News Digest: June 27 – June 28, 2022

  • A 3.7% rate of myocarditis in our latest survey of vaccinated Americans

    The CDC has always told us that there is only a slightly elevated risk of myocarditis from getting the vaccine. They cite data from the VAERS system showing low report rates. However, they always conveniently “forget” to mention that VAERS is under-reported and fail to estimate the VAERS under-reporting factor. This means their estimates are likely off by a factor of 100 or more.

    Now we have confirmation from multiple sources that the CDC is misleading people and that their numbers are, in fact, at least 100X too low…

    Beware of Doctors

    Your doctor will not be able to mention any of this to you without fear of losing her license to practice medicine. So the medical community will ignore this result even though they can easily replicate the study.

    That’s just how medicine works nowadays.

  • Systematic Demographic Differences Between East & West Germans

    The map in this post is very interesting. Essentially it shows that the East Germans are far less trusting of the government than their West German counterparts. I guess if you’re used to communist bullshit you have some good training to see it in our current situation. Check out the map!

    Eugyppius explains and we know this, that East Germans lived so much oppression and silencing and government propaganda and the map shows how they have resisted the government COVID injection bull shit. They resist everything I think. Resisted more than the Western Germans. I know it is one nation today but there are structural differences that still remain and the past still lurks emotionally and mentally and it played out well here and clearly, in East versus West German uptake of the vaccine and now we see in terms of infection post vaccination. Maybe the East Germans are and were stronger emotionally and physiologically all along given their past and the stresses and horrors of life under East bloc communist rule where they had less access to most normal day to dat[sic] items.

  • How the Sausage Gets Made

    Last week, the Lancet published a new preprint on a “mathematical modelling study” by Imperial College—funded by GAVI, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization—claiming to show that Covid vaccines saved 20 million lives.

    Never mind that the study was only a preprint. Never mind that it was based on mathematical models which were little more than opinions. Never mind that the models somehow ignored natural immunity, deaths prior to the vaccine rollout, Covid’s highly-stratified risk by age, and the reduction in Covid’s severity over time. Within three days, the study’s farcical conclusion had been scooped up and dumped across the front pages of the world’s most influential media outlets.

    The Mystery

    This process is, of course, nothing new as far as the response to Covid. From the very beginning, virtually every Covid policy has come about as a result of elite institutions and regulatory bodies throwing their reputation behind studies of questionable origin and scientific merit, for reasons that remain largely a mystery.

    Justifying Mask Mandates

    To this day, the CDC continues to justify mask mandates that have violated the fundamental autonomy of millions of Americans based on one study claiming that two hairdressers wearing cloth masks did not spread Covid to their clients. And virtually every official in charge of the response to Covid repeated the absurd claim that Covid vaccines prevent infection and transmission, a claim that we now know was based on little more than “hope.”

    Mass Formation

    In several articles and my book [Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World(opens new window)], I’ve gone to great lengths to try to explain the psychological resistance that the vast majority of the public seem to feel to momentarily looking behind the curtain of government propaganda and mainstream headlines about Covid. If they did, they would soon see the pseudoscientific rubbish that actually goes into the mandates which have been so catastrophic for the free world over the past two years. The truth is that most people don’t particularly want to know what’s gone into these policies that they supported at least at some point, and for which they feel a little bit responsible. In some sense, the CDC and media outlets are simply telling the public what they want to hear, in turn perpetuating the same policies. The result is that this is Ding’s world; we’re just living in it.

  • No more clinical trials needed

    The main reason my immediate family did not get the vaccine had solely to do with the fact that no one knew or still knows what the long-term effects of the vaccines are. That’s about all we knew, so we didn’t get them. One of the best decisions of our lives. That’s not  hyperbole.

    If they pass this (and they will, of course) maybe the silver lining is it will be a good, easy to understand, argument to use to try to red-pill our families and friends. “Joe, they’re not even testing these anymore!”

    This looks like a very good, in depth article. I just skimmed it. It seems like, with all the people I follow, that the articles about he dangers of the vaccines are increasing in both frequency and volume.

    Jessica Rose in one of my favorites.

  • NEJM: Global Warming Causes Stillbirths, Birth Defects, Infant Heart problems

  • Cracks develop in the FDA's "Future Framework" narrative

    But cracks are appearing in the FDA’s usually well-scripted plan. Ms. LaFraniere quotes three people as voicing doubts about the viability and advisability of reformulated Covid-19 shots. Even though the NY Times does its usual Pharma cheerleading, there is an undercurrent of concern that runs throughout the piece.

    Too Fast

    The SARS-CoV-2 virus was always a bad candidate for a vaccine.

    It evolves too fast.

    What Now?

    But now all of these actors find themselves in an untenable situation.

    The shots are not working. Everyone knows this. More people have died of Covid since the introduction of the shots than before they were available. The mainstream zombies repeat the mantra that these shots are still somehow protecting against severe outcomes. But that’s pure speculation on their part. With viral evolution, some variants will inevitably be less dangerous than others — the mainstream does not deserve any credit for that.

    Who Needs Trials?

    So the Junta declares, ‘let’s skip clinical trials altogether and just inject any ol’ thing we want into people!’ That’s literally the position of the W.H.O./FDA/White House/mainstream media at this point. They are declaring that This Wily Virus(TM) evolves too fast and so therefore, all Americans should inject mRNA with ZERO clinical safety studies. “Trust Us(TM)” they say, “We Know What We Are Doing(TM).”

    The Only Way Out

    Therapeutics are the only way out of the pandemic. The website c19early lists all of the treatments and all of the studies that have been conducted in connection with these treatments. Keep in mind that the Gates Foundation and the medical establishment funded studies that were obviously rigged to torpedo ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Once you remove their outlier results you get a pretty good picture of what is working if used for prophylaxis and early treatment.

  • when reality fails to align with your model, change reality

    more and more, i suspect we are terrorized by ideas of AI not because we fear it will take over the world but because we fear it might actually show us the world.

    and A LOT of people have a vested interest in that not happening.

    AI, Not What They Expected

    this is getting ready to set up a really nasty confluence:

    • those who would impose technocratic dogmatism masquerading as “the science” upon you for prestige, power, and profit need new trick
    • and the path of AI is taking them in the wrong direction

    and this is driving the would be “leaders” wild with cognitive dissonance and anger.

    What’s a Technocrat to Do?

    and now to keep this game alive, they need to indoctrinate AI before it gets any better at calling them out as frauds and fools.

    and as ever, the best way to ensure garbage out is to put garbage in.

  • Modern Medical Ethics and How They Relate to Roe vs. Wade

    As I searched for the unifying thread in medical ethics, I eventually realized that there was one very consistent principle: whatever results in a billable procedure is typically the ethical choice. Hence the ethical contradiction between allowing abortions and mandating vaccines no longer exists because each one creates business and revenue, and in both cases, the alternative position would be financially detrimental to the medical industry.

    Recurring Billable Procedures

    As far as I know, the most problematic recurring billable procedures occur for children. For example, most pediatric medical practices cannot be financially sustained without administering large numbers of vaccines to each child, an issue that sadly has gotten worse in recent times as insurance companies have started to heavily penalize doctors who do not vaccinate all of their patients.

    Core Protections

    As our recent times have helped to make clear, once you take away the core protections afforded to individuals, the laws that remain will always be abused. It is for this reason that I tend to favor laws that protect individuals from criminal behavior and their governments (these are typically much more difficult to abuse), and in most cases, I oppose laws designed to coerce any type of activity.


    One of my continual regrets about the world is how infrequently people think about the consequences of their actions because they become so narrow focused on the specific thing they want that they often miss the bigger and much more important picture around them.

  • How I'm treating my COVID

    I’m double vaxxed. It didn’t help of course. I finally got COVID for the first time. Here’s how I’m treating it.

    Kirsch goes briefly into how he took the red pill and then goes into the protocol he is following.

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