News Digest: Nov 22-26, 2022

Crushing It by Bob Moran

Crushing It By Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My personal article output has lagged lately for various reasons that I will not bore you with because you are not here to hear about my freaking boring life you are here to get information and laugh at my feeble attempts at humor. Don’t deny it. Some of you are laughing now but not for any of the reasons that I want you to be laughing. It’s a tough road, but I chose it.

  • What Is the Third Party Technique? An Exploration of the Propaganda That Sustains the Pandemic Industrial Complex

    I make a small commission if you use this link to buy the book

    This is a long article but well worth the read. Of all the articles in this News Digest, this is one I would recommend the most.

    From having watched the world for a while, I have come to accept people in power (either politically or financially) lack many of the morality and ethical frameworks we assume everyone would use to guide their actions. In turn what determines if most of the immoral actions those in power might commit happen or don’t happen is simply how feasible the actions are and what potential consequences might occur from enacting a policy. This is why laws that protect individual liberties are so critical in any form of government; governments will inevitably do bad things to their citizens unless they are restrained from doing so.

    Our Wonderful Government and Vaccinations

    • The primary obstacle to these programs [population control] has always been their feasibility.
    • That vaccines represent the ideal method of population control (as vaccines are universally trusted and easy to mass administer).
    • That there have been decades of research into making vaccines that sterilize women, which in some cases have been covertly forced onto women of childbearing age against their consent.

    Collatoral Damage

    Human beings have a fundamental inability to be present to the needs and suffering of those they do not have some type of connection with. Once one achieves a position where they are in charge of a large number of people, those people stop being seen as individual human beings and rather become an abstract collective where the overall benefit of the group takes priority over each individual within it.

    Why We Get Bad Leaders

    Most power structures naturally select for the most cutthroat and sociopathic individuals (conversely, while I would like to be in a political office to help the country, I am fundamentally not willing to do much of what is needed to pull that off). Because of this, it is inevitable nasty people will eventually occupy the reins of power. The best book I know of describing this process is Political Ponerology.


    In short, PR is the tool that makes it possible and routine for those in power to do things that would normally be considered completely unacceptable by the populace.

    Commonly Used PR Tactics

    • Crafting a highly controversial event that brings attention to your message….
    • Focusing messaging to suggest the party at fault cares about its victims (this is why you always hear so many clearly fake and insincere apologies in the media).
    • Having focus groups calibrate the language which will be the most likely to persuade the public to follow their sponsor’s objective….
    • Rapidly flood the media with that message (this is the science of creating narratives).
    • Monopolizing all expertise on the issue at hand both threatening or coercing (e.g. bribing) the available experts and by arbitrarily defining who can be an “expert.”
    • Censoring dissenting opinions in every media venue.
    • Using the third party technique.

    A Dirty Secret

    One of the dirty secrets about the news is that much of the content that airs, although presented as coming from the presenting news station, is not produced there. Rather it is produced by a PR firm on behalf of a client and then mass distributing it to news stations who will often default to this airing their commercials as “news” because they are eager to present high-quality content they would never have the resources to produce on their own…

    Lazy Reporters

    It has also been argued this option is often chosen because the staff are lazy and would rather not have to produce their own content. This builds upon the observations of the founder of this practice (which began in the 1920s), who realized the more information his clients provided to reporters, the less likely the reporters would be to go out and investigate for themselves.

    Front Groups

    Another common PR approach is to create or fund groups with nice sounding names that promote industry interests rather than what their names’ suggest.

    What Pharma Companies for Journals

    • Critical in-journal advertisements are only offered to industry-friendly journals.
    • Pharmaceutical companies often make agreements with journals to buy millions of reprints of issues containing a favorable study…
    • Many of the journal editors (who ultimately approve or deny an article being published) are also being bribed….

    I (and I bet you) Also Noticed This:

    One of the things that informed me the COVID-19 vaccines were going to turn into a debacle was how aggressive the PR campaign to sell them was; I had never seen anything similar in my lifetime and almost every stop that could be pulled out to promote the vaccines was….


    • Countless celebrities and media programs promoted the vaccinations (including many disgusting examples like Sesame Street characters becoming vaccine pushers).
    • Authoritative third party messaging and in-person experts supporting the COVID-19 vaccination narrative were given a monopoly throughout the mainstream news (excluding a few exceptions on Fox news).
    • All academic publications worked in lockstep to censor anything dissenting from the narrative.
    • All of the Big Tech platforms (the primary source of information besides the mainstream media) declared only information from authoritative sources (corrupt third parties) could be shared on COVID-19. Anything else was deplatformed and censored.

    Medical Guidelines

    I was originally inspired to write this article upon having the epiphany that the guideline committees we have had so many difficulties with over the last few years are another form of the third party technique. As a brief overview, within our current practice of medicine, most doctors are required to follow health care “guidelines” (as if they do not do so insurance will not reimburse them for their work, corporate employers will sanction them, medical boards or law enforcement agencies may investigate them, they open themselves up to malpractice suits because they “violated the standard of care,” etc.).

    The theory behind guidelines is that the practice of medicine is so immensely complex that it requires a committee of qualified experts to dig through the existing evidence and produce guidelines physicians (who do not have time to review the evidence themselves) can adopt into and improve their general practice with. The problem unfortunately with this approach is that the committees always seem to be filled with individuals taking pharmaceutical money who recommend (or mandate) giving as many of their sponsor’s pharmaceuticals as possible.

    Big Pharma, Big Lies

    To quote Peter C. Gøtzsche MD, one of the leaders in exposing pharmaceutical fraud and corruption within medicine:

    ‘The main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don’t sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs… virtually everything we know about drugs is what the companies have chosen to tell us and our doctors… if you don’t believe the system is out of control, please e-mail me and explain why drugs are the third leading cause of death.’

    We Are All Needed in the Battle

    For example, with no cost except my own time, I can take a day out of my life to put together a well-thought-out rebuttal to the media’s current propaganda campaign which is seen and believed by thousands upon thousands of people. If it was just me, it probably would not matter, but there are many, many, many, more people doing the exact same thing as we speak and it is my belief that they have played a large role in shaping the direction of history over the last seven years.


    I am very hopeful for this future but simultaneously recognize that power is one of the hardest things to let go of, so we will likely see a very rocky transition as we move towards it. In the meantime, I believe one of the most important things you can do is begin to open your eyes to the common PR techniques out there. Once you do, it’s astounding how differently everything looks.

    Two reporters looking into a deep valley on the edge of a cliff. On the other side is a sign: The Truth. One journalist says, You know what? Let's just write propaganda.

  • UC Professors Decry Dangerous Booster Mandates for Students, Faculty, and Staff: A Letter

    This is a most excellent letter. Go to the source to read the whole thing. Here’s a taste:

    Third, while we are not against vaccination for those who choose it, we are deeply concerned about the coercive nature of this medical procedure.  Any medical treatment must be an individual choice and should be made in consultation with one’s physician.  Never before in medical history has an entire population been required to receive a vaccine approved only for emergency use, for which there are no long-term data, and without informed consent, that, as a matter of law and ethics, requires that no one be coerced into a medical treatment.  The shift in UC policy from fully vaccinated to up-to-date signals anticipation of an open-ended process of continuous vaccinations and boosters that goes far beyond addressing a temporary emergency.

    Shows a hypodermic needle: This was Bill's last shot. Reflect. Don't Inject. We have been lied to by the media, our government, the CDC, the FDA, Fauci and a host of medical institutions and doctors. Something is terribly wrong. Enough is enough. We Will Not Comply (Color)

  • New Thinking on ‘Mass Formation’ (Psychosis)

    I’m including this because it has some good things to say, but also some things that I disagree with. It is comment on Mattias Desmet’s The Psychology of Totalitarianism. I have added some comments to some of their points. The ending of the essay, which I have not included, also seems to contradict some of what they espouse before it….but I’m just The Inmate, so what do I know?

    Desmet’s central thesis is one with which we wholeheartedly agree, and it is nearly identical to what appears in our own writings: the populations of many countries became crowds in February-March 2020, obsessed with seeking protection from a new virus. The elites responded to the call for sacrifice and safety by issuing propaganda and ordering health rituals that were eagerly embraced and amplified by their populations. People abandoned their individuality and critical thinking, using their minds not to question the totalitarian controls that removed their basic freedoms, but to rationalise and evangelise them.

    COVID Crowds Disappearing

    Although the covid crowds are now slowly dispersing, the damage is so great and the lessons that humanity’s actions during this period have taught us are so unpalatable and challenging that they send a shudder through those of us who didn’t participate.

    Social Media

    The key thing explaining how the covid fear swept across the world is then (social) media. New information systems allowed for a self-enforcing wave of anxiety to be transmitted person-to-person at scale across the mediums of information sharing, in an extended and deadly worldwide super-spreader event.

    Yes, that wave was manipulated and amplified for all sorts of reasons, but the existence of shared social media across the world was the real enabler of the emergence of the covid crowds. Mass media is the tinder for global crowd formation, not a mechanistic view of the world, the rationalism of the Enlightenment, or the supposed loneliness of people with meaningless jobs. In our view, humanity does not need to be anxious in order to be moulded into a crowd. All that is needed is a megaphone of one sort or another, a medium through which excitement gets shared with many. With mass media spanning the globe, a major worldwide panic was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Moral Appeals?

    More deeply, while we sympathise and agree with Desmet’s soulful appeal for acknowledgements of the limits to rationality, the human need for mysticism and empathic connection, and the good that comes from courageous, principled decision-making, we do not think that such appeals help societies make much progress. For one, moral appeals from the sidelines always sound a bit desperate. The truly powerful have armies and media to enforce their will and crush any such calls into oblivion. Also, when society really wants to remember lessons far into the future, it looks for something to write into history books that is less fickle than morals.

    Tweak What we Already Have

    We won’t stop mass education, mass transport, national taxation, or most of the other activities societies have adopted over millennia in order to thrive in competition with other societies. We will simply tweak the institutions involved in the current set of problems using the insights gleaned from the mistakes and successes of the last round of history.

    In the long run, then, the name of the game is not moral appeals but institutional evolution. Even the French revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks, who both used brutal methods to overhaul their societies, in reality kept the vast majority of the existing institutions in place. The French revolutionaries did not destroy the existing bureaucracy or army structures they inherited from the royal court of the Bourbons, but expanded and modernised them.

    And yet with all these “great” institutions that continually evolve over time….we ended up in the worst position in the history of the world. So I am little skeptical that the author’s idea that we just keep the institutions we have and change them, evolve them, will work.

    Education is Great?

    Crowds can in fact be agents of creative destruction, often leaving their countries with new institutions that turn out to serve a useful function and are kept for centuries. Just think of our systems of mass education that push a common view of history, combined with a single language, a single set of ideals encoded in law, national festivities, allegiance to the flag, and so on.

    I don’t see institutional education as a good thing at this point. It was implemented, essentially, for those in power to have masses of good little citizens populating their businesses. See Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling(opens new window) and Dumbing Us Down – 25th Anniversary Edition: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling(opens new window).

    I don’t know, but didn’t we have these things before our systems of education were implemented? What was that revolutionary war all about? Those were some fairly patriotic people.

    Creative Social Destruction?

    Desmet’s view of crowds is medicalised, but in the long arc of history, crowds and the wars they initiate can be seen as mechanisms of creative social destruction. Crowds are certainly extremely dangerous, but one should not only fear them. Just as our ancestors did, we face deep social problems, like inequality, for which stampeding crowds may be the only realistic solution.

    So war is a necessary, creative social destruction. This essay begin to sound to me like elitism, the ends justify the means. It’s easy to write of wars as “creative social destruction”, but a little harder live or die in it.

    Success is counted sweetest
    By those who ne’er succeed.
    To comprehend a nectar
    Requires sorest need.

    Not one of all the purple host
    Who took the flag to-day
    Can tell the definition,
    So clear, of victory,

    As he, defeated, dying,
    On whose forbidden ear
    The distant strains of triumph
    Break, agonized and clear!

    — Emily Dickinson

    Crashing Down

    Like Desmet, we also believe that totalitarianism will come crashing down eventually, because totalitarianism is very inefficient and loses out against other models of society. Dark times nonetheless lie ahead, for years at least.

    Students along a wall with phones: This Mass Formation Psychosis is such bullshit...they're all saying that.

  • is "go woke go broke" driving "go woke, go home"?

    In short the bad cat thinks we’re winning, that woke is dying. He may be right with the Elon Twitter takeover and subsequent reinstating of Trump and others. I hope so. A very good article. I recommend the whole thing.

    disney, netflix, twitter, it’s all coming apart. all flipping.

    you cannot make money on woke. no one will pay for it.

    this is why government wants to make it mandatory with ESG scoring etc.

    but this is going to be an epic fail.

    they missed the zeitgeist horribly on this one and are miles behind the game.

    and so new management is taking back the reins from the woke warriors who ran so many companies into ditches and the systems of propagation by which these dandelions became the lawn are now running in reverse.

  • Jacinda Ardern Partners With Bill Gates to Rollout Digital ID’s

    Dr. Paul Alexander has this to say(opens new window) about that:

    We need to tell this dimwit to take the digital ID and shove it. I WILL STOP THERE. Why? What I am thinking I cannot write. Point is this psycho PM will move to shut your life down with these passports, it will be the end of your liberties. Game over! This was the aim from day one and they used this fraud COVID pandemic, all of it, and the fraud vaccine to get here. And so you New Zealanders, time to stop practicing your HAKA and do something. No more faces, put it into action. Action. Head to the courts. Use them.

    Photo of Bill Gates with the caption: The Gates of Hell

  • In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, November 14-November 21

    Never, never, never forget.

    Health leader talking to the propagandized masses: It is for sure not the vaccine. I can guarantee you that it is not the vaccine. Nope. Nope, not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine. It is not the vaccine, it is not...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... (color version)

  • Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is causing Hundreds of Thousands to ‘Die Suddenly’ every week & Confidential Pfizer Docs. confirm your Government knew it would happen

    I recommend this full article. There are lot so graphs and charts worth looking at. It’s a very long article, but very good.

    Man yelling: It's Not the Vaccines. Paper headlines: Six Canadian Doctors Die. Excess Deaths increase Worldwide. Chart with ascending lines.

  • Unvaccinated Blood: It is your right to demand and source unvaccinated blood now for yes, Igor is right, the blood supply is damaged now and high risk; I won't want blood from a vaccinated person

    Why would I want blood from someone who is a spike protein factory churning out spike protein 24/7 with inflamed blood vessels and micro clots; why? I want unvaccinated blood, so should you

  • ALERT! The cause of all those heart attacks is those who claim that "vaccination" is the cause of all those heart attacks

    “The science” is now telling us that all those people “dying suddenly” post-“vaccination” have, in fact, been stressed to death by “anti-vaxxers”

    The backtracking and mental gymnastics will now no bounds as the narrative continues to break down. Here’s the passage from the “study” that puts this all in nutshell…nut being the operative syllable there:

    Fear mongering and misinformation being peddled by people with no scientific training to terrorise people into staying unvaccinated is not just causing people to remain susceptible to viral outbreaks, but could also be causing more side effects seen in the vaccination process. This brief review will offer data that may demonstrate that misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination movement may be causing more deaths and side effects from any vaccine.

    A mini review of published literature has been conducted and found that mental stress clearly causes vasoconstriction and arterial constriction of the blood vessels. Therefore, if subjects are panicked, concerned, stressed or scared of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and become smaller in and around the time of receiving the vaccine. This biological mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels under mental stress) is the most likely cause for where there has been blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste that may have been experienced shortly after vaccine administration. The extreme mental stress of the patient could most likely be attributed to the fear mongering and scare tactics used by various anti-vaccination groups.[emphasis mine]

    Source: new window)

    The Midwestern Doctor(opens new window) had this to say about that “study”:

    On many levels this article is absurd (e.g. while extreme stress can occasionally cause some of those symptoms, the stress the vaccinated experience is nowhere near that degree, and there is no mechanism to explain how the unusual blood clots found in the vaccinated could be due to vasoconstriction).

    This article instead follows a long tradition within allopathic medicine to blame severe medical injuries within patients on psychological factors that are not the responsibility of those prescribing the medications. Since it absolves the medical profession of responsibility…

  • Answering the critics of "Died Suddenly"

    The critic, Eric Burnett, MD says there is nothing to see here: these are just regular post-mortem blood clots

    Kirsch quotes Dr. Ryan Cole’s rebuttal:

    Eric Burnett, MD is an internist, not a pathologist, nor mortician. The arrogance of inferring that a mortician, a professional, beyond his experience, cannot make a valid observation beyond his own naïveté, is the epitome of hubris. He has likely seen one or two autopsies in his entire career. He has not seen, observed, nor described countless post mortem clots. A gelatinous saddle embolus is “apples to oranges” compared to these post “clot shot” death clots. He has never embalmed a body. He is entirely and exceedingly out of his lane. Post mortem, rubbery clots are as rare as hen’s teeth. He is likely covering his “gene injection” pushing ass. Morticians did not have trouble cannulating and embalming bodies prior to the jabs. He is acting as a bloviating, pharma, financial and hospital administrator defending shill, having zero experience, nor idea of what he speaks.

    Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting  the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.

    With a modicum of humility, he might acknowledge alarming rates of excess deaths in the hyper injected, young and healthy and see the actual harm of failed gene based experimental injections, that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands to millions.

    Having performed countless career autopsies, examined dozens of these novel clots, extensively explored the spike protein clotting mechanisms, diagnosed over 500,000 patients through the microscope, in my extensive career, I invite my colleague, Dr. Burnett, and any colleague, from around the world, to sit at my microscope, and observe the truth, and set aside their purchased pride. The cells don’t lie!!!

    Honor the dead who speak loudly. Stop fantasizing that you can ever vaccinate ahead of an always mutating coronavirus, especially with a “variant expired” investigational gene product.

    Honor your oath to “first do no harm,” instead of hiding behind an uninformed ego, shaded with harmfully naïve, humanity destroying pride.

    Wow! And Kirsch is right, this useful idiot, Eric Burnett, will never debate Ryan Cole on this. As Kirsch says, Burnett is probably trying to cover his ass. These must be prosecuted.

  • Elon Musk announces 'general amnesty' for all suspended Twitter accounts starting next week

    Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, announced on Thanksgiving Day a “general amnesty” for all those whose Twitter accounts were suspended under the former management.

    This will includes dozens, if not hundreds, of doctors, researchers and others whose accounts were “permanently suspended” under Twitter’s “Covid-19 Misinformation Policy.”

    They include Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Andrew Bostom, Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. James Hill, Dr. Paul Alexander, J. Jay Couey, PhD, Jessica Rose, PhD, tech inventor-researcher Steve Kirsch, researcher Edward Dowd, author-researcher Naomi Wolf and countless others.

  • I just talked to embalmer Richard Hirschman about the reaction from Died Suddenly

    Richard told me that:

    1. Nobody from the mainstream media is interested in covering the story. No calls. He’s lonelier than the Maytag repairman.
    2. No fact checker has contacted him about the movie.
    3. He’s been attacked. The doctors, who have no evidence whatsoever, have determined that these are just regular blood clots and the hundreds of embalmers that say they’ve never seen anything like these clots before are all lying.
    4. There is no motivation for the embalmers to lie. The vaccine is good for their business. By speaking out, they will reduce their business and run the risk of having their licenses revoked. So why are they lying?
    5. Richard related the story of people in a hospital talking about the movie. One of the doctors said, “This is just a conspiracy theory.” Another doctor said, “No it isn’t. I know one of the embalmers and I’ve seen this first hand. It’s legit.” The response was, “We aren’t allowed to talk about that” and then they changed the topic.

  • Australia recommends against fifth vaccine dose as fresh COVID wave builds

    Public Health Authorities are finally trying to climb out of the hole they dug for themselves. Norway, Australia… who’s next?

    From Reuters:

    SYDNEY, Nov 15 (Reuters) – Australian health authorities have recommended against getting a fifth COVID-19 vaccine shot, even as they urged those eligible to sign up for their remaining booster doses as the country’s latest COVID wave grows rapidly.

  • Pilot of Boeing flight from Novokuznetsk to St. Petersburg dies suddenly on board plane

    THE pilot of a Boeing aircraft died during a flight from Novokuznetsk to St Petersburg in Russia on Sunday, September 18.

  • Pilot Dies Suddenly After Collapsing Shortly After Takeoff from Chicago Airport (AUDIO)

    Reports surfaced on Tuesday that a recently hired Envoy Air pilot had collapsed and been pronounced dead shortly after taking off from Chicago O’Hare International Airport en route to Columbus, Ohio.

  • On the 59th anniversary of JFK's assassination, Fauci's farewell performance shows how utterly corrupt the government and "our free press" have both become since that dark day

    On the other hand, the faithful readers of this Substack know a lot about the doctor’s history, especially his “COVID record”—enough to know that everything he said was an outrageous lie, as was every statement by Dr. Ashish Jha, Biden’s top COVID adviser, and a vocal worshipper of Dr. Fauci. In their universe, in which “our free press” also dwells, COVID’s deadly progress was stopped cold by the “vaccines,” and won’t come back throughout these next cold months if those still “unvaccinated” finally do the Right Thing and get “vaccinated,” too; and if all of us put on our masks, and get routinely tested (and get flu shots, too). It’s mainly the “unvaccinated” who’ve been dying of COVID, and filling up the hospitals, these last two years, whereas the “vaccinated” have been doing really well, since the effectiveness of those “vaccines” has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the data on their “safety” is, exulted Dr. Jha, “terrific.”

    November 22, 1963

    A proper answer to that question would take far more space than I have here; but I can say with some assurance, and in grim remembrance of this fatal date, that We the People starting living in a world of lies back on November 22, 1963, when the forces behind Fauci and his many deadly projects killed the president of the United States in broad daylight, and then, with the collusion of the press, concocted a Big Lie wherewith they hid what they had done—a lie that, since it was never properly exposed, those forces then outdid time after time, always in cahoots with “our free press,” and to the ever greater detriment of all the rest of us, not only in this country but throughout the world.

    Tony Fauci holding up a card that says: The science is whatever I need it to be.

  • HUGE - Norway does massive U-turn on boosters...

    A bunch of health experts and doctors in Norway are now saying that they don’t think younger adults should take the boosters, one doctor even said he won’t take them himself!

    “No, I won’t do it. I have recently had covid-19, but I wouldn’t have taken this booster anyway” said Einar Sagberg, Senior infectious disease Doctor in Drammen.

    Other senior doctors in Norway are warning that especially young people should really think twice before taking the booster.

    “Especially the youngest should consider potential side effects against the benefits of taking this dose” says Ingrid Bjerring, chief Doctor at Lier municipality. She herself is not planning on taking the booster either!

  • COVID 2022: Here Comes "The Big Kill"

    The corporate media in America has completely dropped the COVID pandemic narrative in the second half of 2022 — it’s almost as if our corrupt corporate and political elites want you to forget their two-year propaganda campaign to impose universal vaccinations, public masking, and lockdowns.

    What has happened? They’re all scrambling to obscure the next stage of the COVID pandemic: The Big Kill.

    Mortality statistics from the first half of 2022 have finally been released from a handful of countries— and what started as terrible anecdotal evidence a year ago has now hardened into a nightmarish data-storm.

    Google is so Helpful

    Meanwhile, Google has started suppressing search results for “died suddenly.” That phrase has also been trending on Twitter for the last few months. Be warned: the countless personal stories that are posted on a daily basis with the hashtag #diedsuddenly on social media sites are so heartbreaking that it’s difficult to read them.

    Medical Profession has Failed Us

    I’ve talked to quite a few people who don’t feel the same after getting vaccinated — and they feel even worse after they visit their doctor and get the cold shoulder. The medical profession in America has totally destroyed its credibility by pimping for Big Pharma. People are never going to forget the treason of their physicians. Never. They know those bastards tried to kill them. The bill for that betrayal hasn’t come due — but it will very soon.

    I hope she’s right, but it seems nothing ever happens to these people. Nothing.

  • Thinking Points, November 22, 2022

    This is an excellent article by Toby Rogers. A great overview of several things.

    They are holding a losing hand and keep increasing the pot

    Yeah I confess, I don’t get it.

    The leaders of the clown show — Gates, Walensky, Fauci, the WEF, the White House, etc. want this to go on forever.

    But the signal is already here:

    • Increase in all-cause mortality.
    • Increase in heart attacks and strokes.
    • Increase in cancer.
    • Increase in infertility and miscarriages.

    Twitter and Human Trafficking

    Turns out, the thousands of Twitter censors who banned medical freedom accounts for the smallest thoughtcrime — were simultaneously protecting pedophiles and sex traffickers

    Human trafficking survivor Eliza Bleu has been doing the Lord’s work on Twitter, by showing exactly how the platform protects pedophiles and sex traffickers. According to Ms. Bleu, before Elon Musk bought Twitter, it was very difficult to get Twitter staff to do anything about the sexual exploitation of minors on the site.

    Getting Around the Gun Problem

    They figured out how to get people to genocide themselves

    The 393 million guns owned by people in the U.S. were not enough to stop fascism because the propaganda comes straight into your house through the cable and then people drive themselves to their genocide appointments.

    The Reality for the Powers that Be

    Bougiecrats, it’s over.
    You were wrong.
    There’s no play here.
    No face-saving move.
    No amnesty, no claim that “we didn’t know” or “both sides were wrong”.
    You f*cked up. Massively. Worse than you’ve ever f*cked up anything in your life.
    You killed people, probably including people you loved.
    Take the L.

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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