News Digest: June 8 – June 10, 2022

He [Adrian Veidt] is proof of the thesis that a crazy clever person is incredibly dangerous. Because he thinks he's doing the right thing

— Adi Tantimedh, "Watchmen": The One Thing Nobody Says about Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias?

The first article, “Specialization is Anti-Education,” is very good. I recommend reading the entire article.

The 2nd article, “back to the future: modern media emulates victorian debasement,” is also very good and I recommend reading the entire article.

  • Specialization is Anti-Education

    This is an important article. I highly recommend reading the whole thing. My wife and I were just talking last night about this, the idea that it will take us, the nobodies, to take our world back.

    We’re asking the wrong question(s) about education and greatness. We turn greatness into something mythological that can only be achieved according to the judgment of promoters who write the news and history. The notion that all the heavy lifting of society building is done by a few Einsteins completely ignores the complex interplay of all the members of the tribe (not to mention most of the real accomplishments of society, which includes such mundane tales as vegetable gardening and child rearing).

    The Truly Important

    And who is to say that the most brilliantly creative person (who might be worthy of an Einsteinian label) won’t be somebody doing something we don’t even have a name for, yet? And why would raising an amazing set of twelve kids (should that turn out to be his preference) be any less valuable to the world than solving some problem 99.99% of the world has never heard of and 99.9% of those who have cannot understand?

    What’s the Answer?

    I don’t mean to make it sound like I have all the answers here. Much of the point is that the complete set of answers is something like a reorganization of the maze in which the whole tribe participates. We need to allow for the powerful forces of emergent organization, and that involves the whole tribe, from the ground up.

    Heroes Needed

    Reformulating the great mass of humanity will be up to all of humanity. It will be up to people whose interests are simply feeding their family more than it will be up to somebody who checks the post-Ivy League fame checkboxes. It will be up to the unsexy maintainers of the sewers as much as the heli-drone builders. It will be up to new networks not codified by the bureaucratic maze enthusiasts, whose children have not been wed to Moloch.

    The future belongs to the people who can stand apart from it all, and do the work to untangle the labyrinth map. Now the generalists must be heroes.

    Crawford’s Conclusion

    Okay friends, I’m wrapping this one up now. I told you it was too soon. I told you it was imperfect. But I think I’m right that waiting for perfection would be waiting too long. I reserve the right to rewrite all of this as inspiration hits. This is all too important to leave in place. This is far too important not to discuss. This is for the children who may build the next Age of Enlightenment.

  • back to the future: modern media emulates victorian debasement

    Another good article by el gato malo. My only issue is the “our choices.” They weren’t my choices. I don’t do what he espouses we change. I realize he is probably just speaking to those that do, but it reminds of being in church when the pastor starts castigating everyone for fornicating, when it’s only the two people in back row who are doing so. Still, it’s a great article. I recommend the whole thing.

    people lament how “woke” and crazy the media has become and marvel at how out of touch and outright deranged it has become. they wonder how its politics became so bizarre and performatively outlandish. they boggle at the voices it chooses to platform and the things those voices have to say.

    i’d like to put forward a somewhat unpopular idea: this is not really the media’s fault and there is not a whole heckuva lot they can do about this.

    the problem is us.

  • Dilbert takes on Big Pharma

    Click the resource link, then read through the strips using the button on the right. This is a whole series on Big Pharma and “The Pill” as the Dilbert characters call it. Worth the read.

  • Michigan Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested in Connection to Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

    We are living in a banana republic.

    Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley was arrested June 9 and charged with participating in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach, according to federal prosecutors in a court filing in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

    Kelley, a Republican, was taken into custody on four misdemeanor charges that stem from the Jan. 6 breach, prosecutors said in court documents filed on June 9. He’ll make his first court appearance on June 9, according to reports.

    A criminal complaint by federal prosecutors noted that Kelley didn’t actually enter the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021. Instead, he is being charged with entering and remaining within a “restricted building or grounds without lawful authority,” disorderly conduct in a restricted building or grounds, knowingly engaging in an act of physical violence against a person or property on restricted grounds, and willfully injuring or committing any depredation against any property of the U.S.

  • RSFIEDLLFNKV... are we looking at weaponized amyloidosis?

    See the article for references. This is a rather technical article. I’m noticing prions getting mentioned more and more.


    Among the many, many proteins (at least 20,000) that we humans have, we have prion proteins. Prion proteins or cellular prion proteins (PrPc), are native to humans, is in our brains and expressed all the time. When these particular proteins mis-fold, then, Houston, we have a problem.

    These mis-folded proteins are called prions (mis-folded prion protein (PrPSc – Sc is for Scrapie)) and are associated with neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It seems that they can transform or ‘teach’ other prion proteins to mis-fold (transmissible), as well. It’s not really teaching as much as proximal disallowance of proper folding. This ‘enables’ an autocatalytic reaction whereby the PrPSc catalyzes the mis-folding of PrPc to produce more PrPSc due to the fact that prions are resistant to proteolysis – the process of ‘removal’ of mis-folded proteins.

    Jessica Concludes

    If you want my advice, really learn how bad and irreversible amyloid plaque formation is…and convey to your loved ones being told they need to get injected again that the shots may cause them. Chris wrote that the accumulation of amyloid plaques are a universal hallmark of Alzheimer’s but not necessarily the cause. Agreed.

    The thing that worries me about this is that the systemic formation of amyloid plaques would explain so many, if not all of the severe adverse events that we are seeing in VAERS and other adverse event reporting systems. To me, it would explain myocarditis.

  • Members of Congress Demand Answers

    Eighteen sitting Congressional members wrote a strong letter to the FDA demanding answers prior to the decision by regulators to approve COVID-19 vaccines for babies and young children aged 6 months to 4 years old. The FDA VRBPAC advisory panel is scheduled to meet on June 15 to discuss authorization and this letter addresses the fact that there are questions and facts that the FDA must consider prior to EUA authorization.

    I predict nothing will happen. The powers that be keep doubling and tripling down regardless of the real science. Malone concluded with this:

    Let us hope that the FDA answers the questions posed honestly and forthrightly. That they then actually use these questions and the obvious answers to make the decision to not grant an EUA for COVID vaccines for babies and young children. The FDA should do this on the clear and compelling evidence that these vaccines are not needed, as clearly documented in the letter. It is time to put the “emergency use authorization” powers away.

    The emergency over –

    The strategy now is don’t let your children get vaccinated…no matter what. Never. I hope the FDA backs off from this, but I doubt they will.

  • Twitter made a huge mistake. I was right about prion diseases. They were wrong. Surprised?

    Here’s a definition of prion disease(opens new window)

    Prion disease represents a group of conditions that affect the nervous system in humans and animals. In people, these conditions impair brain function, causing changes in memory, personality, and behavior; a decline in intellectual function (dementia); and abnormal movements, particularly difficulty with coordinating movements (ataxia). The signs and symptoms of prion disease typically begin in adulthood and worsen with time, leading to death within a few months to several years.

    From Kirsch’s article:

    Now we have even more devastating proof that we were all correct.

    Check out this article(opens new window) (use google translate to read in English).

    Here’s what it says in a nutshell:

    1. Many variants of COVID can cause prion diseases. Omicron cannot however.
    2. Both mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) can too
    3. Not only is this verified using a laboratory technique (prion-like amino acid composition (PLAAC) analysis), but it was also observed in France.
    4. Prion disease is incurable; it always results in death. Average time to death for these cases is 143 days.
    5. There were 50 cases in France. But there were just 54 million people with at least one shot, and they probably didn’t find every single case, so that’s an incidence rate of 1 per million. That would be normal if the cases were spread out evenly over the entire year. But they were not. Not at all.
    6. They looked at 26 of those cases.
    7. On average, less than 12 days elapse between COVID-19 gene therapy and the onset of the first symptoms, which are subsequently diagnosed as Creutzfeld-Jakob. That is the smoking gun. This is impossible to have happened by chance. Chance doesn’t work that way: it spreads out the cases evenly over a year. Look at the height of the blue bars in the (terrible) figure below…. all the blue bars are really short. That’s causality right there. It doesn’t get any more clear than that.

  • When Believing the Health Authorities Requires Denying Obvious Realities

    We, the public, are the most important stakeholder and it is not us who make the decisions or are responsible for the execution. What is new is how we unquestioningly accept every new goal, every justification, how ready we are to forget today what we were convinced of yesterday, how willingly we go for the next booster believing, truly believing the reason the last one failed to protect us was just bad luck.

    We have collectively accepted a parallel world, a parallel set of truths, and however far it is from actual reality does not matter in the least. Our goal is not to eradicate the disease, not to live with it and minimize the harm it causes, our goal is to sustain our belief in the cult leaders, no matter how often they mislead us; with every lie, every shifted target, every excuse, our faith only grows stronger.

    With every excuse we accept, with every denial we echo, every misguided action we support, we entangle ourselves more and more deeply; by each step, we take a higher stake in the narrative, and the higher it gets, the more fiercely we defend our parallel set of truths; the harder it becomes to break away and accept reality.


    But the third paragraph of The New York Times article describing the trial’s results is the terrifying one:

    While those results seem encouraging on their face, many experts worry that the virus is evolving so fast that it is outpacing the ability to modify vaccines — at least as long as the nation relies on human clinical trials for results.

    The key words there are “relies on human clinical trials.”

    According to this article flu shots have used this strategy for some time and essentially useless, though not dangerous. The issue here is, mRNA vaccines are dangerous.

  • I have a dream ... that epidemiologists would no longer voice their opinions on C- 19 mass vaccination ...

    One of the more hilarious articles on herd immunity and vaccination I’ve encountered has, once again, been written by an epidemiologist: as-solution-to-covid-pandemic/101123292

    This gentleman is poking fun at people who “were attached to the now-discredited notion of letting a dangerous virus rip through the population to reach the critical level of population immunity needed to reduce transmission.” It’s ironic that this epidemiologist dares to make such a statement as it quickly becomes crystal clear from his illiterate talk that he doesn’t even understand what herd immunity is all about.

    Bossche Concludes with This:

    In summary, I am rephrasing his concluding remarks as follows (I changed the part in bold):
    Right now, at the start of winter and with few COVID restrictions, it has never been more important to ensure you ……stay away from the vaccines.


    This is What is Actually Happening

    Again, current vaccines that reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in vaccinees are not reducing viral transmissibility at the population level! This is because the dominant propagation of more infectious variants (a direct consequence of mass vaccination!) combined with the enhanced susceptibility of vaccinees to infection with these very same variants increases viral infection and (mild to moderate) disease rates largely beyond what can be compensated for by diminished viral transmission in vaccinees, even if combined with other behavioral and environmental measures. In other words, reducing viral shedding (amongst vaccinees) is completely futile if this implies enhanced susceptibility of this part of the population to the dominantly circulating variant. This is analogous to continuously ridding your bedroom of dust in a way that increasingly accumulates only the part of dust that you’ve become most allergic to. Will that cleaning operation make you less susceptible to an allergic reaction? No, it won’t— on the contrary, you will now be exclusively exposed to the type of dust you’re becoming increasingly allergic to!

  • Bombshell: Ex-Dominion Employee Has Fulton County "Re-Certify" Primary Results In Secret Meeting!

    Truly, I no longer trust elections. This is where we are.

    Georgia’s primary elections have descended into chaos in Fulton County and DeKalb County — and Dominion Voting System machines are at the center of both scandals.

    In fact, an ex-Dominion Voting Systems employee named Dominic Olomo appeared at an emergency election meeting (on a Sunday!) in Fulton County to announce that “discrepancies” in Dominion machines forced him to “recertify” the results of the primary election without having any vote totals to verify!

    Banana Republic

    Let’s begin at the beginning of this farce. (A lot of things happened last week.) On Friday, the U.S. Federal Government was forced to admit that Dominion Voting machines (used in all of Georgia’s counties) were vulnerable to hacking — and CISA released a “vulnerabilities advisory” to state election officials regarding “versions of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite ImageCast X.” That same week, DeKalb County (GA) released the results of a hand re-count in the District 2 County Commission primary race that revealed such massive discrepancies in the “official” Dominion machine results that it completely flipped the race’s results.

  • The Criminal Treatment of a DMED Whistleblower

    The article concludes:

    After the glowing testimony by sentencing witnesses, to include the company first sergeant, others who have worked with and known 1LT Bashaw for a while, who made comments like: “we cannot wait to have him back at work,” “he is one of the best leaders ever,” and, “if I ever have to go to war I want 1LT Bashaw by my side,” the command, or Army, has now decided that they have lost trust in 1LT Bashaw. Seems rather inconsistent and more like sour grapes with the command and Office of Staff Judge Advocate, despite Vindman’s victory laps, now has egg on their faces and is thoroughly embarrassed that their plan of making an example of 1LT Bashaw has gone awry.

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