News Digest: June 15 – June 17, 2022

  • Yahoo News Video FDA approves Pfizer, Moderna vaccines for young children

    Bought and paid for. Parents, don’t do it. There is no benefit only risk.

    According to Jordan Schachtel(opens new window), the U.S. is now the only country in the world authorizing these vaccines for infants.

  • a tale of two regulators

    you wouldn’t know it from reading most american media, but in a great many countries, the mRNA jabs are coming under intense scrutiny and being contra-indicated due to severe side effects.

    I like this illustration

    the data was a joke.

    they claim “80% efficacy” using even worse baysian datacrime definitions than before by “only counting from 3rd dose + 7 days”.

    we all know how that goes.

    this practice dropped 97% of all infections from the active arm and their own data proves it. and so the FDA absolutely knew this.

    this is akin to saying “you’ll be safer if you leave your house and drive out of the hurricane” while ignoring the risks of driving out of a hurricane.

    According to el gato malo the countries suspending the use of Moderna to under 30s are Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

  • Disappearing MSM Article - Severe COVID-19 ‘Rare’ In Unvaccinated People, Survey Reveals

    As I said above, the study is clearly biased. However, there is some interesting data to look at (which public health authorities have largely hidden or not collected) and so this study should not be disappeared. It should remain to be dissected and analysed and if others decide the findings are nonsense, it is for them to argue the reasons why.

  • the greatest damage from covid has not been from respiratory virus

    Good article. I recommend the entire article.

    covid did damage and took lives. how much and how many (and how many were near end of life already) is debatable, but when you look back remember several things:

    1. none of these mitigations worked. not lockdowns, not masks, not vaccines. none are showing drops in all cause mortality and many correspond to rises and to greater covid spread. the vaccines could not even show all cause mortality benefit in their own trials. (and that was back when they were up against a variant they were designed for)
    2. these purported mitigations had monstrous costs economically, educationally, and on every mental health metric you’d care to name. people got depressed, anxious, alienated, agoraphobic, germophobic, and suicidal. drug abuse and self harm soared. child development stagnated.
    3. and every single bit of this was predictable. it was known and knowable. 100 years of evidence based pandemic guidelines literally screamed “do not do these things, they don’t work and the costs are dire!” it took me about 15 minutes back in march 2020 to find them and a couple hours to read them. they were neither subtle nor hard to read.


    and more so than nearly any other group, our doctors failed us miserably. clearly, this is not true of all doctors. there are some great ones, men and women who stood tall and stayed calm and asked questions and found working solutions. people who bravely faced down the assaults of mob misrule and hospital lunacy and medical board suppression. but they were the few.

    Doctors again…

    and if the doctors had spoken against this, we could have stopped it. most were not this crazy. most were just too scared to stand up to the ones who WERE crazy and feared the consequences of doing so. this is why the consequences keep getting ever more dire and medical boards and governments want to platform those that speak and threaten their certification to practice medicine.

    that, my friends, is a basis for technocratic tyranny.

  • The COVID death data from Massachusetts shows vaccinating kids is INSANE

    The FOIA death data shows that no child aged 5 to 11 in Massachusetts died in 2020 or 2021 from COVID. Zero. Zip. Nada. The FDA is approving vaccines for “emergency use” when there is no “emergency.”

    We have the receipts!

    We have the data now. We had to get it using a FOIA request because the government isn’t willingly sharing this data with us. You’ll never guess what it shows. It shows that during the first two years of the pandemic, no child aged 5 to 11 died in Massachusetts from COVID. Zero. It’s likely the same in most other states as well (since Massachusetts is the 15th largest state).

    How It Works I

    It’s not about the data. The American people trust the doctors. The doctors trust the FDA. The FDA trusts the drug companies. If the drug company says the vaccines are safe, they believe them, no matter what the post-marketing data says. The doctors discount the post-marketing data as anecdotes. That’s how it works.

    How It Works II

    Today, a significant number of doctors know the vaccines are unsafe, but few of them have the courage to speak out publicly because they know they will be fired, lose their hospital privileges, and lose their license to practice medicine permanently if they speak out publicly. So they lie and say that the vaccines didn’t cause any deaths.

    Doctors lie, kids die. Unfortunately, this is not going to change anytime soon.

    It’s all a big circle. The politicians trust the doctors and the HHS agencies. None of them break ranks for fear of being ostracized. The doctors are trained that any vaccine approved by the FDA is safe. So the politicians ignore all the truth tellers as “misinformation spreaders.”

    This is a big problem

    The hospital workers all know it was the vaccine. All of them. This is not an exaggeration. They all know. They even admit this PRIVATELY to each other. But they will not say anything publicly.

    They are disgusted with what is happening, but they all know that if any of them speak out, they will be immediately fired and they can’t afford to lose their jobs. If they all speak out as a group, they will all lose their jobs. The hospital will just replace all of them just like they do striking nurses.

    They still need to speak out. This is the problem. We have all these doctors and nurses who are saying nothing because they are cowards. I’m sorry, but it’s that simple. They’re willing to let kids keep getting these shots, let adults keep getting these shots when they know they are killing people and/or causing severe adverse events because they’re afraid of losing their jobs. Think about that. Now we know exactly what happened in Germany in the 30s and 40s.

    We need doctors and nurses to speak out in massive numbers. Where are they?


  • Don't read this if you're vaccinated

    mRNA Covid vaccines offer essentially no defense against Omicron only months after a booster shot, according to a major new study from British researchers.

    Both antibody and T-cell protection are nearly non-existent, the scientists found.

    In an even more worrisome development, when vaccinated but previously uninfected people suffer breakthrough Omicron infections, their T-cell response is biased toward earlier versions of Sars-Cov-2 – not to the Omicron variant that has actually infected them.

    Nothing about the unvaccinated

    Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the scientists did not look at the immune responses of anyone who was not vaccinated – with or without previous infection. Thus the paper offers no direct comparison of the way Omicron may affect antibody and B- and T-cell responses in vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

    Why didn’t the researchers include unvaccinated people? Maybe because nearly all British adults are vaccinated and most boosted, so the authors wanted to concentrate on the risks Omicron poses to vaccinated people.

    Or maybe because they worried about what they’d find if they directly compared the two groups.

  • Rep. Sean Casten says his 17-year-old daughter Gwen died peacefully in her sleep

    There are so many of these stories to post. You can find websites that post many of these stories. Here’s just one of them. Note nowhere in article does it list the potential of this being vaccine-related. Most likely it was vaccine-related. Too many of these stories are happening.

  • BREAKING: Fifth largest life insurance company in the US paid out 163% more for deaths of working people ages 18-64 in 2021 - Total claims/benefits up $6 BILLION

    I got this author from Edward Dowd who said she was the one who originally broke the 40% increase of deaths from One America Insurance. This is a lot worse. It’s slightly different because the stats don’t show the number of claims, just the increase in the amount of money paid out.

    Here are the precise numbers for Group Death Benefits taken from Lincoln National’s annual statements for the three years:

    2019: $500,888,808

    2020: $547,940,260

    2021: $1,445,350,949

    How many deaths could this represent?

    How many deaths are represented by the 163% increase? It is not possible to determine by the dollar figures on the statements.

    But the average death benefit for employer-provided group life insurance, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, is one year’s salary.

    If the average annual salary of people covered by group life insurance policies in the United States is $70,000, this may represent 20,647 deaths of working adults, covered by just this one insurance company. This would represent at least 10,000 more deaths than in a normal year for just this one company.

    The entire article is good.


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