News Digest: June 25 – June 26, 2022

  • Depopulation of Taiwan

    Birth Rate Dropped by 23% in ONE YEAR — And it is NOT Covid

    But these governments will continue to blame COVID when the obvious answer is sitting right in front of them.

    When expressed in “sigmas”, units of standard deviation, the 23.24% drop in the birth rate in Taiwan is a 26-sigma event!

    Standard Deviation 2009-20210.7412921843
    Absolute Drop:1.9526248
    Drop in Sigmas26.3408254

    This is can be described as “unimaginable” in terms of the likelihood of happening due to random chance.

    The Wolfram-Alpha illustration of likelihood by sigma only goes to nine-sigma. They thought that it would be pointless to show more sigmas. Except a 26-sigma drop in birth rate just happened in Taiwan.

    Are we looking at significant depopulation in the coming decades? I hope not.

  • On Losing "Roe"

    Dr. Wolf if pro-choice. I am pro-life. This is an excellent essay and I recommend reading the entire essay regardless of your view one way or the other.

  • Symptom Laundering...

    “Symptom Laundering” is a phrase I don’t want to forget. Jessica says this:

    As time progresses, it will become impossible to hide the adverse events, both acute and delayed, induced by the COVID-19 injectable products. They are just too prolific. I say this with a lot of confidence. There are 14,330 different MedDRA codes reported in VAERS as of June 24, 2022 in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products reflective of the number of adverse event report types. A very commonly reported adverse event to VAERS is shingles or herpes zoster.

    What I am also confident about is the clever planning being done in the background on behalf of WHO? (pardon the potential pun) to ensure that their injection program is not interrupted.

    The rest of the article discusses an example.


  • Dr. Paul Alexander Tells it Like it Is

    I love the passion of Dr. Alexander. Plus he’s incredibly smart and intelligent. He does not suffer fools. I’m posting the entire article here. Go to the link to see the two contradictory statements by Trudeau.

    Trudeau: it is these two statements that gives us the fire inside to wage a battle against this insanity; this Prime Minister forced these ineffective deadly COVID injections on our police & military

    Today, many of our police & military in Canada walk around vaccine injured, they just do not know it yet, it is coming, sadly, due to him & his inept specious public health PHAC & HC officials

    Every lockdown, school closure, mask mandate, every single COVID policy failed in Canada, federally and provincially and at a city level, under the threats of the most inept, illogical, incompetent, moronic, craven, irrational, specious, non-sensical, unsound and idiotic public health officials at PHAC and Health Canada, and at the provincial level with Doug Ford’s Science Table. What a complete bunch of egg heads, just purely inane and vacuous ding dong people who preen as if they are knowledgeable on anything they have said for 2 years, especially those idiots Juni, Fisman, Boddash (not sure how to spell his name but a pure idiot in epidemiology), Williams and Kieran. I notice many of them are running scared and resigning.

    Preserve all documents, we will be coming back to each and everyone of you for future legal proceedings. We wish to examine each death under you due to your policies and account for every tax payer dollar. We want to see whom among you and your family and friends got rigged bogus corrupted contracts using COVID relief money, PPE money.

    I will stop there. Did I miss any adjectives to tell you what I think of the ass h**es in the public health agencies in Canada? Did I? I feel so hurt for our precious police at all levels, and our military for there will be deaths to come due to being forced to take the injections and this Prime Minister should feel ashamed for doing this to healthy people when he took 4 shots and masked and all and he still got infected. It is so funny yet we have to cry about this. He should be ashamed about the risks he has incurred on our nurses who will pay a price in time to come. All the federal employees who bought into the scam and took the injection. They will be harmed. I am so very sorry.

    Let us pretend and assume the following were indeed vaccinated. We have Newsom, Fauci, Trudeau etc., these so called ‘leaders’, all infected after 4 shots (boosters) and even antivirals as they do not trust the injections even as they rush to take antivirals, it is so ludicrous; with repeated reimmunization and treatment, double boosted and likely Paxlovid rebounded. What can I say, yet these ding dongs are quick to run to the podium and tweet telling us the injections saved them. What idiots! They are dangerous and reckless still shilling for these failed and harmful jabs. Can one be that stupid?

  • Dramatic Decline in Births in Germany

  • The TruthLion Cometh

    More evidence, like we needed anymore, that the U.S. Gov’t and it unhealth agencies lied to us bigly. Will there come a point where the MSM cannot ignore all this? I would not count on it. I think they’ll  just keep lying until masses of citizens rise up and say “no more.”

    Another excellent article by Dr. Robert Malone.

    OK, just to put a fork in it and call it done, this means that the fact that the vaccines were not effective at preventing infection, replication, and transmission of the virus were known to the Response Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force(opens new window) during the Trump administration, and furthermore, Dr. Birx explicitly acknowledged that the clinical trials were not designed to assess whether the genetic vaccines could enable herd immunity (to achieve which requires a product that can block or seriously reduce transmissibility of the pathogen). Therefore, these facts were known by Dr. Birx well before the time when the Washington Post was accusing me of being a liar for stating precisely this truth(opens new window) on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Of course Youtube has deleted videos of that speech, but it can still be found on Rumble(opens new window), and the prepared text is still available here(opens new window).

    Suffice to say, Hope concerning effectiveness of a vaccine using previously untested genetic modification technology(opens new window)is not sufficient justification for federal action to block early treatment optionsmandate administration of unlicensed Emergency Use authorized vaccine product candidate to all members of the US Militarymandate administration of said product to airline personnel, mandate administration to federal employees and contractorsmandate administration to hospital employees, and attempting to mandate administration to private sector employeesThere is no clause concerning Hope as an indicator of efficacy or effectiveness in the Emergency Use Authorization…

    I think Dr. Malone is pissed and rightly so. He and others like him have been right since the beginning and all they got for their troubles were smear campaigns and social media suspensions.

    June 21, 2022 by Josh Guetzkow, Ph.D.

    “In a stunning development, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week admitted — despite assurances to the contrary — the agency never analyzed the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for safety signals for COVID-19 vaccines.

    The admission was revealed in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted by Children’s Health Defense (CHD).”

    Why are we not surprised?

  • What Roe vs. Wade Teaches Us About The Importance Of Medical Ethics

    This is an excellent article. Please consider reading the whole thing.

    In many cases, a debate on the ethics of a politicized issue is impossible because individuals are so emotionally invested in their position the morality or truth of their position is not a primary concern.

    One of the best ways I have found to summarize this is that unless someone is willing to suffer to abide by their ethical principles, their specific ethics are relatively meaningless, and are simply arbitrary ideals being chosen for convenience. Similarly, some activists are willing to take a very hard road to do what they feel is right, while others primarily adopt a cause because it is convenient for them and they receive the support of the majority for doing so.

    The Doc shares this quote from the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) President Sterling Ransone, Jr:

    Patients must be able to depend on their physicians to help them make critical decisions about their personal health. Physicians must be able to practice medicine that is informed by their years of medical education, training, experience, and the available evidence, freely and without threat of punishment, harassment or retribution. The Court’s decision prevents these basic tenets of healthcare.

    Wow. But they’re perfectly willing to castigate doctors who spread “misinformation” about COVID. Shouldn’t these physicians be “able to practice medicine that is informed by their years of medical education, training, experience, and the available evidence, freely and without threat of punishment, harassment or retribution”? Just asking for a friend.

    Major Concerns

    One of the major concerns I have had with this general lack of reverence for life has been what it could lead to. Individuals I know who have witnessed communist genocides provide the clearest reference point I have come across to how evil things can become once the society no longer values life.

  • My Body My Choice, But Not Like That!

  • if truth in advertising laws applied to federal agencies

    These memes will make you laugh. Seriously, they will. Click the link. Just do it.

  • What Twitter Doesn't Want You Talking About...

    Sheldon was locked out of his Twitter account for “misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.” It’s worth looking at this article just to read Twitter’s reasoning…typical bullshit. In the article Sheldon writes:

    Summarized…the Fully Vaccinated Mothers may have unknowingly been poisoning their children through breast feeding.

    Now…this is pretty serious for 2 big reasons right now.

    1. The FDA has just approved of the Jabs for the 6 Month-4 year age group.
    2. There is a global shortage of Baby Formula.


  • Geert Vanden Bossche Recommends No Travel to Other Countries

    Read the whole thing. It’s short. Here’s point #6:

    Avoid travel to other countries and follow the situation in your own region / country and also worldwide, especially re: avian influenza

  • EU Renews Digital Covid Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback

    This is an article by Robert Kogon.

    The EU has opted to extend the covid certificate despite the overwhelmingly negative results of a public consultation on the subject that was launched by the European Commission under the heading of “Have Your Say” and that was open to the public from February 3 to April 8. The consultation elicited over 385,000 responses – almost all of which appear to be opposed to renewal!

    This is typical of our governments and probably has been for a lot longer than any of us would like to admit. It is not about we, the people want, it is about what those who have the money to influence the appropriate puppets, want.

    Here are several of the responses translated:

    I am completely opposed to the establishment of this certificate given what is currently happening with the EU’s disastrous handling of Covid…

    I want this cst [probably a reference to Belgium’s “Covid Safe Ticket”] or vaccine passport simply to be eliminated…

    There are claims made in the draft document that are not scientifically supported. For example, it is claimed that the Covid certificate represents effective protection against the spread of the virus – what data can support this claim?…

    Hello, I am shocked and disgusted by the freedom-killing decisions taken in the EU … as regards this “European certificate” …

    The covid certificate or green pass SHOULD BE ABOLISHED immediately as discriminatory and unconstitutional and not supported by any scientific data, because it is exclusively based on PUNITIVE measures for citizens…

    I am opposed to the extension of the green pass, which serves no purpose other than creating discrimination…

    I never want to be subjected to a discriminatory certificate again…

  • The Eric Adams Cure for Non-Compliance: Compliance

    This is an article by Thomas Harrington. Very good. These are the three paragraphs that stood out to me:

    Put another way, the self-appointed bringers of the new and—of course—infinitely more just and healthy new world to come are convinced, as the full-bore creatures of a materially-bound consumerist thinking that they are, that everyone else also views the world in strictly transactional terms.

    Sure, they admit, some of the resistant people do often adduce historically-anchored moral arguments for not accepting the wonderful gifts they and their fellow vanguards are selflessly offering them.

    But as these same vanguards know all too well from their successful experiences of climbing up the institutional ladder, most, if not all, moral arguments deployed today are pretextual, mere smokescreens for tactically obscuring the presence of the amoral self-seeker that they know ultimately governs every person’s comportment in the world.

    This may be one aspect of the elites that works in our favor. It is great mistake to assume that everyone else is like yourself, that everyone else has the same moral code and convictions or lack thereof as yourself.

    The elites and politicians who have climbed their respective ladders by being immoral cannot conceive of a populace that truly has morals. We do.

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