News Digest: Dec 17-19, 2022

Pharma Christmas by Bob Moran. Used by permission.

Pharma Christmas by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.


  • A Christmas Parable
  • The GOP's Crack-Up Is Finally Here
  • Elon Musk Set to Step Down as Twitter CEO
  • Australian Mortality Surge: Excess deaths in 2022 ‘incredibly high’ at 13 per cent
  • World Health Organization Propaganda
  • Who were the first people to publicly demand a halt to the COVID vax program?
  • Powering up the WHO: be alert and alarmed
  • More doctors speak out and call for a proper investigation into mRNA vaccines
  • People Dying in Their Sleep Linked to Vaccines, Explains Dr. Peter McCullough, Cardiologist
  • Pfizer Continues the Propaganda!
  • Why can't we talk about any of the sudden deaths?
  • A Meaningful Encounter

  • A Christmas Parable

    Good article. I recommend the whole thing. Short and to the point. Here’s his conclusion:

    Of course, the professional and managerial class also happens to be the most stalwart group of vaccine champions in the land and thus the most psychologically invested in thinking they did the right thing taking all those shots — while forcing as many others to submit, whether they consented or not. The psychology of previous investment is a prime generator of self-delusion. It looks like that class of people will be proven incorrect the hard way. It turns out, after all, that the mRNA “vaccines” were very effective at being deadly. The excess mortality has already kicked in. It’s 18 percent above normal, for instance, in Australia right now, because they’re keeping track. Our officials don’t want to keep track. They don’t want to know, and they certainly don’t want you to know. This is what you get when you make war against truth and reality.

    Fauci and others behind bars: I'm ready for justice, not forgiveness.

  • The GOP's Crack-Up Is Finally Here

    American voters now understand: all the Democrats are Democrats, and most Republicans are Democrats too.

    I hope so, but I’m not so sure. Anecdotal I realize, but a friend of mine resorts to, “Hey, the Republicans control congress, so that’s really good!”

    Barely controlling congress with a host of RINO in the House does not seem like a victory to me.

    Robinson writes:

    A well-known senator appeared on TV recently to discuss the omnibus bill to fund the federal government, and delivered the following remarks: “Republicans are emasculated. They have no power, and they are unwilling to gain that power back. The Republicans do not have the intestinal fortitude. They always collapse, and they fear shutting government down — so no policy objectives ever get added.”

    The senator she quotes is Rand Paul.

    In truth, the term “capitulation” is too kind a word for what the GOP actually did in most of these cases. That word assumes that some sort of fight took place when, in fact, “enthusiastic embrace” might be the more accurate phrase. The GOP has simply abandoned every one of its core principles in the last two years — the entire party platform! — and done so in such a flagrant fashion that even a transparent charlatan like Kevin McCarthy is concerned.

    And he should be — most of our Republican senators resemble the weepy buffoon John Boehner at Nancy Pelosi’s portrait unveiling this week.

    This says it all:

    The only place that Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel have led the Republican Party is to a complete surrender to the Democrat Party. Naturally, they all want to be re-elected to leadership anyway — and they probably will get their wish.

    That’s the GOP for you.

    A Donkey and Elephant looking at a woman. Who do you like the best, the elephant asks. I hate both of you equally, the woman responds.

  • Elon Musk Set to Step Down as Twitter CEO

    So I’m never quite sure what to think when getting deep into the weeds regarding how deep the deep state goes. I did find it odd that Musk created a poll to ask if he should step down as CEO. I commented to a friend, “That seems fishy.”

    This article is a perspective that says, “Fishy? Hell yes, it’s fishy. It’s more than that.” Here’s how it begins:

    Elon Musk is as Deep State as it gets. All of his businesses are backstopped by taxpayer subsidies, grants, carbon credits, etc. His wealth derived from his family initially, and then from government contracts and insider deals, whereby he sold shares of stock as a form of money laundering his “profits” from his wholly unprofitable companies.

  • Australian Mortality Surge: Excess deaths in 2022 ‘incredibly high’ at 13 per cent

    Today we look to Australia to confirm the global bioterror murder trends:

    The Australian government should be urgently investigating the “incredibly high” 13 per cent excess death rate in 2022, the country’s peak actuarial body says.

    An extra 15,400 people died in the first eight months of the year, according to new analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data by the Actuaries Institute, with around one-third of those having no link to Covid.

    Health leader talking to the propagandized masses: It is for sure not the vaccine. I can guarantee you that it is not the vaccine. Nope. Nope, not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine, it is not...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... (color version)

  • World Health Organization Propaganda

    This is probably a good sign. Our side is becoming more and more Mainstream and they are going to have to deal with it. In the court of public opinion and debate…they are going to lose.

    The snake is wrapped around a hypodermic needle. The text is: World Health Oligarchy

  • Who were the first people to publicly demand a halt to the COVID vax program?

    Were these the first people to publicly call for a halt to the COVID vaccines after they were launched in December 2020? Who else should be on this list?

    1. Dr. Peter McCullough: March 10
    2. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: March 24 (possibly earlier)
    3. Mike Yeadon: May 15
    4. Steve Kirsch: May 25
    5. Byram Bridle: May 26
    6. Robert Malone: May 30
    7. Bret Weinstein: Jun 10

  • Powering up the WHO: be alert and alarmed

    Who is the WHO?

    Well that may have been the original idea, but it turns out there’s a few issues with the WHO. How effective is it and what role should it have?

    Seems the world has skipped past those questions and gone straight to: let’s give the WHO all the power it needs so that it can do a better job of controlling pandemics.

    Power Grab

    Note: they don’t call a spade a spade and they don’t call a pandemic a pandemic. They call it a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. There’s 2 reasons for that:

    1. they like to use long confusing names and make up impressive acronyms (“PHEIC”)
    2. they want to have power to do all sorts of things whether or not there’s actually a pandemic and even where they think there might be something happening which one day may result in a pandemic.

    This is Disturbing

    The scope of WHO’s powers is to be broadened significantly, from “public health risk” to “all risks with a potential to impact public health” (Article 2)

    Read the full article. It’s not too long but it succinctly lays out what the WHO is proposing. Here are some highlights (lowlights):

    • Countries can contest the legally binding recommendations but the Emergency Committee’s review decision will be final, following which the country must report to the WHO that it has complied. (Article 43 para 6).

    This stuff is terrible…and I have friends waiting for the next U.S. election to fix everything.

    WHO tells us what we can do

    • The Director General – a single person – can make temporary, binding “recommendations” on the basis that an event has the potential to become a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, and those recommendations can continue in force beyond the end of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (Article 15).
    • The concept of public health measures which are aimed at achieving “the appropriate level of health protection” is to be removed. The new objective is to attain the “highest achievable level of health protection” without any consideration of proportionality.
    • WHO can impose restrictions on international travel – and may not even disclose the information it has relied on in doing so – Article 11.
    • Any discussions that countries have amongst themselves must be reported to the WHO (Article 44 para 3).
    • Countries must comply with requests by WHO or other countries (Annex 10).
    • Governments will be required to enforce compliance with WHO health measures by all actors including NGOs (Article 42).

    WHO tells us what we can say

    • Countries must cooperate in censorship of information which the WHO deems to be “false and unreliable (Article 44 para 1(h)).
    • WHO will strengthen capacities to counter misinformation and disinformation (Annex 1 para 7).

    A single person decides when there is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

    • The Director General – a single person – unilaterally determines whether there is a (potential or actual) Public Health Emergency of International Concern in a particular location. (Article 12 para 1).


  • More doctors speak out and call for a proper investigation into mRNA vaccines

    I do think that our most likely chance of turning all this around is when normal people begin, slowly, to admit something is not right with the vaccines because of personal tragedy. If it becomes so obvious and the people who did this to us start being prosecuted or just completely shunned by the world…the whole thing may be crumble…because it’s all tied together…as readers of know.

    In the last few days, after Andrew Brigden MP spoke about a cover-up in the British Heart Foundation, more doctors have started to speak out.

    A pensive doctor. I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings... When will you fulfill your oath?

  • People Dying in Their Sleep Linked to Vaccines, Explains Dr. Peter McCullough, Cardiologist

    At a conference for medical professionals in Sedona, Arizona this past weekend, several speakers–all physicians–commented on a disturbing trend: an increase in otherwise healthy people dying in their sleep.

    Sudden unexplained age-inappropriate deaths seem to be happening more than usual, both in the United States, where these medical doctors practice, and in several other countries in the industrialized world.

    Excess death “is a phenomenon all over the world at the moment,” said Dr. John Campbell, a nurse educator who has been meticulously following and commenting on the scientific data for his YouTube channel, which has 2.47 million subscribers.

    The data shows that “deaths are 16 percent higher than we would expect,” Dr. Campbell said in a recent video, “and the vast majority of these are not COVID deaths.”

    Statistics tell part of the story. Unusual deaths making headlines tell another part.

  • Pfizer Continues the Propaganda!

    NIH, CDC, Fauci, Pfizer, et al. falling because the house of cards is falling. Amnesty? No.

  • Why can't we talk about any of the sudden deaths?

    The Director of Parliamentary affairs at Health Canada during the pandemic DEAD at 35! He lead the team of Canada’s response to COVID. Why do they keep this silent?

    Because they don’t want us to know (Kirsch knows this, of course). They have to lie about all this because the whole thing is built on a house of cards of lies. Once that falls, they’re….well, they’re…..screwed and they know it.

    Photo of a woman with a gun to her head that has a covid shot for a barrel: Vaccine Roulette. Don't Play. (color version)

  • A Meaningful Encounter

    Go read the whole thing. It’s well worth it. The first two paragraphs:

    Patronizing a certain upscale supermarket is always a dreaded experience in the PSYOP-19 mass induced fear new normal.

    Checking out last night with one of the unmasked cashiers that I’d developed a rapport with — disclaimer: I only ever check out with unmasked cashiers whenever possible — we once again started joking about all things “pandemic.”

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