News Digest: July 25 – 28, 2022

  • 15% of American Adults Diagnosed With New Condition After COVID Vaccine, Zogby Survey Finds

    The first survey of 1,038 adults found that 67% of respondents received one or more COVID-19 vaccines, while 33% are unvaccinated. Furthermore, among those vaccinated, 6% received one dose, 28% received two doses, 21% received three doses, and 12% took four or more.

    Of those receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, 15% say they’ve been diagnosed by a medical practitioner with a new condition within a matter of weeks to several months after taking the vaccine.

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, July 19-July 25

    Actors in the US, UK, Italy, South Africa, Japan and India; musicians in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Jamaica, Italy, Austria and Russia; three doctors in one town in Canada; and many more

  • What's goin' on? 50 great soul music artists have died (suddenly?) in 2022

    Why is this not news, beyond one website? Why has (say) the New York Times not picked it up, to look into the CAUSE of all those deaths? We know why….

    Here’s the original article:

    50 Great Soul Music Artists Who Have Died in 2022 new window)

  • Does the mystery leading cause of death in Alberta apply to certain age groups? Nope.

    There are some more good charts in this article.

    This article is a spin-off of the previous article(opens new window) on Albertans and why they are dying at higher rates than ever before due to “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”. It’ll be quick and dirty. I found age and gender-stratified cause of death data and plotted the “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality” category for 2019, 2020 and 2021 but this time, I stratified by age. The age groups are quite small so the detail is good.

  • Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data?

    The number of “non natural cause” deaths in America has skyrocketed so much that the CDC has simply stopped processing the data.

    In fact, the CDC stopped updating cancer deaths in Week 50 of 2021.

    There are some interesting screenshots in this article. Take a look for the full story. Robinson ends with this:

    That’s not all: the CDC has been caught failing to perform “a proportional reporting ratio, or PRR, data mining analysis on a weekly basis to determine whether the amount of reported ‘adverse events’ following the administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses in the public Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, database is proportional to reported adverse events linked to the administration of other vaccines” according to a new article in the Washington Examiner.

    Finally, the CDC has also been caught “coordinating with social media companies and Google to censor users who expressed skepticism or criticism of COVID-19 vaccines” according to internal documents published in a new article by the Washington Free Beacon.

    There’s a word for this sort of thing — and the word is: fraud.

  • Vaccinated individuals are “infecting” the unvaccinated with dangerous graphene oxide, says biomedicine expert

    Some more evidence for shedding. Honestly, I’m not sure what do with this. Dr. Paul Alexander alerted me to this article.

    Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen, one of the original experts to find damage from the blood due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, found that unvaccinated individuals have graphene and self-assembling nanoparticles in their blood(opens new window) – a manifestation of shedding from those who took the shots.

    Van Welbergen is a specialist in biomedicine who deals with chronic cases. He has postgrad work in women’s health in pharmacology, bio-pharmacology, advanced pain management and aesthetic medicine, which is why he was able to detect developments of patients that were seemingly out of character or did not make sense in terms of the patients’ diagnostic history.

    “One of the tests that we run routinely as a diagnostic support tool is red blood cell morphology – it means that certain conditions can change the shape of a perfectly good red blood cell from a lovely little donut with a dimple to very strange shapes,” he explained during a recent appearance on the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show.”

  • Biowarfare and the Brave New World

    The question that I was asked to address was whether these comments from Jason Crow during the recent Aspen Security Forum last Friday represent a true biological threat. During the meeting, US Rep Jason Crow of Colorado warned Americans to not be so cavalier about sharing their DNA with private companies due to the coming of the new type of weapon.  The question posed was whether this scenario represents a real threat, or is it just more Fearporn. Representative Crow is a member of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, so in general, he should be well informed. The short answer is that, unfortunately, in my opinion this is a real threat.

    In today’s substack, Jill and I have compiled and summarized some resources for your review and consideration. Please keep in mind that our intent is not to scare you, but to help inform so that you can make your own threat assessments and decisions, and act accordingly (including in both the political and the personal spheres).

    There is some good and interesting information in this article.

  • What's the leading cause of death in Alberta in 2021?

    This is a good article with some good graphs. Apparently, Alberta has a new type of death they use to categorize mortality: “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality.” Oh my, what could that be? What could be causing that?

    The number one cause of death listed in Alberta for 2021 was “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”. Not malignant neoplasms, not heart disease, not COVID-19: some ‘unknown’ cause. What do you think Canadians? Do you believe that the uh-anti-uh-Fringe-uh-minority-guy-uh, uh-pushing experimental injections into every uh-Canadian soul should look into those shots being the etiological agents? Should I also say it in French to appear intelligent? Croyez-vous que les euh-anti-euh-Fringe-euh-minority-guy-euh, euh-poussant des injections expérimentales dans chaque âme euh-canadienne devraient examiner ces injections comme étant les agents étiologiques? Duh.

  • the sources and effects of vaccine hesitancy

    If you do nothing else, watch the video at the beginning of this article.

    even if you’ve seen it before, watch the video above.

    watch the iron bar certainty and the crocodile tear sincerity as all the vaccines’ soon to be fiercest proponents were calling the jabs fraud when they thought that orange man might get the credit for them. it was trump’s rush job poison needle that only a fool would take and in which no one should place faith. the FDA was not to be trusted. transparency was needed. all the data needed to be released to all the experts. the fix was in and the american people should not fall for it.

    then, suddenly, it was the blessed fauci ouchie, the social duty, and as much as could be made possible the legal obligation to get one. and no, you cannot see the data, it’s private and the FDA who everyone knows MUST be trusted because they are the experts wants 75 years to release it. analyzing it yourself is arrogant madness. the science is settled now shut your pie hole and accept our grand largess.

    They Got it All Wrong…Or Just Lied

    and they got [it] all so wrong because the truth was just not a priority anyone cared about.

    • the vaccines were going to stop covid and provide herd immunity.
      • then, they weren’t.
    • then they were effective and 2 and done was the ticket to your life back.
      • then, they weren’t and boosters forever was the new “fully vaxxed” but we still need masks and distancing and maybe zoom-school.

    and the lies started and the lies multiplied.

    They Will Lie About Anything

    2021 had 3X the reported vaccine deaths of the entire prior 30 years combined.

    2020 had 421 deaths reported from all vaccines in use.

    2021 had 21,884.

    (and this is just a warning system. the real count is easily 10X higher, possibly 100X on some of the less serious outcomes)

    and the regulators are saying nothing and trying to end the careers of those who do.

    and someone who will lie to you about something like this will lie about anything.

    what possible basis for trust exists after behavior like this?

    We Know Who to Blame

    so no, you do NOT get to blame “antivaxxers” for this newfound distrust of vaccines.

    you’re the ones who created it.

    you said “vaccines are safe and effective and this is a vaccine so it’s safe and effective.”

  • lying with statistics: US all cause deaths edition

    Like the title says, this is a good essay on how people can lie using statistics.

    Referring to a chart (see his post) el gato malo writes:

    if you said “correlation is not causality” that’s a good start.

    if you said “there is no base rate or control group and this dataset is neither randomized nor matched by risk factor” go to the head of the class.

    the problem with correlation is that it cannot, by itself, prove anything. any econ professor should know this so micah is either being extremely sloppy or seeking to mislead.

    there are about 100 relevant cross correlations: age, obesity, diabetes, access to medical care, etc. this has enormous effects on outcomes.

    and “excess deaths” as used by micah is using a pre-covid baseline to assess a post covid world in which all these effects pertain.


    overall, presence of comorbidity is associated with a greater than 10X expression of death as an outcome.

    this has long been known.

    Two Things

    the solid line is the post vaccination period. two very noticeable things emerge from that:

    1. the covid deaths outcomes are worse post vaccine
    2. the extent of it being worse rises as vaxx rates increase (this can be seen by the widening distance between the two curves)

    micah will doubtless try to argue that this is because they were “complaint” and therefore did better because they masked up, locked down, etc. but this is a bad branch to climb out upon as there is no evidence that any of those mitigations worked and quite a lot that they did not so this argument relies both upon the presumption of a disproven premise, fails to account for intrinsic factors like obesity, wealth, and underlying health that are clearly material, and if true, would undermine his own vaccine claims in any event.

    Difficult for the Tourist

    this is difficult data in which to be a tourist, but even so, making the sort of rudimentary foundational data handling error that “assuming one simple correlation proves causality without establishing a baseline or controlling for exogenous variables” is not one an “expert” ought be making or encouraging others to make.

    no[sic] only is it bad methodology and does it fail to fit with the broader data mosaic, but when you do control for the underlying factors claims of VE for ACM not only disappear, they look to invert.

    so, i think we can consign such uncorrected correlation driven claims to the epidemiological rubbish heap and move on.

    thanks once more for shopping

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