News Digest: May 26 – May 27, 2022

  • California Poised to Adopt ‘Medical Misinformation Bill’ Targeting Alternative COVID-19 Protocols

    Assembly bill 2098 passed the California house yesterday 53 – 20. This is the big one. If you don’t trust what your doctors are telling you now, it’s going to be even harder in the future to trust anything they tell you if this bill passes. Here are some highlights from The Epoch Times(opens new window) article:

    The California Legislature is poised to pass Assembly Bill 2098, described as a “medical misinformation bill.” If passed, the new law would prohibit doctors from freely providing medical advice and treating their patients if those practices run counter to the official state sanctioned position.

    Medical Boards

    On June 29, 2021, the Federation of State Medical Boards issued a warning, stating that “Physicians who generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards, including the suspension or revocation of their medical license.”

    Unprofessional Conduct

    Should AB 2098 become law, doctors who prescribe medications not approved by the state or who claim unsanctioned drugs are effective would see their licenses revoked and face strict penalties and disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California.

    In short, AB 2098 would designate the dissemination of information not approved by the state related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes “COVID-19,” as misinformation or disinformation, which constitutes unprofessional conduct.

    Don’t Doubt the CDC and FDA

    “In nearly every hospital and clinic in the United States right now, it’s considered to be some form of misinformation or disinformation to say anything other than the vaccines are safe and effective,” Haider noted. “To say there are any risks associated with the vaccines is claimed to be misinformation or disinformation, and the working definition of misinformation or disinformation seems to be anything that would prevent someone from submitting to or doubting the FDA and CDC guidelines and recommendations.”

  • Judge Strikes Email, Testimony Suggesting Trump-Russia Claims May Have Been Fabricated

    Well, of course he did. This is the battle. Over the last few I have lost almost all faith in the government, the judicial system, the police and the medical establishment. The Epoch Times article ends with this:

    The string of unfavorable rulings for the prosecution has led some legal observers to say the treatment of Sussmann differs from past high-profile cases, such as that against Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

    “While the judge in Flynn’s case was eager to remove obstacles from the prosecution’s path, the judge in Sussmann’s case seems to have created a virtual obstacle course for Durham,” Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said in a recent op-ed. “Durham may be able to jump the legal hurdles, but he will do so without much of his evidence. To paraphrase Charles Dickens in ‘A Tale of Two Cities,’ for a prosecutor D.C. can be the best of venues or it can be the worst of venues.”

  • Something Stinks In Georgia

    When I saw the Georgia results for Kemp I knew something was up. Emerald confirms this:

    Sure, Georgia is an open primary state — Democrats are allowed to vote in the GOP primaries there — but that’s not the real story. Look at the RCP polling average: Brian Kemp was getting 52% of the votes and his main challenger, David Perdue, was getting 38% of the votes just before the race.

    On Primary Day in Georgia, Kemp gets 74% and Perdue gets 22%. Nobody in any election in America gets 74% of the votes. Ever. It doesn’t happen.

    Obvious fraud.

    More Problems

    Now take a look at Patrick Witt’s numbers county by county: he got the same percentage of votes in 122 out of 159 counties in Georgia.

    Let me repeat: the same percentage. Patrick Witt gets the same percentage in deep blue counties as he gets in deep red counties. Uniform numbers.

  • Under Legal Pressure, San Diego Schools Delay Vaccine Mandate With No Religious Exemptions

    It’s hard to believe that a headline like this even exists. I live in San Diego county. I was born in San Diego county. The public schools want to mandate the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccine.

    First Things First

    Homeschool your children! Don’t make excuses, just freaking figure it out and homeschool them. The system is broken.

    From The Epoch Times:

    “The school board’s decision to postpone the mandate earlier this year was likely made in order to evade Supreme Court review,” Jonna said. Soon after, the district decided to reimpose the mandate as of July 2022.

    “Thus, we immediately filed yet another motion seeking injunctive relief–set for hearing June 15, 2022,” Jonna said. “But the district is pulling its mandate, yet again–likely because it realizes, once again, that the mandate would be struck down in court.”


  • Mingling Among Vaccinated Can Make Vaccines Appear Less Effective

    The Reuters Staff wrote this article and no doubt the Reuters staff are highly trained virologists and immunologists…yeah, right. Get a load of this first sentence:

    (Reuters) – Increased contact among vaccinated people can give the false impression that COVID-19 vaccines are not working, researchers warn.

    This is based on the report (opens new window) entitled:

    Higher contact among vaccinated can be a mechanism for negative vaccine effectiveness

    I find all this laughable. So get the vaccine because it is safe and effective, that is, it will keep you from getting infected with COVID. Oh wait, I guess it won’t keep you from getting infected, but if you do it get infected, it will not be as severe. And you’ll probably keep getting infected, but don’t worry about that…that’s how these vaccines work. Well, honestly, they’re not really vaccines in the traditional sense. But don’t worry about that. Oh, one other thing…mingling with other vaccinated people “can be a mechanism for negative vaccine effectiveness.” So stay away vaccinated people. Your best bet might be to mingle with the unvaccinated, just don’t get red-pilled while you’re doing that.

    Back to the Medscape article:

    The simulations do not prove that this type of bias affected studies of vaccine effectiveness versus the Omicron variant. They show, however, that “even if vaccines work, increased contact among vaccinated persons can lead to the appearance of the vaccine not working,” Bodner said.

    In other words, the vaccines don’t work. Tell me something I don’t know.


  • 18 Major Airlines, FAA, and DOT to Be Sued Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

    “Fundamentally, this case is about whether Americans should be required to choose between their livelihoods and being coerced into taking an experimental, dangerous medical treatment,” reads the lawsuit…

    From the lawsuit PDF, opens new window  (opens new window) »:

    190. Initially, it was widely claimed that these vaccines prevented infection and transmission of the COVID-19 virus; but soon it became obvious that these vaccines were not vaccines in the classic dictionary sense. Rather these “vaccines” were mere gene therapy treatments and did not provide any immunity, only reduced severity of symptoms, for those who took them. This distinction is important; it means that any alleged benefits of taking the shots were merely for the individual recipient and provided no protection for others.


  • Defending Sovereignty: The Fight of our Lifetime

    Good article by Dr. Malone. In a nutshell he is writing about the power of individual states and that this may be the answer to Federal overreach.

    Furthermore, it has become increasingly clear that it is grossly naive to expect solutions to these corrupting influences to come from either Congress or the entrenched and captured bureaucracy. And one hard truth learned by the first Trump administration is that the executive branch lacks the power and authority required to replace the entrenched bureaucrats that have become the ruling lords and ladies of the new inverted Totalitarian reality which is the entrenched Federal bureaucracy.

    State’s Rights

    Those of us fighting for freedom have come full circle and now confront the issue of state’s rights.  This is a fundamental principle of our republic (often incorrectly referred to as “our democracy”). Each state has the ability to govern itself, within the confines of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those powers are vast but frequently under-utilized. States have the power to ensure that a strong federalized governance is not the norm.


    But what happens when a state like Florida becomes a threat to the Federal government exceeding its enumerated powers, and seizing control of more powers that have been traditionally assigned to the states?  The back and forth between President Biden and Governor DeSantis over Florida’s COVID policies make clear the power that the Federal government has developed over states by leveraging the distribution (and ability to withhold) Federal Tax dollars. The actions of Governor DeSantis of Florida are so harshly criticized by those who control the levers of the Federal government (as well as purchased main stream media) because he has refused to comply with the Biden administration’s HHS bureaucratic edicts.

    After the Biden administration admonished Florida for stagnant vaccination rates in Florida, the Feds then decided to federalize the distribution of monoclonal antibodies so that those who don’t get the vaccine have no alternative treatment option. This is a prime example of the retaliatory tools available to the Federal government, and illustrates that the Federal government is able and willing to compromise the health of US citizens to punish a state that choses to be noncompliant.

    Federal Funding

    States must remember that Federal funding is not the be all, end all. If a state can develop the political will to refuse such funds, sovereignty can be re-established. This requires that plans can be made to mitigate the impact of such an action. These Tax kickbacks are often weaponized in an arbitrary and capricious way by the Federal Executive branch to illegally control state policies, including public health policies. State leaders who are willing to walk away from federal funding, who are willing to work with other states and congress to negotiate better terms for federal dollars, may offer the best hope for breaking this Federal overreach.

    Trump Showed the Way

    The federal government has been intentionally infiltrated by Globalists trained by the World Economic Forum.  Make no mistake. The elites and transnational corporations have and continue to undermine our institutions and our very Constitution. President Trump has taught us that we can’t pull our punches, we must act aggressively and give no quarter.  That means utilizing every tool available; these tools include using the judicial branch (the courts), working to elect and educate legislators and of course, educating and mobilizing the populace.

    The Time is Now

    So, get ready patriots – we have a lot of work to do in the coming months.  First and foremost – let’s take back the House and Senate in November and flip as many states as possible to RED. We must have as many congress people as possible who are committed and aware that our nation is in danger.

    Fire up your engines – and let’s get to work!

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