News Digest: July 18 – 20, 2022

embrace ungovernability or get used to being ruled.

choose well.

— el gato malo

  • Pfizer's COVID-19 mRNA Product Increases Risk of Infection With SARS-CoV-2 13-Fold!

    A high-impact peer-reviewed scientific paper was just brought to my attention. It has been accepted for publication but has not made it into the print version of the journal yet. It was posted ‘online ahead of print’ back on April 5th, but I had not seen it until today. The paper is entitled “SARS-CoV-2 Naturally Acquired Immunity vs. Vaccine-induced Immunity, Reinfections versus Breakthrough Infections: a Retrospective Cohort Study”. It is being published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, which has an impressive impact factor of 20.999. For a layperson, this means it is one of the top medical journals in the world.

    Here is the take-home message as concluded by the authors in the discussion section of the paper:

    “Our analysis demonstrates that SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13.06-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021. The increased risk was significant for a symptomatic disease as well.”

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, July 11-July 18

    Note the ever-higher toll in weird drownings—especially in the ocean, but also in canals, rivers, lakes and swimming pools—and (ever less) mysterious accidents. Italy, as ever, leads the world in such macabre anomalies (with Spain’s and Indonesia’s numbers growing), but we now see them all over (with spikes in drownings in the UK and Hawaii).

    Of course, this overview is grossly incomplete, as we have yet to find indigenous assistance tracking all such “sudden deaths” in highly “vaccinated” countries such as Israel and New Zealand.

    And yet we will push on with this necessary project, as others will, until enough of those now hypnotized snap out of it at last, help STOP this unprecedented crime again humanity, and bring all those responsible—including “our free press”—to justice.

  • rule by emergency is not the solution, it's the problem

    The lockdown policy did absolutely nothing. View the source link for this article to see the graphs.

    the people who did this are neither authorities nor experts. none of their plans worked. not lockdowns, masks, school closures, or travel bans. it was not “warp speed” it was “warped science.”

    this will not stop them from trying this again.

    you can see them warming up.

    they will once more seek to threaten you and tell you that you must go along to get along, that you must comply.

    Do not comply! This time around, we must tell them to go to hell in a show of mass civil disobedience.

    we have not even ended the “covid emergency” yet and are already plotting new ones as the full blown climate pivot comes to light.

    it’s just another usurpation of liberty to shower pointless mitigations that accomplish nothing with cash. it’s crony corporatism and authoritarian statism joyriding we the people’s car and doing donuts on our lawn.

    and if you think the last one was nasty, wait until you see where this one goes…

    From new window):

    They Want Power

    the fact that it’s the same tired tropes as the last 70 years that have been used to predict 127 of the last 0 ends of the world is irrelevant.

    it’s the power they want, not solutions (and imaginary threats work best because you can then claim that whatever was done saved the day.)

    How Societies Die

    the crisis lies not in pandemic or in noticing that sometimes it gets hot in the summertime but in failing to realize that this is a railroading of fundamental human freedoms by a gang of coercive grifters selling faux solutions for your real sovereignty.

    this is not how societies thrive.

    it’s how they die.

  • VoterGA Uncovers Massive Election Fraud in Georgia

    Watch the video above (almost an hour) or read Robinson’s synopsis. Here’s her intro:

    The election integrity group VoterGA has produced a new video on Georgia’s 2020 election, and the video shows obvious and massive voter fraud.

    This is one of the best videos that I’ve ever seen on how our elections are corrupted by using electronic voting machines. It covers the deceptive practices used in the election night vote, and the “risk-limiting” audit, and the machine recount. It’s the best use of 56 minutes of your life right now — especially before the 2022 midterms.

  • Q&A #18 : What would be your prediction for those who are both unvaccinated against COVID-19 and never previously infected?

    But anyhow, for a person in good health, it is highly unlikely to develop severe disease from Monkeypox (as it is – for now(!) – not highly infectious) or from Avian Flu as they must at least have had contact with Flu viruses in the past and hence, have some ‘Flu-trained’ innate immunity.)

    Unvaccinated can now largely forget about contracting severe C-19 disease as the next big mutation will most likely make the unvaccinated resistant to the virus. However, if they have not yet been infected at all by any of these highly infectious variants, they could still contract C-19 disease (before that new variant emerges) and become seriously ill (but not ‘severely ill’ as longas they are in good health with no comorbidities and predisposing factors). To avoid this, they should either prevent risky contacts (difficult) till the next variant appears (in my opinion, just a matter of weeks) or take Ivermectin orHCQ as soon as symptoms manifest (but not prophylactically).


  • The Never Ending Medical Emergency

    This article was written by Dr. Robert Malone.

    The US HHS Administrative state has extended the COVID medical emergency

    Of course they have. They love having these dictatorial type powers instead having to deal with the inconvenient wishes of their citizens. Here’s a nice, long, rhetorical question from Malone:

    Is this medical emergency justified, or does it reflect yet more mis- dis- and mal-information from the HHS Administrative state acting in coordination with corporate media to propagate Fearporn to justify the continuing suspension of medical ethics, normal regulatory process, censorship, and war profiteering by the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex?

  • New study: COVID booster significantly delays end of infection Coronavirus New study: COVID booster significantly delays end of infection

    31% boosted people still contagious 10 days post-infection vs. 6% unvaccinated.

    Geert Vanden Bossche recommended this article.

    A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)* has demonstrated that people who are triple-vaccinated (boosted) against COVID recover significantly more slowly from COVID infection and remain contagious for longer than people who are not vaccinated at all.

    The study did not deal with the severity of illness with or without a vaccine.

    Five Times More Contagious

    Even more strikingly, at ten days post-infection, one-third of boosted people (31 percent) were found to still be carrying live, culturable virus. By contrast, just six percent of unvaccinated people were still contagious at day 10.

    In other words, people who have received a booster shot are five times more likely still to be contagious at ten days post-infection than are unvaccinated people.

  • In Italy, "at least 11" vacationers drop dead on beaches, while 10 in Britain have "died suddenly" while swimming

    Is it the “hot weather,” as Britain’s “free press” tells us? Or is it “SADS” that’s had so many people ending up dead in the water? Such lies are killers, no less than the true cause of so many deaths

    The headlines from the articles he lists:

    • ‘Sudden and Unexpected’: At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours
    • Boy, 16, dies in ‘absolute tragedy’ after getting into difficulty in a lake becoming the tenth to lose their life as Britain swelters in unprecedented heatwave

    Go to Cripin’s site for details.

  • throwing the vaxx companies under the bus: evidence emerges

    such a tactic would pit some of the most powerful political machines against the entrenched “forever bureaucracy” of NIH, FDA, and CDC. this is not a natural fight to pick. sharks generally do not devour one another out of some sort of professional courtesy. BUT, and this is a big but, they are also fearsome opportunists when somebody looks injured or if food starts running low.

    if the leadership cadres of these agencies look vulnerable, it’s a prime time for a power move to take them out and fill those commanding heights with your own people and this road will be much easier through moderna and NIH than trying to pin down pfizer, bioNtech, and gates folks and their as yet unknown (at least to me) source for their mRNA tech. it’s much murkier water.

    The Complex Caper

    i continue to suspect that the “friends of mRNA vaccines political society” is going to be having serious membership problems in the near future (and we’re seeing some interesting EU defections as austria gets ready to throw its own doctors to the wolves) and that given the likely outcomes of congressional elections in november, this may be something team donkey wants to get out ahead of so that at least they can claim they found it instead of having it rooted out by political foes.

    that too would smack of clintonian crisis management. being the one to pick the folks who will be doing the investigating is a key win in determining how much blame emerges and upon whom it lands.

    it’s all a very complex caper, but we’ve got our best people on the job…

  • The Silent Killers: A 2022 preamble to Chapter 5: The Immunization Fraud

    This is a clear explanation of what the vaccines (in best case scenario) are trying to accomplish:

    Here is the truth: All these shots have one goal: create antibodies. Antibodies also have one goal: REACT to an infection. Antibodies created from shots are called serum antibodies, because they are always INSIDE of you, circulating in your blood and lymph. The only time these antibodies can do anything for you is AFTER you have become infected, and the virus is INSIDE of you. They cannot stop a virus from getting from the outside to the inside. I hope this is not too confusing, but there is one type of antibody than CAN stop viruses from getting inside of you. This is called a secretory IgA antibody because it is secreted from the inside of you to the outside, into your mucus membranes, and can disable viruses before they can get in. But secretory IgA can only result from natural infections coming through the mucosal lining, never from a shot that bypasses that mucosal lining and injects the virus, part of the virus, or the message to make part of the virus directly inside of you.

    The true protection of infection is provided by something called your INNATE IMMUNE SYSTEM. The innate immune system does not rely on antibodies. It firstly relies on the mucus that covers the epithelium, the barrier separating the inside of you from the outside of you. It is very difficult for viruses to get through this mucus. In fact, there are tiny hairs called cilia buried in the mucus that constantly sweep viruses, bacteria and other stuff toward your mouth and nose so that they can be coughed, sneezed, or spit out into a tissue that can be thrown away, not into a filthy rag strapped to your face all day so that you can rebreathe that crap, Fauci.

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