News Digest: July 8 – 10, 2022

  • COVID early treatment protocol as well as prevention protocol, and nasal-oral wash povidone iodine is added now; we are ensuring that this nasal-oral wash is part of early treatment as it is near 100%

    if only one action you can take, here out, then always use nasal-oral wash, it is that effective; & remember, most built upon Dr. Zev Zelenko’s initial ‘Zelenko protocol’. Huge thanks to this angel.

  • Evil In Our Time: Naomi Wolf on the Covid Response

    Naomi Wolf is perhaps best known as a chief spokeswoman for third-wave feminism, a bestselling author and advisor to the campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. In her new book, Wolf‘s subject is not so much the SARS-CoV-2 virus as the worldwide reactions to its spread, and the consequences of those reactions. Reactions unprecedented in their severity; never before have whole nations been locked up in their homes for weeks, even months on end, to battle a respiratory virus.

  • LIES! all lies: entire COVID pandemic, lockdown, school closure, business closure, asymptomatic spread, PCR test, no early treatment, equal risk, inferior natural immunity, COVID injection! all lies!

    Every single aspect of COVID, the pandemic, the response, the injection, are all lies! I see it no other way! You were grossly deceived! We all were! This really was akin to a bad flu year, not the emergency/pandemic that they imposed upon us and destroyed economies but importantly, our freedoms and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions needlessly. And it is why we, people like as[sic] skeptics and contrarians resist the lies and will work to see that all who made COVID lockdown lunatic decisions and brought this, all, all governments, all bureaucrats, technocrats, all public health officials, and with a focus on the fraud COVID injections, and including the pharmaceutical companies and CEOs themselves, will be accountable. In proper legal inquiries. They will have to defend what they did. And if they cannot, if it is shown in proper and public inquiry that their actions caused the deaths of people needlessly and recklessly, then we will impose the harshest financial civil penalties allowable under law and prescribed by the legal authorities. Prison if possible and prescribed.

  • MONKEYPOX, COVID-19, & avian influenza: potential intersection of 3 diseases WITH overlapping epidemiologies due to ONE (1) non-sterilizing sub-optimal COVID VACCINE; what is the link?

    This stance by you as a parent or guardian is the most important gift in today’s world that you can give a healthy child. The FDA, CDC, NIH, the public health leaders such as Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Ashish Jha, Njoo, Tam etc. have been reckless and dangerous. Pharmaceutical CEOs Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) have been equally reckless. Not one of the persons named above or public health agencies, have shown us any data, none, to support injecting 6 month olds to 17 year olds with these ineffective and harmful injections. The data given by Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) to FDA and then to CDC was outrageous, very flawed, very deceptive, very deficient methodologically, and could never be accepted or stand up to scientific scrutiny under normal circumstances for any sort of regulatory approval.


    We are saying that the non-neutralizing Abs induced by the mRNA COVID injections are the common denominator and driver of this potential intersecting 3 disease phenomenon. There are severe immune-epidemiologic consequences of the mass COVID vaccination program into a pandemic with injections that do not sterilize (eliminate) the virus such that the non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs enhances infectiousness of the virus (as it binds but does not neutralize the virus) and at the same time block the innate antibodies from exercising it’s functional capacity to bind to the virus (bind to the binding site with the relevant epitopes) and eliminate the virus. Sterilization of the virus means that the vaccinal Abs can stop infection, replication, and transmission, as well as severe disease and death. The mRNA induced vaccinal Abs does none of these!

    The COVID Unvaccinated

    To open the discussion fully, at a 50,000 foot level, the argument is that those who are COVID unvaccinated (have been through the pandemic with no COVID jabs and especially our children), are very much less vulnerable and susceptible to severe disease from AI and monkeypox. Similarly less susceptible to COVID infection and disease. GVB has argued (and I myself (and select others) have been arguing given study under GVB) that the children as an example, would be protected due to a level of ‘training’ of their potent innate immunity during the course of the pandemic (their innate Abs and natural killer (NK) cells). They are in effect, ‘COVID experienced’ though unvaccinated.

  • cat-astrophic attempts at memes: pfiser gets desperate

    If I was you and I’m not you, but if I was, I would read this one. It’s funny. Just do it.

  • Reports From the Front Lines of the Vaccine Catastrophe - Part 2

    Increasingly shocking evidence of the impacts of what Ed Dowd suggests we should start calling a “mass democide” (death by government) continues to emerge.

    This is from a nurse Kory corresponds with:

    The unit I worked on had float staff I never met, but mostly long-term coworkers and we are all of the same mindset. I kept quiet around the float pool folks until later in night when they had their own stories to share about pts.  All of them confirmed what we’ve all seen – none of it makes sense unless you go to the 800 lb elephant in the room. The vax cheerleaders on staff – never hear a peep from their end. I know some have buyer’s remorse for pushing family to get vaxxed, and no need to dig into that wound. Long Covid is only term allowed, no vax injury.

  • I know what you did last summer (and fall)

    This is spot on. We cannot ever forget what they did to us. And we cannot let those who advocated for the unvaccinated to be second class citizens to pretend in the future they never did. They must be held accountable. Here’s just a taste of the article. I recommend the whole thing.

    Governments and media outlets dropped their efforts to persuade unvaccinated people to take the shots voluntarily. Instead they began a coordinated worldwide effort to demonize the unvaccinated and press or flat-out force them to take the shots.

    Public health authorities, reporters, and politicians worked together on these efforts, which took many forms:

    Mandates requiring Covid vaccination for employment – even for people who worked from home.

    Travel restrictions or bans, including border restrictions and the use of local public transportation.

    Bans on shopping, going to restaurants or bars, watching live sporting events or movies or other recreation.

    Requiring vaccination as a condition of college attendance – again, even for students who were only online.

    Forcing unvaccinated people to pay more for their health insurance.


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