News Digest: July 16 – 17, 2022

  • How we can win this

    This is a good article and I recommend the whole thing. Kirsch is very practical: How can we do this? He’s got a very analytical mind. Here’s the beginning of the article:

    I’m over a year into this journey of trying to expose the “safe and effective” narrative and here are the key learnings:

    1. People only trust their doctors for medical advice
    2. Doctors trust the FDA, CDC, Fauci, and the summaries on papers published in the peer-reviewed literature. They have no time to look at studies directly. They trust the government and the abstracts.
    3. The mainstream media only trusts Fauci, the CDC, FDA, medical journal articles that support the narrative, and doctors who support the narrative
    4. Members of Congress trust Fauci, the FDA, CDC, doctors, and the mainstream media
    5. The CDC, FDA, and NIH take their marching orders from the White House. Their job is to achieve the vaccination goal, not to protect the public.
    6. If you work at the CDC, FDA, NIH and speak out, you’ll be fired.
    7. Doctors who realize what is going on and try to speak out risk losing their license to practice medicine, their hospital privileges, and their job.
    8. Hospital CEOs will not speak out because they will be fired or their hospital will be punished (by the community, local press, and by the US government).

    See the problem? It’s a Catch-22. Nobody who is trusted to speak out will speak out because they’ll lose their livelihood. So only a few people risk it and those people can be marginalized.

  • failing to learn from history

    This is good trip down memory lane.

    it was june of 2020.

    a kinder time.

    a gentler time.

    a time when even CNN knew that redfield and birx were the bonnie and clyde of grant grifting and making up data.

    Institutions Can’t be Fixed

    if you still have it somewhere in the back of your mind that these institutions can be fixed and made suitable for purpose, go read this again.

    they cannot.

    they are irretrievably broken and catastrophically corrupt. it’s all the same people and has been since the 80’s and make no mistake, the folks who have flourished under them and stand waiting in the wings are no better.

    it’s all circling the bowl from here.

  • This is one of the emails I received the other day. I get hundreds daily, and I am hearing you all.

    This is an excellent letter that Jessica received. If you’re feeling pressured to get the jab and maybe are wavering a bit, read this letter. Remember, once you get the jab, there’s no turning back. Please, if you’re thinking about it, if your doctor is pressuring you, if your friends are pressuring you, stand firm. It’s a decision you will not regret.

  • Casket Salesman Blows Whistle: Child Caskets Being Ordered In Bulk, Never Seen In Business Before

    The section with the casket salesman is interesting.

  • generating a sense of crisis so people will demand "solutions" is not a basis for government

    90% of modern political philosophy is performance for the sake of performance.

    it serves nothing beyond itself.

    it’s not actually attached to anything real.

    such practice bends the world to generate crisis because crisis is the brand of social media.

    anger, fear, and self-satisfied smuggery are the holy trinity of clickbait and memetic replication and so angry people existing in a perpetual sense of crisis asked to equate their own value and sense of self with membership in the “correct” tribe that knows the “right” facts is the inevitable optimization state for modern media structures.

    some are smart enough to manipulate this planfully but most are just useful idiots elevated to prominence for their penchants for histrionics.

    but the results are the same:

    serious problems and deeply unserious solutions.

    How desperate are they?

    the cause of these “problems” must always be manufactured to suit narrative. it’s never “wow did we get this wrong. it turns out ESG really means “electricity shortage globally!” but rather “we need to triple down on the meme that brought us here because these leaders no know other.”

    they do not posses discernment or an ability to weigh trade offs, they serve the meme. it is the tiger from whose back they may not climb down and they will ride it right off a cliff and take you with them to avoid being eaten.

    many of them have no idea that they created this problem. how could they? they have no idea how to even examine such things much less draw valid conclusions about them. they are not managing to reality because they don’t know how (and because they don’t live there anyway). they manage to perception, to seeming, to talking point. that’s what brought them here and it’s all they know. i suspect many are deeply surprised at the absolute calamity they have created. they are not even playing one move lookahead. they’re the disciples of a mad social media oracle that has deranged them with visions of adequacy.

    Time for Change

    necessity is said to be the mother of invention and it’s clear that our need to find a new way forward has become acute. “that which sounded good” has run the world into a ditch and it’s not going to stop until we stop letting it and remove its power to impose itself upon us.

    it’s time to change some things.

    the society you save may be your own.

  • Global infection/case rates COVID July 16th 2022; shows us that pandemic is expanding & due not to the VIRUS, but due to the failed non-neutralizing vaccine & antibodies that enhance VAXXed infection

    Some very good charts. Go take a look.

  • Cedar Rapids again to require staff, visitors wear masks in public facilities


    Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the FDA advisory committee for vaccines, has said that not only was there a “critical lack of information” to support the shots, but that the FDA and Biden administration were not honest brokers.  He felt the advisory meeting on the boosters was merely window dressing, noting, “the fix was in.”

    Dr. Offit is probably the US’ top vaccine promoter, and is the inventor of the RotaTeq vaccine.  For him to say this is completely unprecedented, and it shows how dreadful the FDA decision is.

    Dr. Ashish Jha Promotes the Big Lie (From a WaPo article(opens new window))

    “If we do the things that we know, that we have learned over the last two years, we can get through whatever Mother Nature throws at us in the next four, six, eight weeks ahead,” Jha said. “And also whatever Mother Nature throws at us this fall and winter.”

    “Even in the face of BA.5, the tools we have continue to work,” he added.

    In particular, officials urged eligible Americans, especially those 50 and older, to get a booster.

    Those 5 and older should get their first booster five months after their initial vaccinations. “Do it now,” Jha said. Getting a booster shot this summer will not preclude people from getting a very specific vaccine later in the fall or winter, when vaccines targeting omicron are expected to be available, he said.

    Fauci from the Same WaPo Article

    Fauci said the latest variants have a greater ability to evade virus-fighting antibodies induced by vaccination and infection. But there’s no evidence that vaccine effectiveness against severe disease is substantially reduced, he said.

    Fauci also stressed the importance of keeping virus levels low. Preventing the virus from replicating and spreading gives it fewer chances to mutate.

    “If the virus circulates globally and in this country, we should not let it disrupt our lives,” he said. “But we cannot deny that it is a reality that we need to deal with.”

    Let’s just cover all the bases, right Tony? Essentially here’s what he said:

    • The vaccines really don’t work
    • However, you probably won’t die from the virus
    • It shouldn’t disrupt our lives
    • But we better deal with it

    Down the line he can claim he agreed with everybody and none of it was his fault.

  • What would I do if someone I loved was hospitalized for COVID?

    It’s not COVID that is killing people in the hospital: it is the hospital COVID treatment protocols

    What Kirsch would do:

    The single best thing is to get all the recommended supplements and meds on hand BEFORE you get COVID. A little advanced planning goes a long way. When I got COVID, I had all the meds handy and started them immediately on a positive home antigen test and COVID was a non-event for me. I got my meds from

    Note: DO NOT make the mistake of taking a steroid unless you are more than 7 days post infection and you’ve already cleared the virus. A lot of people make the mistake and take all the meds at the start. Taking a steroid while you are fighting the infection is a mistake: it makes things worse. I never needed to use a steroid. Most people won’t need it if they follow the protocol and treat COVID early.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you’re already recovered from COVID once, you don’t need to take any drugs. This can be a fatal mistake. We had a family member of someone who recovered from COVID, got it again, didn’t treat it, and died the second time he got it.

    If you have limited funds, for the non-prescription items, partner up with your neighbors so you buy one set of supplements, nebulizer, etc which then can be used by the person who gets sick, and then replenished (by the person who got sick). That gives you an inventory at minimal up-front expense.

    PLEASE: Take COVID seriously, prepare in advance, and it will be a non-event.

  • By all means, let's talk about epistemic injustice: I'll start: mainstream gaslighting of people who are vaccine injured is the quintessential example of epistemic injustice.

    Which brings me to my main point:

    The gaslighting, discounting, discrediting, outright bigotry, and hate that mainstream society directs toward people who are vaccine injured is the quintessential example of epistemic injustice. The vaccine injured have first-hand knowledge of exactly what happened to them. Yet this is not acknowledged by scholars who study epistemic injustice. Indeed every mainstream publication in the U.S. including the NY Times, the Atlantic, and Washington Post, and every public health agency including the FDA, CDC, and NIH, treat people who are vaccine injured like dirt. Nearly all of the academic, scientific, and medical establishment engages in epistemic injustice and epistemic violence against the vaccine injured every single day.

    The blacklisting, firings, suspensions of medical licenses, and refusal to give grants to any scholar who questions the Pharma narrative is another glaring example of epistemic injustice. The fact is, today, no matter how well-credentialed the scholar or how well-researched the evidence, any scholar who challenges the “Safe & Effective(TM)” narrative is potentially risking economic ruin by telling the truth.

    Some of the most egregious perpetrators of epistemic injustice in our society include Rochelle Walensky, Tony Fauci, Robert Califf, Francis Collins, Peter Marks, Sara Oliver, Ashish Jha, Tom Shimabukuro, John Su, Bill Gates, Anderson Cooper, Chelsea Clinton, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Epistemic injustice (silencing, discounting, ignoring) is the tool they use to cover up their crimes against humanity.

  • Censorship's New Purpose: Avoiding Responsibility

    Many other people were recently suspended for ridiculous reasons, like linking to the Wall Street Journal, and so on.

    Let me ask a question: why are the sponsors of the corporate news media, the vaccinators, and major Internet platforms, putting censorship in overdrive, at the time when it seems to no longer make sense?

    The Trust is Gone

    The so-called “health authorities” have lost trust, influence, and most levers of power to enact new health measures, which the public will not accept. The health policy, nowadays, has the dynamics of a turd floating downriver.

    Thus, every “reason” for censorship is gone. It would not advance any current health goal! And yet, “information control” flourishes and continues.


    Igor goes on to explain why: many people are still getting sick with COVID, many people are not choosing to get vaccinated, birth rates are plummeting and more.

    Igor writes:

    They want to postpone the moment of reckoning. And this is where censorship is very important for them now. They hope that, by tightly controlling what is being said, they will delay facing responsibility for some time.

    Avoidance of responsibility, and not “vaccine uptake” or “mitigation measures”, is the primary reason why Covid censorship continues after forced vaccinations, lockdowns, masks, and isolation that required censorship, have all been abandoned.

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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