News Digest: June 17 – June 20, 2022

  • Finally Proven: Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity!

    However, reinfections in vaccinated (vs unvaccinated) people were never proven in a large official randomized controlled trial, until now. As you know, randomized controlled trials offer the gold standard of evidence: randomize people between a vaccine group and a placebo group, and see if the vaccine group does better than the placebo group.

    Fortunately, we have data from Pfizer’s own official trial submitted to the FDA. This randomized controlled trial concerns vaccinating young kids and proved beyond doubt that vaccination causes repeated reinfections. Look at Page 38:

    See the image on his site and to read the rest of the article. Seems like things are heating up with regard to more and more bad news for the vaccines.


    This is an incredible article. All kinds of good information. There’s a flyer to download, suggestions for websites and videos of those suffering adverse events. Roguski spent and incredible amount of time putting this all together.

  • Have we discovered alien life?

    Well, if nothing else works for the distraction of the masses, aliens would be something else they could try that might play very well with people propagandized and feeling disconnected from society.

  • Doctors baffled by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in healthy young people

    What could it be? This is happening more and more so the MSM is going to have to address it and they are going to willfully make sure not to make any connections to the real and obvious answer: the new COVID vaccines are causing it. I suppose many of these people are so propagandized that they are now incapable of even considering the obvious answer.

  • This is Real Advice from the CDC

    If you need some advice on how to safely engage in sex during these trying times…don’t listen to the CDC. If you want a good laugh, read this entire article. There are good insights too.

    Two central themes have characterized the COVID-19 response:

    • Obscene power grabs by public health officials who have no idea what they are doing but will take any chance at power.
    • Attempts to rewrite social norms and cherished human experiences for the sake of that power grab.

    Replace Human Experiences

    One of the truly insidious things that has been done by Big Tech has been to replace the experiences that make us human with virtual surrogates that are nothing more than mental ideas that can be easily monetized. Once you live in the realm of ideas you stop being human and instead live for your ideas. As a result, in individuals disconnected from their bodies, ideas mean everything, being wrong is often intolerable and this sad state of affairs characterizes much of today’s online discourse.

    When you are actually with another human being, there is a profound degree of energy exchanged between each of you that can never be replicated virtually and is what creates the deeply meaningful experiences that make us human.

    I often receive questions from commenters and subscribers over what they can do to change the minds of their friends and family who see things differently from them, particularly in this highly polarized environment. There is no easy solution, but I feel the issue is largely a product of becoming disconnected and polarized from each other, so if you can focus on reducing the polarization and becoming more connected with the other party, that is often the best place to change perspectives from.


    I would also argue that when you have subtle damage to your nervous system (such as from poor quality processed food, poor sleep, environmental toxins reducing microcirculation necessary for proper nervous function or chronic inflammation within the nervous system from vaccinations), the ability to appreciate the subtle aspects of life drops off. As you become more dead inside, you gradually become receptive only to strong stimuli.

    Good Food

    Similarly, modern processed food emphasizes strong synthetic and addictive flavors fatigued tastebuds can overtly recognize. In contrast many traditional cuisines outside the reach of the processed food industry utilize a variety of more subtle flavors that form an incredible constellation of taste many industrialized tastebuds barely can even recognize. I have repeatedly observed that the preference between these two styles of cuisines is a direct reflection of the current life within one’s nervous system.

    As an aside, I changed my diet about a year ago to a very low carb, mostly meat, eggs and cream diet. A little fruit and it has made an unbelievable (I do not use that word lightly) difference in my mental state.

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