News Digest: July 29 – 31, 2022 – It’s Not the Vaccines!

  • Trust And Betrayal – How To Destroy, Take Over And Transform The Society When No One is Watching

    I just found this writer this morning. Noticed some comments he made on another substack. This is one of his most popular articles. It is very good. It’s long, but I recommend reading the entire article. The article was written on Jan. 14 and I note that he or she has not written anything since Feb. 15. Here’s how he begins this article:

    Ever wondered what, besides the widespread and precisely coordinated fear and propaganda campaign, has led to our current situation? Recently, people have been made aware of the mass psychosis / mass formation phenomenon, but is there something else to explore that no one has talked about yet?

    I think there is. It has to do with the nature and area of trust, which is a system of firm beliefs that dictates a large part of our lives. And it not only is one of the core systems which determines the way we interact with each other, but it also influences the way we interact with our entire environment and the world around us.

  • Book review: "Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain"

    I am not sure what I think of this, but it is interesting to consider. It’s one of those things that probably just a year or two ago I would have said, “That’s preposterous.” But now…well, now I’ll think about it. I would highly recommend reading the comments on this article. In particular a different approach by Mello.B33.

    Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality is as close as our movement gets to a Unified Field Theory. Coulter argues that everything from the social upheaval of the 1960s to the sharp rise in autism, cranial nerve palsies, depression, suicide, eating disorders, learning disabilities, seizures, allergies, family dissolution, demyelinating disorders, sexual violence, and other forms of psychopathy & sociopathy — all stem, at least in part, from pervasive subclinical encephalitis (and post-encephalitic syndrome) as a result of vaccines. Coulter provides extensive references from the scientific and medical literature at the end of each chapter to document his claims (this was before science and medicine started censoring all discussion of vaccines).

    3 Vaccine Injured?

    State Senator Richard Pan in California is clearly a criminal psychopath. Devoid of normal human feelings, he grins like a Cheshire Cat for hours as THOUSANDS of parents testify every year about the vaccine injury suffered by their children. And this criminal psychopath is ADORED by his Democratic colleagues who see him as an ideal pediatrician politician. But of course many of the other members of his party in the state legislature are similarly afflicted. Like is attracted to like.

    Facebook was invented by severely vaccine-injured Harvard University student, Mark Zuckerberg, to publicly humiliate a female student who rejected his advances. This is not a normal way to respond to disappointment. Facebook is now used by 2.9 billion people worldwide. When Facebook first launched, remember how weird we all thought it was that people were expected to just blurt out what they were doing in their status update? That is not how normal people communicate. Heretofore, communication was based on dialogue. Now publicly announcing, into a digital void, what we are doing throughout the day is seen as normal (because of course it is to a planet full of people dealing with pervasive subclinical encephalitis).

    Bill Gates appears badly vaccine-injured. He’s spent millions of dollars on coaching to cover it up but his pathologies have a way of slipping out in nearly every interview. Melinda too. (It’s interesting that they appear to have spent no money on detox nor healing.)

    Elite Universities and Pediatrics

    Elite universities are unable to conduct proper risk benefit analysis in connection with Covid-19 vaccines. They gleefully turn the students in their care over to the pharmaceutical industry and seem unconcerned when these students later develop myocarditis and drop dead. This is a strange way for universities to conduct themselves.

    Pediatrics has seen a 277-fold increase in autism over the course of the last fifty years and nearly the entire profession is unable to see it or acknowledge it. Yes, that’s a story of cultural and financial capture, shame, and self-deception. But the entire profession is also affected (to varying degrees) by the same harms that they inflict.


  • 44-Year-Old Canadian Doctor Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ – Sixth Canadian Doctor to Die Within Two Weeks

    I know people will cry, “This is just anecdotal. Doctors, people, die all the time.” I’m sorry, but this is just odd as anecdotal as it might be. All these doctors were in their 50s or younger. 3 of them were at the same hospital. They were all “unexpected.” The new term for “Anything but the Vaccine” (#ABV). The GB lists all six and when they died:

    • Dr. Paul Hannam, July 16
    • Dr. Lorne Segall, July 17
    • Dr. Stephen McKenzie, July 18
    • Dr. Jakub Sawicki, July 19
    • Dr. Shariar Jalali Mazlouman, July 23
    • Dr. Candace Nayman, July 28

    But rest assured, this was not the vaccine! From msn(opens new window):

    Attempting to quash social media gossip and speculation, two GTA hospitals have confirmed the deaths of four staff doctors during one week in July but deny any connection to COVID-19 vaccinations.

    Three of the doctors were from Mississauga’s Trillium Health Partners and one was from North York General Hospital.

    And we should believe hospitals that do not allow doctors to treat Covid patients with anything other than state-approved protocols? The same hospitals that will fire doctors who do not get the vaccine? Yeah, let’s trust them!

    An earlier Toronto Sun article(opens new window) when the total then was only 4 doctors reiterates this a few times, I guess to repeat the lie often enough so that people will believe it:

    Attempting to quash social media gossip and speculation, two GTA hospitals have confirmed the deaths of four staff doctors during one week in July but deny any connection to COVID-19 vaccinations.


    Trillium added: “The rumour circulating on social media” that these deaths could be linked to a recent administration of the COVID-19 vaccine “is simply not true.”


    In that statement it says “North York General Hospital can confirm that the tragic death of Dr. Paul Hannam was not related to COVID-19 or vaccinations of any kind.”


    In a rare move, the hospitals the doctors worked for have confirmed their deaths but say vaccination played no role.

    Said Trillium: “Their passings were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

    Interesting, though, there is no explanation of why these cannot be attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine. They could have offered some kind of proof, but proof now is just to take the word of the people who know way more than we do. “Yup, that’s what they said so it must be true.”

    What’s this “rare move” comment? It’s rare for a hospital to confirm the deaths of employees?

  • Why Satire Unhinges the Left

    Whereas liberals like to think of themselves as inclusive, tolerant moral heroes fighting to save the planet and end prejudice, good satire forces liberals to glimpse the fact that they are often the very opposite of that — which explains why the one thing such liberals cannot bear to see without rose-colored glasses is themselves.

  • Nuanced Ideas and Simplistic Truths in the Context of COVID-19

    On Trump

    In that vein, although I recognize that Trump’s presidency is a highly polarized topic and had many positive and negative impacts on the country, I sincerely believe his breaking the collective trust in the mass media was one of the greatest accomplishments of his presidency.

    Necessary Axioms

    Most of the better spiritual traditions have approached the inherent uncertainty of everything by accepting that any foundational belief you hold will artificially frame your perception of reality (in such a way that certain important things will be excluded from the possibility of existing) but at the same time recognize that if you do not have axioms you use to navigate the world, you are equivalent to a fish out of water that flops around helplessly and cannot function at all.

    If you only read one section of this long article check the section titled, “Reviewing the Pandemic.” It’s interesting to see this doctor’s progression on how he viewed Covid-19.

  • Health Care Workers Settle COVID Shot Mandate for $10.3 Million

    This seems like big news. Will many more lawsuits be filed because of the success of this one? I hope so.

    Health Care Workers Settle COVID Shot Mandate for $10.3 Million

    CHICAGO, IL – Today, Liberty Counsel settled the nation’s first classwide lawsuit for health care workers over a COVID shot mandate, for more than $10.3 million. The class action settlement against NorthShore University HealthSystem is on behalf of more than 500 current and former health care workers who were unlawfully discriminated against and denied religious exemptions from the COVID shot mandate. The agreed upon settlement was filed today in the federal Northern District Court of Illinois.

    As a result of the settlement, NorthShore will pay $10,337,500 to compensate these health care employees who were victims of religious discrimination, and who were punished for their religious beliefs against taking an injection associated with aborted fetal cells.

  • believe in something, even if it wrecks everything

    Another good article by The Bad Cat. Many of the comments are also very interesting.

    saul [alinsky] was the inspiration for barack obama to become a “community organizer.”

    hillary clinton wrote her thesis on him.

    klaus schwab and his “great reset” and “fourth industrial revolution” borrow heavily from alinsky. (particularly “rules for radicals” and “13 tactics for realistic radicals”)

    make no mistake, his ideas have permeated, shaped, and twisted entire generations of global politics at every level.

    he is the godfather of the ideology of “break society so that the people will beg us to remake it in our own image.”

    We Must Save the World!

    this is precisely why these “leaders” gravitate to doomsday ideologies like “millions will die from covid unless we grasp dictatorial control” and “we must take over the global economy and make everyone give up their cars and eat bugs or we all die in fiery cataclysm in 10 years”?

    they need these high stakes to justify such oppressive action. to act the utter oppressor, you must be saving humanity from itself and from vast, imminent harm. whether the members of the society themselves want to do this or not is literally of no moment. consent does not factor into “ends justify means.” only outcomes and crises averted.

    it’s how they wake up every morning and really, truly believe that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy and that they are on the side of goodness and light.

    The full article is worth the read.

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