News Digest: July 11 – 13, 2022

  • ‘I’m Not Vaccinated and I’m Not Planning to Get Vaccinated,’ Tennis Champion Says as US Open Tournament Nears

    Tennis champion Novak Djokovic, who last weekend won his fourth straight title at Wimbledon, said he has no plans to get vaccinated in order to bypass restrictions to enter the U.S. for the U.S. Open in August.

    What will they do?

    “I’m not vaccinated and I’m not planning to get vaccinated,” Djokovic said at the Wimbledon Championship, “so the only good news I can have is them removing the mandate green vaccine card — or whatever you call it to enter the United States — or exemption.”

    Djokovic said he doesn’t think an exemption is “realistically possible.” It’s just a matter of whether or not the U.S.  removes the requirement in time for him to attend the tournament, he said.

  • Lawsuit to Stop Retaliation by Medical Specialty Boards Filed by AAPS Educational Foundation

    This is good news. I hope it succeeds.

    The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Educational Foundation (AAPS) filed a lawsuit today in the federal Southern District of Texas, against three medical special boards for their threatened retaliation against physicians who speak out on matters of public concern. AAPS stands up for First Amendment rights of physicians who, like all American citizens, should be able to speak publicly without risk of retaliation.

    “Our freedoms depend on the ability of physicians and all Americans to speak out on important issues of our day,” said Andrew Schlafly, who filed this lawsuit. “Entities holding monopolies over board certification should not be retaliating against good physicians.”

    This new lawsuit asserts that “Defendants wrongly misuse their authority in a politically partisan manner to chill speech critical of positions taken by Dr. Anthony Fauci, lockdowns, mask mandates, Covid vaccines and even abortion.” This Complaint seeks injunctive and declaratory relief against several specialty Board Defendants that hold monopolies over board certification, and against the federal government for its newly created Disinformation Governance Board.

    “Although only official state medical boards have the proper authority to regulate the practice of medicine, certifications by the Board Defendants constitute a de facto essential credential for practicing in most hospitals or participating in most networks,” this lawsuit asserts. “By threatening to revoke board certification of physicians, the Board Defendants improperly chill speech by physicians without the political accountability of official state medical boards,” this Complaint adds.

    There is a link to lawsuit on their website.

  • Dose 3 response much like sore thumb when plotting Foreign data reports of myocarditis.

    You’ve all seen the Dose 2 response for myocarditis in the Domestic data set, but check out the Dose 3 response in the Foreign data set!

    Go look at the charts. Pay attention to age, particularly in the first chart.

  • COVID gene injections are imperfect & leaky & were deliberately made to inflict harm & death, a 'slow kill' on us in USA, Canada; ineptness alone can't do this; Excess deaths in UK & Scotland! why?

    Vaccine? This is either incompetence at the highest order to keep using a sub-optimal non-neutralizing injection that is driving selection pressure & more infectious variants (lethal), or malfeasance!

    I think both, pure ineptness and incompetence as well as malfeasance; and I lean to sheer malfeasance. These reckless and dangerous technocrats at CDC and NIH and HHS and FDA and PHAC and SAGE know the harms of these injections but will not stop. They are not that stupid. Something dark is at play here. The injection makers Pfizer and Moderna IMO based on the data they submitted for EUA even for kids as young as 6 months, are criminals! Should be arrested if proper public legal inquiries show that they were reckless and dangerous and costed lives. I think it will. Arrest them all! All players in this COVID gene injection, no matter how high up it goes!

  • Biden's WH calls for a 4th COVID jab; what?

    Fear porn. That is all it is. Yes, BA.5 is a problem but for the vaccinated. It is the vaccinated that is in trouble due to BA.5 that the vaccine itself due to selection pressure and non-neutralizing antibodies, caused this and more such variants to come. In fact, we predict a severe virulent lethal variant to emerge due to the vaccine.

    Where is the data for a 4th shot, a 2nd booster? Where? If something is not working, you do not just do more of it so that it looks like you are doing something. They did same with the failed lockdowns, they did more of it, they hardened it even knowing it was killing people. Same is being done with these injections. At this point, there is no data, no evidence to support these vaccines and the vaccine MUST be stopped.

  • higher vaccine rates associated with greater rise in hospitalization

    Go take a look at the charts.

  • Dr. Malone Warns of Immune Imprinting After Fauci Floats Second Booster Shots

    “I couldn’t design a vaccine if I wanted to, to be more likely to drive immune imprinting,” Malone, who helped invent the messenger RNA technology the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are built on, told The Epoch Times.

    Immune imprinting refers to a phenomenon whereby initial exposure to a virus strain may prevent the body from producing enough neutralizing antibodies against a new viral strain.

  • The Psychology of Totalitarianism

    This history of “population control” has become much more relevant in the brief time that has elapsed since those articles were written as signs have since begun to emerge of catastrophic changes in the birth rate, the disability rate, and the death rate in the population that are difficult to attribute to anything besides the COVID vaccination campaign.

    The Difficulties of Red-Pilling Someone

    One of the major challenges with “red-pilling” people is that the entire context and implications of one “red-pill” belief can often be so complicated it is somewhat of a lost cause to try and open someone’s mind to it. Once one questions one foundational belief, it often requires them to question hundreds of other entrenched beliefs tied to the first belief, and effectively a barrier to seeing the truth is created that is often described as being “too monstrous to conceive.”

  • The Global Vaccine Nightmare Has Just Begun

    What happens when 3 billion vaccinated people have undiagnosed myocarditis?

    This is good article reviewing what many of us already know is happening. I recommend the entire article.

    I went to the nail salon this week, and there was a young women working there who started weeping inconsolably in a corner. I asked the manager what was wrong. “She just lost her mother” was the reply. She had died in her sleep suddenly though she was perfectly healthy.

    This last weekend, I had attended the funeral of an old friend. He was perfectly healthy too, and then he got late-stage pancreatic cancer — and he was gone a few months later.

    She’s also got an image a bunch of newspaper headlines from the MSM desperately trying to propagandize everyone into believing that these “sudden deaths” are not vaccine related. Here are some of the headlines (see the link above for screenshots). I have linked to the articles, for many of these there were many links I could have chosen for each one:

  • Could this be the Globalists' Plan?

    Suppose the plan is to ASSASSINATE Joe Biden, and blame it on a “far right” patsy. . . .

    Then they can go after everybody’s guns, and cancel the election—a fitting culmination of the fascist rollout that began in Dallas on 11/22/63. (Pass it on.)

    Those who just laugh off this scenario, because it comes from Alex Jones, are all too likely not to question it, should it come true.

    In any case, those of us who know enough to see it as entirely possible should spread the word, so that it doesn’t happen.

  • 163% Increase in Death Benefits Paid Out

    Lincoln National, insurance company, fifth-largest life insurance company in US, reports a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021; why? COVID vaccine?

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! it’s the vaccine. Where is the evidence-based medicine world (EBM)? Where are these stalwarts of evidence? Are they bought out, drunk on their research grants from Pfizer and NIH?

  • EXCLUSIVE: Fulton County Still Can't Explain Its 2020 Election Results

    Let me repeat: the November results and the December recount results do not match.

    The entire point of an election recount, of course, is to confirm the previous vote totals on election day — and this did not happen.

    Fulton County was unable to do it.

    Nothing to See Here…Move Along…

    Fulton County’s election director emailed the recount’s vote totals as 511,543 on December 3rd — but Fulton County reported the official results as 527,925 a few hours later.

    Where did Fulton County officials find the extra 16,382 votes in a few hours?

    Nobody knows.

    Fulton County does not have any ballot images for these votes. In a pending lawsuit in a federal court, Fulton County has even confirmed in writing that it does not have the ballot images for those votes.

  • Dr. Robert Malone Writes About Some Studies on Masks

    This is a good article. A lot of information on the harms and ineffectiveness of masks. This is a good one to keep for reference. Some of the titles:

    • Carbon dioxide rises beyond acceptable safety levels in children under nose and mouth covering: Results of an experimental measurement study in healthy children
    • Face masks disrupt holistic processing and face perception in school-age children
    • More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms. This is a Brownstone article.

  • THEY ALL LIED AND WE HAVE PROOF! Highly Sensitive DOJ Jan 6. Documents Leaked to The Gateway Pundit

    FBI Confidential Human Source INFILTRATED Proud Boys, Ran FBI Operation on J-6, Reported They Were INNOCENT! — See Texts and Documents IN FULL!!

    See the Documents

    You can find the entire dump of documents below, which includes hundreds of pages of transcripts of audio-recorded interviews with an Assisting United States Attorney, FBI Agents and their “Confidential Human Source”. The Confidential Human Source, or CHS, infiltrated the Kansas City Proud Boy Group for over a year and a half before the January 6th event and kept the FBI goons informed on the group’s activity.

    It looks there’s a lot here.

  • Dr. Alexander Shares Dr. XXXXX Protocol for BA.5 Omicron

    From a doctor that Dr. Alexander knows and trusts:

    If this can inform and help, this is why I share. This is xxxxx’s recent sharing to a group of us as we bantered on BA.5 and masks and steps to reduce risk from this more infectious sub-variant given the COVID vaccine has failed, it is junk. Any protection wanes near immediate and you are now on a booster treadmill and will never get off.

    Start here:

    ‘There is such a high % of people that don’t understand that this is much different, and also that surgical masks are useless, but so far there is not much risk to healthy under age 60.

    Of course the MSM and Democrats and Govt. want us to continue to be afraid.

    I don’t know the best treatment protocol, but if at risk, you can’t go wrong with daily diluted Iodine mouthwash (povidone-iodine), along with nasal application (either via fine sprayer or Q-tips).

    3 tablespoons of 10% povidone-iodine in one liter of clear mouthwash, is an 18 fold dilution, resulting in a 0.45% P-I solution (consistent with effective studies.).

    Of course upon first symptoms, or suspected exposure, increase above multiple times daily.

    Due to the rapid replication, it makes even more sense than ever to begin taking 200 mg hydroxychloroquine daily (or dose of ivermectin), beginning with the first suspected symptoms (fatigue, headache, fever) even before the coughing/phlegm begin.  Of course always have Mucinex DM around, to reduce the inconvenience of excessive coughing and phlegm.

    If there is more evidence that replication goes to lungs, should have 250 mgs Azithromycin (antibiotic) around.’

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