News Digest: June 11 – June 12, 2022

  • Children's Health Defense Letter to FDA

    One of their opening paragraphs:

    We are aware that you are likely to grant Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of Pfizer’s BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for children ages 6 months through 5 years old, and Moderna’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine for infants and children ages 6 months through 5 years and 6 years through 17 years of age following your upcoming meetings on June 14-15, 2022. We are writing to put you on notice that should you recommend these pediatric EUA vaccines to children 6 months through 17 years old, CHD is poised to take legal action against you. CHD will seek to hold you accountable for recklessly endangering our children with products that have little, no, or even negative net efficacy but which may put them, without warning, at risk of many adverse health consequences, including heart damage, stroke, and other thrombotic events and future reproductive harms.[emphasis mine]

  • Why we are here...

    We are here because we have a very highly skilled technically capable set of experts in US, in alphabet agencies CDC, NIH, FDA etc., but they have no morality or allegiance, easily bought & corrupted

    No moral compass, believe in nothing & have no civic allegiance, its only money & fame & benefits for them, no care of the society; these people are skilled, but easily bought, they let people die

    They chose to not use early treatment and let people die and this action alone shows us where they are mentally and emotionally, they care only to their paying masters…look how they let our parents and grand parents die in nursing homes and allowed it to happen, they ‘allowed’ the deaths, it was the cost of doing business for them to achieve their end…and their paying masters. Has zero care about the pain and destruction their cause. They rationalize their actions. Very skilled though.

    Follow the money.

    We must always praise and reward people who did good and made good decisions. Yet there must be accounting for wrong, we must penalize and we must even imprison people who caused deaths due to their COVID policy decisions that are shown wrong and reckless.

  • MONKEYPOX (it is not smallpox); June 11th 2022; media is saying as an example in Canada, 110 cases & all in males, young males etc.; this is the trend globally, occurring in males; my risk assessment

    Below is how you assess risk & as such, place yourself in a position to tell the CDC, NIH, Njoo & Tam in Canada, Doug Ford in Ontario, Fauci (NIAID), Francis Collins (NIH), Walensky (CDC) to f**k off

    Dr. Alexander has been fired up for a long time. Good article. Monkeypox is fear porn.

    So calm the hell down, turn off FOX and CNN with the fear mongering, turn off the public health people, and if you answered the questions as above, based on all we know today as to where the transmission is, then you can safely tell them all to f**k off and go about your life. This is not a ‘national’ issue, does not transcend USA or Canada. You people focus on contact tracing and some good PSAs and we will be just fine. No masking, no vaccines, no lockdowns. Just get the bisexual community to govern themselves accordingly.

  • No More Injections for healthy people - here's why

    This is a good article by Dr Lawrie….well, of course it is, why else would I list it? I’m being redundant. Stop it! Here are some highlights:

    The sheer numbers of vaccine-injured people, the severity of their symptoms, and the novel nature of the emerging diseases are predictive of an imminent global iatrogenic emergency. What is more, the word ‘inadvertent’ in the definition of iatrogenic above does not fit in the Covid-19 vaccine context, as regulatory agencies, medical professionals and politicians have been repeatedly alerted to the risks associated with these novel therapies yet have ignored calls to stop this unprecedented mass medical experiment.

    How Do We Fight Back?

    Here’s one way: we stay healthy. Big Pharma is in the business of disease, not good health. We are Big Pharma’s best customers when we remain sick, which is why chronic illness is very lucrative, as it means we are their customers for life! When we take responsibility and keep ourselves in the best possible health, we are not good customers.

    It’s going to get complicated

    This lipid nanoparticle technology is also being experimented with for the delivery of other types of drugs, such as long-acting injections (also see here) being developed to re-purpose and profit from established medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, as well as long-acting hormonal contraceptive injections. It is notable that Bill Gates – who has openly talked about the billions to be made from vaccines – has business interests linked to these injectable products.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    After much thought I have come to the conclusion that there is one campaign that will hurt Big Pharma: that is, No More Injections for healthy people. We have become so programmed to assume vaccines and contraceptives are safe that this may shock you.  But that’s just it: it’s programming. Not truth, just propaganda.

    Let’s stop outsourcing our health to corrupt politicians, businessmen and dead, amoral entities. We are part of nature and nature is essential to our wellbeing, not injections. If we keep ourselves healthy, we do not need injections and neither do our children. As healthy people, we do not need Big Pharma’s dodgy injections to prevent disease or pregnancy. We do not need unnecessary injections. We do not need injections. Let’s send Big Pharma this message loud and clear:

    We are not guinea pigs, we are human beings, and we will not tolerate your unsafe drugs. #NoMoreInjections. Simple.

  • Lockdowns Killed Over 170,000 Americans per NBER Study in NYT

    new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research(opens new window), cited in The Australian(opens new window) and in a New York Times op-ed(opens new window) today, reveals over 170,000 non-Covid excess deaths among young Americans in 2020 and 2021, most likely attributable to measures implemented to combat the coronavirus—i.e., deaths by lockdown.

  • Underground Media

    Very good article about the ability of us regular people to fight back against the machine.

    The heroic efforts by Dr. Naomi Wolf of the Daily Clout and Steve Bannon’s Warroom volunteers might one day be widely regarded as the single best example of citizens using the Internet to defend themselves against tyrannical authority figures. Consider what they’ve been able to accomplish, along with other huge warriors in this battle, that would have been literally impossible a mere 20 years ago. There are currently 3,000+ volunteers simultaneously poring through tens of thousands of pages of internal documents of the organization that created and pushed the most rapidly distributed drug in history onto an entire population.

    Slowly, But Surely

    Slowly but surely, the underground media is using free speech platforms such as Gettr, Substack and Rumble to chip away at the iron fist that surrounds corporate press, Big Tech, and everyone stuck inside that bubble.

    Making the Switch

    While history repeats itself, the circumstances surrounding the cycle of human nature have changed drastically. Never has the playing field of access to information been as level as it is now. Trusting independent journalists and the underground media is a difficult transition for a significant portion of the population to make, but I have confidence that the combination of the perseverance of the pushback battalion and the sheer brazenness of the corporate media lies will reveal the truth, one day at a time.

  • Fox News Pushes Transgender Surgery For Your Kids

    When you scratch beneath the surface of this story, it’s obvious what’s happened to this poor child. The parents are attention-seekers of the worst kind: there’s a CNN film and a website(opens new window) and a book(opens new window) and press releases and a media section on the mother’s website(opens new window) and another website(opens new window) to prove it. This is a business for the parents: they’re monetizing their child’s gender change. The only thing missing from their website is a discount coupon for puberty blockers.

    In other words, it’s child abuse — fueled by money and fame.

  • All Evidence Suggests The COVID Vaccines are Causing a Spike in Disability and a Potential Catastrophe for Our Economy

    For this reason, most of the best authors who understand how to critically evaluate medical literature are of the consensus that the only data point that matters is how many people died in the vaccine group versus the placebo group (termed absolute mortality), as death is the one condition that is both meaningful and not possible to re-classify something else.

    Because of how dangerous the Covid vaccines are, they have created a large spike in absolute mortality. There are countless datasets thats[sic] show this including Pfizer’s final publication on their own vaccine trial. Many individuals have been compiling this evidence, and as far as I know, Steve Kirsch has the most comprehensive summary.

    4 Possible Explanations

    Overall, I can only see 4 possible explanations for this data.
    •The COVID vaccines are causing severe chronic injury resulting in partial disability within in the population.
    •The economic downturn for the lockdowns was responsible for this data.
    •The increase of long haul Covid is responsible for this data.
    •Sampling errors created by the lockdowns created artifacts within this data.

    From reviewing the data, I believe only the first explanation is plausible.

    This is going to be the problem

    Note: As corruption of other large databases tracking vaccine injuries has occurred, it is very likely that future data will show a decrease in disability claims and it is likely these datasets may later be changed. I have archived everything there and advise you to do the same.

    Rough Road Ahead

    As this trend is continuing to worsen, based upon the financial slack within the economic system dissipating, the injuries from the vaccines progressively worsening, and the potential for a very bad Covid season this winter, I am genuinely concerned about what will happen with the American economy and that we are on the verge of entering an era of economic feudalism. One of the major points that Ed Dowd made was that while the upper class does not care about the well-being of the American people, they do care about the well-being of the financial markets. For this reason, I believe focusing upon the economic consequences of the vaccination program is likely to be the most effective path for ending it.

  • Developmental Disorders in Babies born to Vaccinated Mothers?

    The disturbing things in this article is the CDC removing and lowering developmental milestones for young children. They removed crawling as milestone. Now instead of 24 months being the milestone for knowing 50 words it will be 30 months. Why? This seems quite odd on the face of it.

    About one-third of milestones like fine motor skills have been bumped up to older ages. Because of the setback, children may worsen their developmental delay, making it harder to provide early intervention, explains Jessica Hatfield, MS, OTR/L, a pediatric occupational therapist for TheraTree Pediatric Therapy.

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