News Digest: June 4 – June 7, 2022

If the digest seems a little sparse this time around, you can thank my MAGA friend for that. We spent a couple of days together, hiking, conversing, watching movies and consuming some adult beverages. We didn’t solve the world’s problems, but the break from them via nature and sitting on the back porch with the dog and chickens was refreshing. Maybe we’ll solve those problems on his next visit.

  • the regulatory capture of "unexplained" deaths

    Another good article by “The Bad Cat.” He ends with this:

    and the response from FDA is: so let’s stop looking at data and start approving new versions without clinical trials or testing just as they eliminated panel review for these mRNA products as soon as the panels started objecting to putting them in kids.

    these are the greased rails of graft and institutional capture. the principled people quit in disgust over it and those who remain are there to play ball and feather nests.

    the focus of these institutions is neither safety nor efficacy. it’s crony corporatism.

    the FDA no longer functions. no single regulator so permeated by industry can. if you want real safety and accountability, you need markets.

    single point of permission = single point of capture.

    and those held hostage by it will inevitably be us.

  • Media: What We Warned About In 2018 Is Now A Conspiracy Theory in 2022!

    A very good article. She concludes with this:

    The corporate media is no longer a fact-based industry — it’s an ideology-based industry.

    Election fraud is a lie for the moment in our media because Democrat politicians currently hold power in several branches of government.

    The corporate media will hold this current ideological position until the next GOP politician who’s elected president is sworn into office — and then it will reverse its opinion again.

    That’s why nobody trusts the media anymore— and rightly so.

  • Ba.5 is a "Variant for Boosted People"

    Summary: The BA4/5 sister variants currently dominate two countries: South Africa and Portugal. South Africa is barely vaccinated (only 35% had a vaccine, 5% had a booster), whereas Portugal is 95% vaccinated and 70% boosted. The situations in these countries could not be any more different: while Ba.4 and Ba.5 were mere blips on the radar in South Africa, these same variants are driving a deadly wave of Covid in highly-vaccinated Portugal, with deaths among the Portuguese nearing January peak and showing few signs of abating.

    South Africa and Portugal form a two-country controlled experiment: vaccinate one country and do not vaccinate another, and expose both to Covid Ba4/5. The difference in outcomes is telling.

    Health officials in all our countries should face charges for crimes against humanity.

  • Rethinking the Second Amendment

    Very good article by Naomi Wolf. Her transformation is worth reading about.

    The last thing keeping us free in America, as the lights go off all over Europe- and Australia, and Canada – is, yes, we must face this fact, the Second Amendment.

    The Brilliant 2nd Amendment

    Without the brilliantly-conceived and clearly-worded Second Amendment, without the deterrent to state and transnational violence of responsible, lawful, careful and defensive firearms ownership in the United States of America, it is clear that nothing at all will save our citizens from the current fates of the people of China, Australia and Canada; including the children; who are facing — unarmed, defenseless as their parents sadly are — even worse fates, perhaps, still ahead.

  • guns and government

    the purpose of an armed populace is to PREVENT the state from doing things to the people against their will.

    The Purpose

    the purpose of an armed citizenry is to deter and if need be resist predation by the state.

    government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

    it is only when this consent is exceeded that conflicts may arise.

    and why should any free citizen consent to be unable to defend their rights and freedom if it should?

  • Will McGill's "Pseudoscience Buster" debate me? Or is he chicken?

    Of course not. If Steve Kirsch is so full of shit why will no one debate him? No one. He offers money. He offers to let them choose the topics. They can bring anyone they want, but no one will debate him. He does require that it be recorded for posterity. Ahhhhhh….there you go. Now it’s all making sense. Will Kirsch get his debate? Not a chance.

    I predict he’ll run for cover. I’m sure he’s too busy to chat with me. He had time to read my stuff and write up the hit piece, but I’ll bet he’s now tied up with another really important project… for the next 20 years.


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