News Digest: June 23 – June 24, 2022

  • Who Was Responsible for the Botched Pandemic Response?

    Good article. It’s long, but I recommend reading the whole thing. Here are some highlights:

    Presently, the United States is undergoing a period of institutional decline which is marching hand-in-hand with a rapid proliferation of corruption throughout every institution.  Normally, the only thing which can break the cycle of corruption is the corruption being so damaging it create a cataclysm which then creates motivation within the population to purge the sources of that corruption (tens of millions dying from an controversial vaccine would be one such cataclysm).

    I really, really hope this happens and if it does it may have a domino effect on other corrupt government agencies.

    Unelected Bureaucrats

    Within the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS), this means that many guidelines for the practice of medicine (which for all practical purposes are law) are directly written by unelected bureaucrats who have been paid off by pharmaceutical manufacturers.  These guidelines are typically highly inaccurate.  For example, as discussed in this article(opens new window), the committees that created the guidelines for managing COVID-19 was directly appointed by Anthony Fauci, an extraordinarily corrupt lifelong bureaucrat.

    Decline in Leadership

    I believe this decline in leadership is the result of three central factors:

    • Systemic corruption that results in leaders being elected on the basis of their loyalty to special interests rather than their competence.
    • Systemic corruption within the mass media which makes it extraordinarily difficult for anyone without donors that have also paid off the media to become elected.
    • No longer having a merit based educational system or an employment system that hires on the basis of merit (this is currently being done to satisfy diversity initiatives, but to be clear, this issue preceded the societal focus on “social justice”).

    A Realization

    Over the years, I and my colleagues have gradually come to the realization that most elected officials and government understand very little about science or medicine (this is one reason why it is so important to elect honest doctors to political positions).

    Trump’s Genius

    One of the tremendously frustrating experiences I have had during my lifetime has been watching an amazing candidate run for president, be widely liked by the voting base because of their excellent track record in standing up for the working class, and then watch the media systematically torpedo each and every one of their campaigns.

    The only person I have ever seen who was able to address this dilemma was Donald Trump, as he took a rather unorthodox approach where he campaigned on the basis of the media being evil.  As a result, each time the media gave him negative attention it helped rather than hindered his campaign, and before long he was able to pull the mass media into a symbiotic relationship where it could not help but continually provide oxygen to Trump’s campaign.

    Trump, RFK and Gates

    Once Trump was elected, he then pledged to make a vaccine safety commission with RFK, and at start of the process during the transition period RFK was invited to the Trump Tower to lay the groundwork for this.  Not long after the entire effort was scrapped, which as best as I can gather resulted from Bill Gates directly telling Trump to terminate it (Gates has admitted this on tape) and most of Trump’s administration being opposed to this commission.

    Atlas Resigns

    A quotation from a review of Atlas’s memoir perfectly summarizes much of the what happened within the White House during the pandemic response:

    When he resigned from the Task Force in a telephone call to Trump, Atlas writes, the president told him, “You were right about everything, all along the way. And you know what? You were also right about something else. Fauci wasn’t the biggest problem of all of them. It really wasn’t him.” Trump meant that it was Birx, and Atlas couldn’t resist a parting shot at the aides who had been so afraid of her. Knowing that they were listening on the speakerphone in the Oval Office, Atlas said, “Well, Mr. President, I will say this. You have balls. I have balls. But the closest people around you—they didn’t. They had no balls. They let you down.” They let down the rest of the country, too.

    The Doctor’s Approach to Old Age

    I personally believe the solution to this problem is to develop a different medical system which allows the elderly to maintaining their independence house and functionality to an old age (there are multiple ways this can be done).  I sincerely believe this can be done with a high degree of success, but it requires a radically different paradigm to be accomplished. For this reason, I plan to completely avoid the medical system in old age and I have worked to cultivate the ability to take care of myself independently until the day I die.

    The Problem of Cowardice

    Because of the fear they would be lynched by the media for any “non-scientific“ (whatever that means) approach to treating COVID-19, the Trump Administration focused on the most socially acceptable approach – developing vaccines for COVID-19.  As was discussed in this recent article(opens new window), it was clear to anyone with a scientific background that this was a very bad idea that was likely to worsen rather than solve the pandemic, and according to Paul Alexander who worked in the HSS at the time, many government employees alongside Pfizer and Moderna employees felt the same way but were not willing to take the risk to state their concerns publicly.

    Will Trump Disavow the Vaccines?

    My personal opinion is that unless Trump is willing to disavow the vaccines he brought to market, it will not be possible for him to win the 2024 election, since by that time the harms from these vaccines will likely be abundantly clear to everyone.  Unfortunately, Trump appears to have gotten stuck on the fact his administration performed a “miracle” to get the vaccines to market as quickly as they did, and is unable to see that he was played by the pharmaceutical industry.  This is particularly sad given that, as discussed above, Trump already had decades of personal experiences with vaccine injuries being gaslighted by the government and medical establishment.

  • birx had a tough day in congress

    Some of these statements by Deborah Birx as chronicled by the great feline, el gato malo, are evasive and ridiculous. Read the full article, but my favorite Birx exchange with Jim Jordan follows:

    jj: when the government told us the vaccinated could not transmit it (covid), was that a lie or a guess?

    db: “i think it was hope”

    Hope? No, it was definitely a lie.

  • California Plotting to Punish Medical Dissent

    There is a lot of opposition to this bill (CA AB 2098), but I expect it will pass anyway. They also just recently removed some text that makes the bill even more draconian.

    The supposed scientific “facts” mentioned in the bill make it clear just what information will be considered “misinformation” under this law. This bill will spell the end of scientific integrity and medical freedom in California. I worry that if it passes, other states could follow suit. As I have said before, California is the tip of the spear.

  • The FDA’s “Future Framework” for Covid Vaccines Is a Reckless Plan

    This is a hideous plan by the FDA, Pfizer and Moderna. “Reckless,” as the author Toby Rogers puts it, is perfect.

    Pfizer and Moderna are making about $50 billion a year on these shots and they want that to continue. So they need to reformulate. Maybe target a new variant, maybe change some of the ingredients — who knows, these shots have disappointed so it’s not clear what it will take to get them to work.

    This is a problem because reformulated shots mean new clinical trials and new regulatory review by the FDA. There is a decent chance that any reformulated shot might fail a new clinical trial, and the public is deeply skeptical of these shots already, so the scrutiny would be intense.

    So Pfizer and Moderna have figured out a way to use regulatory capture to get their reformulated Covid-19 shots approved WITHOUT further clinical trials. Their scheme is called the “Future Framework” and it will be voted on by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) on June 28.

    Bad Candidates

    Viruses that evolve rapidly are bad candidates for a vaccine. There is no vaccine for the common cold nor HIV because these viruses evolve too quickly for a vaccine to be effective. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a bad candidate for a vaccine, as it has rapidly mutated, which is why all previous attempts to develop a vaccine against coronaviruses have failed (they never made it out of animal trials because the animals died during challenge trials or were injured by the vaccine).

    “Future Framework” Purpose

    The only way out of the pandemic is to withdraw these vaccines from the market and pivot to therapeutics. Instead, the FDA is proposing to abandon clinical trials in connection with these vaccines altogether.

    The purpose of the “Future Framework” is to rig the Covid-19 vaccine regulatory process in perpetuity in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. If this “Future Framework” is approved, all future Covid-19 shots — regardless of the formulation —will automatically be deemed “safe and effective” without additional clinical trials, because they are considered “biologically similar” to existing shots.

  • The Mainstream Begins to See Lockdowns were a Catastrophe

    In the typical Walter Duranty style that’s become a kind of twisted journalistic norm since March 2020, the World Bank and Nature of course blame this on “the pandemic” rather than lockdowns. I remain baffled as to how seemingly well-meaning people are able to sleep at night repeating such nonsense—are they somehow blind to the role of their own sycophancy in perpetuating these policies?

    Nonetheless, there are signs that the political mainstream is starting to realize lockdowns were a disaster. Today, the Wall Street Journal published an excellent piece titled The Revenge of the Locked-Down Voters, noting the growing political backlash against lockdown politicians from voters at the lower end of the income scale.

  • Editor of the British Medical Journal, Peter Doshi's latest paper shows COVID-19 vaccines associated with increased risk of serious adverse events.

    Peter Doshi, editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) is once again bravely sticking his neck out with his latest co-authored paper.

    He and six other authors from the US, Spain and Australia decided to investigate serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA vaccination in randomized trials.

    Higher Risk

    The authors found that, in the Pfizer trial, there was a 36% higher risk of SAEs, unrelated to COVID-19 in vaccinated participants in comparison with the placebo group. The Moderna trial had a 5% higher risk of SAEs. Combined there was a 15% higher risk of SAEs in the vaccine recipient group.

  • Zoltan Istvan Foresees the Ultimate Race War – Legacy Humans Versus the Cyborg Swarm

    True revolutions aren’t peaceful transitions of power. They usually culminate in waves of bloodshed. The old has to be purged, and because the old never wants to be purged, that means violent suppression. Most often, whoever has the most sophisticated technology is victorious—with few exceptions.

    The emerging transhumanist revolution, still in its nascent phase, may be no different. The former journalist and largely overlooked Transhumanist Party presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan, is fairly certain of that outcome. In a November 2020 interview with Quartz, he was asked where the world will be in fifty years. Istvan predicted Armageddon:

    “A great transhumanist war will occur between those who embrace radical technology in their bodies and those who don’t. Many will be affected by this time, and some will call it the end times. Those that side with technology and AI will win.”

    Primitive Kin

    Any sales pitch is always sugarcoated, though. For the moment, we hear gangly tech freaks talk about their quest to transform the human race in terms of “civil rights” and “morphological freedom.” Most underdogs toe the line until they get the upper hand. Should transhumanists gain just a fraction of the techno superpowers they’re striving for, those powers will likely be used to subjugate their primitive kin.

  • danish national board of health admits vaccinating kids for covid was a mistake

    throughout covid, we’ve seen the nordic countries if not always get it right, at least try to play it straight on covid. unlike much of the rest of the west, their health agencies seem to enjoy quite a lot of public support and confidence.

    wanna see why?

    it’s because (gasp!) when they make mistakes, they own up to then and then they (double gasp!) change their course of action.

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