to only do them weekly. Then twice a week….now it’s just when the articles fill up. I try just to focus on vaccines and secondarily on elections and articles that seem important to me….but there is so much going on and as I’ve said before I do think this is part of the plan….just have so much going on that eventually people just throw up their hands and say, “Whatever! I’m done.” But we can’t be done.

  • Documents leaked from the EMA confirms why we aren't allowed to analyze the vaccine vials

    It’s like rolling the dice for what you get in your vial. Both the FDA and EMA knew this but kept this out of the public view because if it were known, nobody would take the vaccines.

    The Vaccines are Different

    The gem in the article is this video which was posted 18 months ago that few people have seen. The video is just 14 minutes long and is very well done. The findings are all consistent with what I and others have long suspected: the vials are all different.

  • Well Being: Homeschooling: The teacher's union and the pandemic make homeschooling an obvious choice.

    Like Malone we also homeschooled. We one son and it was one of the best decisions of our life. We have NEVER regretted.

    Forget the schools. Homeschool! Do whatever you have to, but I don’t think public can be saved. It has to be dismantled and we have to start over.

    There are many ways to teach children. There is no one perfect way. That different children do better with different styles is obvious.

    However, I believe that, given the sad state of affairs of so many public schools, homeschooling is a much better alternative at this time. There is also the benefit of teaching children family and community values.

    Five parents in various places. One little girl sitting at her desk in school. I can't homeschool because....

  • 15 videos of people all around the world just keeling over (maybe dropping dead)

    Over the past several weeks, a tweeter who uses the nom de guerre “Aqui Ahora” (“Here Now”) has posted fifteen videos of people keeling over—eight of them in China, and the others in Vietnam, Pakistan, Peru and elsewhere throughout the world (including Orlando, Florida, site of a small plane crash that surely killed all those on board).

    Could these videos be fake? Of course. But I don’t think they are, since (a) faking scenes so realistic, and in such far-flung locations, would require a budget far beyond the means of, say, Children’s Health Defense (whose people wouldn’t do that even if they could afford it); and (b) images of “sudden death” contrived for propaganda purposes would not be imperceptibly released by some lone tweeter with relatively few followers (and then belatedly reposted by a marginal “conspiracy theorist” like Mark Crispin Miller), but published thunderously, all at once, by such big “reputable” outlets as the Guardian, the New York Times, the Daily Mail, the New York Post, the Sun, the Mirror, the Telegraph, CNN, the BBC, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, the Atlantic, and many, many other outlets all throughout the world, along with countless hirelings, bots and useful idiots on “social media”—which is exactly how those bogus images of people “dying suddenly” of COVID, in the streets of Wuhan, were propagated back in January of 2020.

    Go to his Substack and watch the videos. The China ones are odd. Alot of them the person starts looking around, looking behind them and then in some cases turning in circle. I don’t see any like that from other countries. Not sure what to make of that. In the comments Jared says this:

    The confused twirling is the “aura” that happens before a grand mal seizure; the person is aware for a short time that something is very wrong before they collapse, stiffen up very tight and then start trembling and sometimes making noises. I’m very familiar with these types of seizures since I have witnessed dozens of them in two of my vaccine affected children (DTaP, MMR, Hep B, epileptic within 48 hours, seizures recurring thereafter).

  • Who is "they"

    One of the weirdest things about the past two years is that it is obvious that there has been a massive power shift in the world, away from national governments towards some supranational collective that is somehow able to force governments throughout the world to all follow the same disastrous policies simultaneously (overriding Constitutions, laws, scientific best practices, and common sense). But it is not entirely clear who “they” are.

    I would just recommend reading this whole article. Here’s how he ends it:

    And where I came out is that I think our society is guided by three values:

    Idolatry (these people think that they are gods and they really like playing god);

    Domination (these people gain pleasure from power over others, in their worldview everyone and everything is an object to be conquered); and

    Tribalism (these people operate from the belief that their group must win at all costs, the dendrites necessary to get along with others are dead).

    When you combine idolatry, domination, and tribalism, what you get is Pharma Fascism throughout the developed world.

    That’s what we’re up against. That’s who and what we must overthrow in the revolution.

    So then our antidote becomes:

    reverence for the truly sacred (God, family, nature, and love);

    Intersubjectivity — listening to and honoring the spark of the divine in others; and

    Ethics, rationality, and science — the means of resolving differences that have been lost in the global coup d’etat by the junk science mass murdering Pharma cartel.

  • Bloomberg MSN (Muller's) article shows you just how inept, out of step, and clueless CDC is on the interplay between COVID virus and the host immune system; it's the vaccine, stupid! Not the virus.

    It’s the vaccine, stupid, not the virus that is causing the infectious variants and Fauci and Bourla et al. know this. They are not that stupid, they are doing this deliberately IMO.

    I’m going to quote the full article (it’s short):

    This paragraph: “Almost 40% of people hospitalized in the US with the Covid subvariant that circulated this spring were vaccinated and boosted, highlighting how new strains have mutated to more readily escape the immunity offered by current shots.”

    The writer does not understand because the vaccine developers and Fauci et al. have hidden from them that it is the vaccine itself, this sub-optimal vaccine that is driving the mutations due to selection pressure on the spike, viral immune escape, original antigenic sin (antigen imprinting or fixation), antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) (or disease/ADED). Everyone in this vaccine game know exactly what they are doing here, this pandemic will never end BECAUSE of the fraud vaccine, it appears to me to be designed this way, so that this pandemic can continue for 100 years, with infectious variant after infectious variant.

    This next paragraph: “The new report’s findings also indicate that along with vaccination, other pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical measures should be used by those at highest risk of getting Covid. That includes easy access to therapeutics such as Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid and Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir, as well as AstraZeneca’s Evusheld for immunocompromised people. Scientists also note that wearing a mask can help guard the wearer from getting sick.”

    The writer has above named 2 drugs Paxlovid and Remdesivir, where the former fails and is very problematic with side effects and causing rebound COVID, and the latter, is a failed Ebola drug that is liver and kidney toxic and has killed many Americans when it was made standard of care by Fauci et al. The writer has named 2 drugs that are harmful and do not work. The masks as per science, are complete garbage and junk and were always ineffective with COVID and toxic and harmful, have never worked. Where mask mandates were implemented, there were subsequent increases in infection and death. All of the non-pharmaceutical policies failed e.g. lockdowns, school closures etc., every one of them and no one can point to any COVID policy that was effective. All caused great harm and deaths.

    Thus this Bloomberg article is junk(opens new window), pure tripe waste of your time.

    Man yelling: It's Not the Vaccines. Paper headlines: Six Canadian Doctors Die. Excess Deaths increase Worldwide. Chart with ascending lines.

  • The Historic Suppression of Scientific Debate in COVID

    Never before in modern history have entire topics in Medicine been actively prevented from discussion in public forums. As a result most of the world only heard one-sided narratives.

    Good Science Requires Debate

    Because scientific data nor interpretations of that data, should ever be considered offensive. You can argue that wrong interpretations of data can be harmful, but debate is how you resolve that, not censorship! Science literally rests on open debate and the sharing of data and exchanging of interpretations amongst not only experts, but the wider public.

    Massive Censorship Today

    Yet, in the last 2 years we have undergone a massive censorship of the discussion and sharing of scientific data in public forums. I believe this was the proximate cause of what can now only be viewed as humanitarian catastrophes resulting from 1) the suppression of knowledge of early treatment with effective repurposed drugs and 2) the suppression of data showing the toxicity, lethality, and ineffectiveness of the vaccines.

    Read Youtube’s “COVID-19 medical misinformation policy.”(opens new window) One thing to notice is they will mix in legitimate conspiracy theories with theories and practices that are not.

    Kory quotes a paper on “sham peer reviews” that is quite interesting. I’m going to put the entire quote here:

    In 1986, the United States Congress enacted the Healthcare Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA). which granted immunity to hospitals and reviewers participating in “good faith” peer review of physicians and dentists. These reviews were envisioned to be vehicles by which it could be determined if any actions or recommendations against a physician should become necessary on the measures of incompetence, unprofessional conduct, or behaviors that impact the doctors’ clinical privileges. However, of late, HCQIA has resulted in many unforeseen consequences, not the least of which is the rise of ‘sham peer reviews’ —and the consignment of guiltless, lifesaving, pre-eminent physicians into obscurity.

    What is “Sham” Peer Review?

    Sham peer review is an adverse action taken in bad faith by a hospital for purposes other than the furtherance of quality health care. It is a process that is disguised to look like legitimate peer review. But sham peer review is not objectively reasonable, precisely because it is not performed to advance the quality of health care (violation of safe harbor provision).

    A sham peer review happens when the hospital invents some pretext on which to attack the physician and acts to disguise the adverse action against the targeted physician by conducting a such a review—where the truth and the facts do not matter, because the process is contrived to be rigged, and the outcome is predetermined.

    Over the years, sham peer reviews have unfortunately become fairly well-known. Hospitals in the United States have mounted these proceedings for at least four decades to rid themselves of physicians who “get in their way.” Often, they are doctors who don’t ”follow the party line” and whom they consider “disruptive.” Hospital officials are resistant to physicians who bring patient safety or care quality concerns to their attention. Some hospitals retaliate against these whistleblowers, by instigating these sham peer reviews.

    How Sham Peer Review works

    Hospitals that use sham peer review bring trumped up, fabricated, and thoroughly false charges against the targeted physician. Although no court of law would permit depriving an accused person of files or records needed to defend himself, as it is fundamentally unfair and in violation of due process, hospitals that employ sham peer review frequently refuse to provide records required to the physician under review. Based on these totally erroneous and phony charges the physician’s hospital privileges are summarily suspended. The physician is usually given 14 days to respond in writing to the sham charges. The charges and the physician’s response are then supposedly shared with the Medical Executive Committee (MEC). The physician then meets with the Medical Executive Committee. The physician is usually denied legal representation (which is unlawful), and the meeting takes the form of a Kangaroo court.

    Kory says this is what happened to him and Dr. Paul Marik, a truly excellent doctor according to Kory.

    I guess we just have to accept the fact that two new commandments have come down from the mountaintop:

    Thou shalt not share favorable ivermectin data in any public media sphere
    Thou shalt not present analyses of the scientific data supporting ivermectin in lectures to physicians
    The world has gone mad.

  • Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster

    The results are stunning if we look at young doctor deaths: it makes the impact of the vaccines much easier to see because there is more signal and less noise since doctors under 50 rarely die.

    We find a 23X increase in the rate of all-cause mortality post-vaccine for Canadian doctors aged 50 and under (compared to the young doctor death rates in 2020).

    How can they explain that one?

    Well, they can’t.

    Those Canadian doctors died after the 2nd booster decades earlier than they should have.

    Not Isolated

    If this were an isolated anecdote and the only piece of negative data, many people would shrug their shoulders and ignore it.

    But it’s not an isolated incident. It’s yet another very troubling data point showing the vaccines should be immediately halted.

    I wanted to talk to the CMA about this, but my request to interview the President of the CMA was ignored. They just don’t want to talk about it. I’m sure they hope nobody sees this article.

    Health leader talking to the propagandized masses: It is for sure not the vaccine. I can guarantee you that it is not the vaccine. Nope. Nope, not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine, it is not...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... (color version)

  • culling character to elevate cowardice: cancel culture as the destroyer of worlds

    This is the bad cat’s entire article. It’s not real hopeful as many of his have tended to be. I get it, I fluctuate between “We’re gonna fuckin’ win this thing” and “We’re all doomed.” I laughed when I wrote that…I guess that’s a good sign. There are couple of good memes in the link so don’t miss those.

    consider the possibility that the inevitable output of a couple decades of cancel culture is the culling of all those of character and courage of conviction from positions of power as they are inevitably wrongfooted in gotcha games and sacrificed upon the altar of the ever intensifying purity spiral of identity war.

    now consider that this must also reciprocally induce the elevation of tepid, simpering cravens to positions of dominance and authority precisely because they lack the fortitude or principle to ever take a stand for that which is right as opposed to that which is popular.

    then, when crisis comes this cowardly cohort will lead from behind without bravery or comprehension for what else do they know save desperate desire to predict and serve the ends for which the mob shall soon bray?

    even should they possess expertise or efficacy, they will cast it aside to curry favor and safety from the howling hordes.

    everything they do or say is calculated to placate and pander and so they are driven like storm detritus before whatever winds may rise.

    they cannot lead.

    they serve only to inflame base instinct and atavistic fear.

    they cannot engage.

    they seek instead to vilify and shout down opposition by naming speech “violence.”

    and this is what ends up forming the marrow and integument of the technocracy because cancel culture eliminated any other possible end state.

    what hope has any society ruled by such people of retaining science or reason or sense?

    what hope has it of survival?

  • Veteran encouraged to end his own life 'with government assistance'?

    Be warned: the Angry Cop in the video posted below does not express himself coyly, and does not sugarcoat the details of this story. This is precisely why I like the video that he made. Be prepared for in-your-face charades if you press play.

    Government-assisted suicide is being normalized in Canada.

    Angry Cop claims that he was prompted to look up Medical Assistance in Dying Canada. He did. I did. You should too.

    On March 17, 2021, the Government of Canada announced that changes to Canada’s medical assistance in dying (MAID) law are officially in force. The new law includes changes to eligibility, procedural safeguards, and the framework for the federal government’s data collection and reporting regime.

  • Latest COVID booster shots will be released before human testing is complete

    The Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve new COVID-19 booster shots this week — before the vaccines are tested on humans, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal.

    The new boosters are similar to the COVID vaccines currently available in the US with minor modifications that protect recipients from the latest version of the Omicron variant.

    Instead of waiting for data from testing in humans, the agency will use data from trials in mice — as well as the real-world evidence of the safety of currently available COVID vaccines and test results from earlier iterations of boosters targeting older strains — to evaluate the newest boosters, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said.

    I write about this in another post.

  • Unofficially...There Are Now More Vaccinated COVID Deaths in Canada...

    Nobody was surprised that this day would come.

    The vaccines have been an abysmal fucking failure since before the first jabs in Canada and we could see how this would all roll out by watching Data from Israel and the United States.

    Those of us who were paying attention…didn’t need to see the Pfizer Trial Docs that Pfizer tried to lock down for 75 years.

    Before most of Canada had the opportunity to even be vaccinated, based on age and pre-existing conditions…we already knew that the vaccines didn’t stop COVID from spreading.

    Yet, here we are and Health Canada is still trying to hide the data.

  • Trump Wants Redo of 2020 Election ‘Immediately’ Over New FBI Revelations

    The headline is deceiving because the “Redo” is Trump’s second choice. His first choice is to simply declare the real winner and I agree. Having a “Redo” is just a recipe for disaster as this evil, totalitarian regime will simply attempt to cheat again and say that Biden is even more popular now because of his great policies than he was in 2020 that’s why he won again so sit down and shut-up. Latte?

    “This is massive fraud & Election interference at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!” Trump also wrote.


  • “Declare the Rightful Winner or…Have a New Election” – President Trump on the FBI Covering Up Hunter’s Laptop and Altering 2020 Election

    President Trump shared:

    So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, “Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election.” This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!

  • Everybody, please, UNCLOSE your eyes, and see what's happening right in front of them....

    Four recent videos that altogether tell us something’s very, very wrong

    There are four videos. One of them is above.

  • Freedom of Information Requests Provide some Interesting Insights: A selection of honest responses from hospitals

    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

    Between 01 June 2021 and 27 May 2022, 1596 patients were admitted to the two hospitals for Covid reasons. 1200 were vaccinated and of these 172 died in hospital. 396 were unvaccinated and 31 died. This means that over 14% of vaccinated patients died if they were admitted to hospital with Covid. However, only 7.8% of unvaccinated patients died during the same period.

  • Think we got it wrong? Here's a handy checklist for how you can put us on the right path.

    I received an email today from a former Stanford doctor who wrote:

    “Steve, I respect you and all you have accomplished.  I looked carefully at the articles you sent and I saw nothing.  I’m not going to engage with you on this any further.  As I said before, I hope that you will find an alternative use for your time, talent and treasure–the world needs it.”

    Well, what a little chickenshit this doctor is. “I looked carefully at the articles you sent and I saw nothing.  I’m not going to engage with you on this any further.” Really? Wow. So you didn’t see anything, but you have no interest in explaining why what you saw does not convince you? That’s convenient. Again, I reiterate, and I mean no offense to chicken shit, what a chickenshit. I admit, it is possible there was more in the private communication between Steve and this doctor, but I’m just going with what I have.

    This is a good article to keep in your toolbox. There are two sections. The first is a “How to convince us we’re wrong: a handy checklist”(23 points) and the second is “a small sample of the evidence we consider in forming our position.” (32 points)

    Kirsch concludes with this:

    So-called “misinformation spreaders” such as myself and my friends are all data-driven.

    The way you can convince us we are wrong is to show us that your hypothesis better explains the data than our hypothesis including all 32 datapoints.

    Appeals to authority will not work.

    To date, nobody from the mainstream medical community or press wants to engage us in a discussion of the data fit.

    The world should find that very troubling.


  • The Psychology of Totalitarianism: From rationalism to mass-formation

    Good to see Desmet on Substack. His book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, is excellent, so I expect his Substack will be the same.

    Nor did they live up to their promises. These experts pledged that the Gates to Freedom would re-open after two doses of the vaccine, but then they contrived the need for a third.  Like Orwell’s pigs, they changed the rules overnight. First, the animals had to comply with the measures because the number of sick people could not exceed the capacity of the health care system (flatten the curve). But one day, everyone woke up to discover writing on the walls stating that the measures were being extended because the virus had to be eradicated (crush the curve). Eventually, the rules changed so often that only the pigs seemed to know them. And even the pigs weren’t so sure.

    Speaking Out

    I would speak out and try to bring to peoples’ attention that there was something dangerous out there, not “the virus” itself so much as the fear and technocratic–totalitarian social dynamics it was stirring up.

    Mass Formation

    People continued to go along with the narrative. That was the moment when I decided to focus on something else, namely on the psychological processes that were at work in society and that could explain how people can become so radically blind and continued to buy into a narrative so utterly absurd. It took me a few months to realize that what was going on in society was a worldwide process of mass formation.

    Gladly, I Sacrifice Myself

    A second characteristic of an individual in the grip of mass formation is that they become willing to radically sacrifice individual interest for the sake of the collective. The communist leaders who were sentenced to death by Stalin—usually innocent of the charges against them—accepted their sentences, sometimes with statements such as, “If that is what I can do for the communist party, I will do it with pleasure.”

    Feeding the Masses

    Whether it initially emerged spontaneously or was provoked intentionally from the beginning, no mass formation, however, can continue to exist for any length of time unless it is constantly fed by indoctrination and propaganda disseminated through mass media. If this happens, mass formation becomes the basis of an entirely new kind of state that emerged for the first time in the beginning of the twentieth century: the totalitarian state.

    A New Totalitarianism Emerges

    I second an intuition articulated by Hannah Arendt in 1951: a new totalitarianism is emerging in our society. Not a communist or fascist totalitarianism but a technocratic totalitarianism. A kind of totalitarianism that is not led by “a gang leader” such as Stalin or Hitler but by dull bureaucrats and technocrats. As always, a certain part of the population will resist and won’t fall prey to the mass formation. If this part of the population makes the right choices, it will ultimately be victorious. If it makes the wrong choices, it will perish.

    Divorced from Man and Nature

    A narrative that ignores the psychological, spiritual, and ethical dimensions of human beings and thereby has a devastating effect at the level of human relationships. Something in this narrative causes man to become isolated from his fellow man, and from nature. Something in it causes man to stop resonating with the world around him. Something in it turns human beings into atomized subjects. It is precisely this atomized subject that, according to Hannah Arendt, is the elementary building block of the totalitarian state.

    No Coincidence

    Totalitarianism is not a historical coincidence. It is the logical consequence of mechanistic thinking and the delusional belief in the omnipotence of human rationality.

    Truth Speech

    Each attempt to remediate the current social problems, whatever they may be, on the basis of the old ideology will only make things worse. One cannot solve a problem using the same mindset that created it. The solution to our fear and uncertainty does not lie in the increase of (technological) control. The real task facing us as individuals and as a society is to envision a new view of humankind and the world, to find a new foundation for our identity, to formulate new principles for living together with others, and to reclaim a timely human capacity—Truth Speech.


  • Excess Mortality and Elevated Cancer Rates Likely to Get Worse

    This article will attempt to show that excess deaths, seen in statistics of many highly-vaccinated countries, are only beginning to show up and are likely to get worse over time.

  • ‘Eat Predators’: Former Child Star Protests Abuse, Hollywood Perverts Outside of Nickelodeon Headquarters

    If you’ve never seen the above documentary, An Open Secret, I highly recommend it.

    Former Nickelodeon Child Star Alexa Nikolas Called Out Perverts Protected by the Network

    How Many NDAs?

    Holding signs asking questions like “How Many NDAs?” and with phrases like “Nickelodeon Failed to Protect Me,” the Eat Predators demonstration drew attention to the rampant child abuse and culture of silence and intimidation that has persisted within the children’s network, apparently for decades.

    A Memoir

    In a memoir recently released by one of Alexa Nikolas’s former Zoey 101 co-stars, Jenette McCurdy, it is detailed that a man named only as “the creator” but widely accepted as being Dan Schneider gave McCurdy alcohol at a young age before pressuring her to accept a “massage” from him. Nickelodeon paid the young girl $300,000 to keep quiet, McCurdy discloses, hence not mentioning the actual name of “the creator” in her memoir.

  • Dizziness and Breathing Problems Forces Top Seed Tennis Star Grigor Dimitrov to Retire in Opening Match

    In May 2020, the 31-year-old tennis professional made a video advocating for the controversial Covid “vaccines.”
    Top-seed tennis player Grigor Dimitrov was forced to retire this week in his opening match at the Winston Salem Open. As a result, the top 31-year-old Bulgarian player and Covid vaccine advocate had to give up in the second round against Dominic Thiem from Austria. The tournament is part of the US Open Series. It was the last tournament before the US Open in New York.

    The first set was total domination from the Bulgarian, winning 80 percent (12-of-15) of the points against Thiem’s serve as he breezed through the opening frame in 25 minutes. Still, after experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath in the second set, he had to pull the plug on his match after a visit from the doctor on the court.

  • 47-Year-Old Dolphins Executive Latest Victim of the New "UCOD" Pandemic: Unknown Cause of Death

    Many will say the oft-repeated line, “correlation is not causation.” But how much correlation do we need before people start waking up to the CAUSE of these deaths that are allegedly unknown?


    There’s a pandemic that nobody is talking about. It’s the pandemic of “Unknown Cause of Death” (UCOD). It is quickly becoming the most deadly ailment in the world, but corporate media and governments are not mentioning it at all. There is no known cure for it and there is no vaccine to prevent it. In fact, many would (rightly) argue the most likely cause of the UCOD Pandemic is the Covid “vaccines” themselves.

  • Fuck Freeland...and Trudeau Too! They can both burn in hell!

    I totally agree. Both of them and all these leaders around the world need to be tried and thrown in prison for the rest of their lives.

    My rebuttal to Trudeau?

    “You think you can crush Alberta?

    You think you can divide our people?

    You want to divide us based on Vaccine Status?

    Well then don’t think you can waltz your ass into Alberta and feel comfortable, you arrogant assholes”.

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