News Digest: July 6 – 7, 2022

  • Dr. Peter McCullough On Treatment, Vaccines, and Censorship

    This is a presentation that Dr. Peter McCullough gave to the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. It is very good. Here’s a taste:

    Under no circumstances should any doctor refuse a patient share decision making and their own personal autonomy. It’s unethical it’s immoral and from a clinical perspective it’s illegal and don’t let it happen on your watch.

  • “We Are Not Slaves, We Are Farmers!” – Polish and Italian Farmers RISE UP Against Government Elites Destroying Their Family Businesses

    Some good videos on this resource.

    Farmer protests continued in The Netherlands on Thursday. And now the movement is spreading.

    Farmer protests were launched in Italy and Poland on Thursday.

  • Dr. Zelenko lives; and so the New York Times WILL, one day, come to justice, along with all the rest of "our free press"

    It’s also a potent antidote to the disgraceful coverage—such as it is—of Dr. Zelenko’s passing, which, on the one hand, has largely been blacked out (much like the death of Dr. Luc Montagnier in France five months ago, when the “free press” in France went largely silent, despite his Nobel Prize, because he too was a COVID heretic). The little coverage we have seen of Dr. Zelenko’s death is just as false and slimy as the crud with which they pelted him in life, for the high crime of treating COVID patients properly—which is to say, effectively (he saved lives by the hundreds) and cheaply (his protocol, including HCQ, threatened to impede the marketing of the obscenely lucrative “vaccine,” and other highly profitable corporate products like remdesevir).

  • BOJO resigns: time to fence with chesterton?

    This essay asks an important question: When we get rid of leaders or they resign, who replaces them?

    In many cases what follows is worse than what preceded it. Desmet points out in his new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, that leaders tend to be far less important than the ideology that drives them.

    we’re about to meet “the new boss.” will it be the same as the old boss? better? worse?

    was boris impeding access to better or holding back far worse?

    failing to ask such second order questions before acting is to court catastrophe.

  • teach your children well

    This another excellent article from el gato malo. The immediate answer is to homeschool. Just pull your kids out of school no matter what it takes and homeschool them. Their futures are at stake. That’s not a joke or an overstatement. Here’s how the cat ends his essay:

    people may make choices you don’t like.

    so what?

    go make you own.

    schools compete for kids. period.

    wanna ditch high school and study plumbing or machining?

    do it.

    want to attend a math academy or study entrepreneurialism?

    do it.

    the systems that will evolve out of this will be so much better that even the worst schools will run rings around today’s offerings.

    competition breed competence.

    choice breeds accountability.

    and freedom breeds variety.

    if you demand it, someone will teach it.

    but you choose, not the state (and certainly not the NEA.)

    the time for allowing school to be the enemy of education is over.

    education is not too important to be left to free markets.

    it’s too important to be left to government.

    learn that and we’re on our way.

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, June 28-July 4, 2022

    We must never forget what these people have done to us. Never. A list of articles from around the world of people who most likely died from the vaccine.

  • "A Peasants Revolt"

    This is disturbing, but necessary to know. Massive civil disobedience and outcry is a necessity going forward.


    I spoke to the family who owns one of the largest casket manufacturers in North America. They supply caskets to huge chains across the US and manufacture Prime Caskets, among others. It’s horrific to have to report on such a thing, but the owners said that their sales of typical caskets have increased by 20%, and since Dec 2021 their sales of small-size caskets (under 5 feet, i.e, for children) have increased by 400%. He’s not the only one talking about it, those in the funeral industry are well aware of the sudden change in the nature of their business.

    She ends on a high note with many of the lawsuits that are currently moving forward. The law doesn’t seem to be on our side, but I think as the momentum shifts to our side, that many on the fence or who are not speaking out, will do the right if only to cover their asses. At the moment, I don’t care why they do it, I just want them to do it. Doctors, judges, nurses and those who are not speaking out because they are told not to, may begin doing so. Should they have spoken out before? Of course. But I think this is just the way it goes. There are those on either end of the spectrum and that middle group that needs to be persuaded, needs to be red-pilled.

  • Clogging up the Green Agenda - Dutch Farmers Protest Reduction of Food Supply & Loss of their Livelihoods

    Good article with videos.

    Although you will hear little about it in the main stream press, massive protests are currently happening in the Netherlands. The protests, which began two weeks ago, are escalating everyday and involve tens of thousands of farmers and fisherman. Over the last few days, distribution centres have been blocked and so supermarkets are slowly emptying.

    Reducing Food Supplies Now?!

    Whatever your views on intensive farming, the problem is that the Netherlands is a massive food producer and a global food crisis is looming. Holland is the biggest exporter of meat in Europe and the second biggest exporter of food in the world. The country is also in the world’s top three producers of fruit and vegetables. It exports an estimated 96 Billion Euros worth of agricultural goods.

    It’s estimated that the Green Agenda pushing the emissions reductions will reduce the number of pigs, cows and chickens by a third. That is 33 percent fewer animals just when food is getting more expensive. And what causes food price inflation other than too much printed money chasing the same goods? Too much printed money chasing fewer goods.

  • Vast Majority in World Say They Lost Too Much Freedom During Covid

    In a recent survey taken as part of the 2022 Democracy Perception Index, the vast majority of respondents agreed with the prompt, “My government has done too much to limit people’s freedoms during the coronavirus crisis.”

    Go to the source and check out the the chart. Senger writes:

    This poll may be the most promising news we’ve seen since Covid began. As lonely as it may sometimes seem being an anti-lockdown activist, these poll results go to show that it’s not just a handful of us who feel as we do—it’s actually billions. In India, especially, an overwhelming majority of respondents agreed that the government took away too much freedom during Covid, which is unsurprising when remembering scenes like these during lockdown.

    I hope he’s right:

    At this point, there’s not much that either we or our opponents can do that will affect this billions-strong tide. No doubt there will be more restrictions during the coming season, especially in left-leaning states and countries. But the people have woken up, and they’ve had enough of Covid tyranny. The biomedical security state’s referendum on human rights is going up in flames.

  • Dowell et al.: "Children develop robust and sustained cross-reactive spike-specific immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection"; children retained antibody & cellular responses, as it waned in adults

    This important study has been overlooked and sidelined for the findings do not fit the narrative. It is one additional win for natural immunity. Helps us understand why children, healthy children must not be touched with these COVID injections. They do not need them but importantly, the injection can damage their functional innate immune system and render it helpless and children then vulnerable to a broad range of pathogen.

  • Welp...It was a good run. A great run, really...

    I’m posting Sheldon’s entire article here as one of the possibilities he states he may employ is deleting his entire substack. But this is what we’re up against. I don’t know how big Sheldon’s following is, but I presume he’s not huge say like Kirsch or Malone. He says he has few paid subscribers, but he and his family are being targeted, I assume with threats at this point. Anyway here it is:

    Some tough decisions to make.

    The first thing, I want to thank all of you who have helped share my information. It’s been fucking AMAZING!


    There have been some changes in the grand scheme of things where things in my life have gotten a little goofy.

    I have been personally attacked.

    Had my job and lifestyle targeted…

    Have had myself and my family set in the cross-hairs.

    And, while I have a few paid subscribers…there are others selling my content, which doesn’t upset me at all, but adds the repercussions from this have put me into a bit of a tricky situation.

    Would you give away your security for somebody else’s gain?

    Would you do this to your family?

    And while I have done this very thing…without gain…the spread of message has increased the attacks on me and my family, while the rewards have been inversely proportional. The more my information spreads, the more the risk increases.

    Clearly, I had no idea of what this would bring.


    I am left with the option of refunding all of the yearly subscription fees that I’ve gained. Which, I will gladly do.


    Dropping my sub to a minimum fee, making it mandatory (restricting others from selling my content) limiting the message and refunding those who paid my original yearly subscription price to the new paid sub fee. (I don’t even know what this looks like)


    Deleting me and all of this and sticking to the sidelines as an anonymous sniper.

    While I 100% do appreciate your opinion on this…I am not going to open the comments. This will need to be a ME decision that I need to make while trying to keep the safety and security of my family in check.

    I haven’t made a decision yet…so, I will only say…

    I will see you soon.


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