News Digest: Nov 3-5, 2022 – They Want Amnesty?

Amnesty by Bob Moran. Used by permission.

Amnesty by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

  • Public Health Elites Who Pushed Anti-Science Policies Deserve Accountability, Not ‘Amnesty’

    I’m not familiar with Justin Hart, but the one thing absent from the article is any discussion of adverse events and deaths. Other than that, it is a good article.

    Fear-mongering virus prophets that prided themselves on public health damaged public trust more than anything else.

    Fear-Mongering Virus Prophets

    The current crop of failed fear-mongering virus prophets coupled with the low uptake of boosters is a stark and terrible reminder that the institutions that prided themselves on public health damaged the public trust more than anything else. Your trust should be in the bedrock of our Constitution, not in some self-endowed title of “science.” Public trust in our institutions is sinking and it will require a public trial of our policy decisions to right the ship.

    Oster might still find some goodwill for engaging with those of us who got it right – even if she attributes that to a “hefty element of luck” – but she shouldn’t presume that we will forget this any time soon.

  • What we might learn about this next election from what happened on November 22, 1963

    This is no trivial matter, since Rather’a bald misrepresentation of that crucial film affirmed the CIA’s false claim— which “our free press” had pounded into every heart-and-mind in the US, and much of the whole world (and which the New York Times continues to support)—that JFK had been assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting all alone, and stationed up behind the presidential limousine, on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building): a Big Lie that Dan Rather powerfully corroborated.

    It was not until March 6, 1975, when the film itself was broadcast to the national audience (on Geraldo Rivera’s late-night show on ABC, thanks to Robert Groden and Dick Gregory), that the American people could, at last, see for themselves the evidence that Rather had misreported some twelve years before, and realize that that fatal shot had been fired from the front.

    The 1963 Coup

    That murder was a coup, whose proximate intention was to undo JFK’s election, by putting in his place a president who would (and did) move quickly to abort JFK’s boldest plans: a phased withdrawal from Vietnam, betterment of US-Soviet relations, “total and complete disarmament,” rapprochement with Indonesia, increased aid to Africa and South America (to foster economic self-sufficiency), curtailment of the powers of the Federal Reserve, and constriction, or elimination, of the CIA, among other steps that would have brought great change, and with broad popular support—and, therefore, that JFK’s mighty enemies conspired to halt across the board.

    The 25th Amendment, Section 4

    That Section 4 could also justify a bloodless coup by players consumed with hatred of a president has now been proven by the Democrats who (a) spent four years hysterically demanding that the 25th Amendment (somehow) be deployed to yank Trump out of office, on the grounds that he was (somehow) incapacitated, though he obviously wasn’t, and yet, since then, have (b) not once mentioned using it to ease Joe Biden out of there, evidently (somehow) thinking, or pretending, that he is not disabled, though he obviously is.

    In the article Miller annotates a tirade by Dan Rather. It is worth the read. Of it Miller says:

    I could go on (it’s kind of fun), but will stop there, as I believe I’ve made it clear enough that Rather’s diatribe, while journalistically appalling, is just as crude—and dangerous—a jolt of propaganda as the lie he told so solemnly three days after JFK’s murder, in helping with the cover-up thereof.

    The Left Prepares Us for Election Fraud

    …the line that we’ve been hearing, inescapably, for weeks, from Biden, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Robert Reich, Pete Buttigieg and all the other Democrats, along with Rather and the rest of “our free press,” and (of course) all “the left”—is itself nothing but a vast projective ruse, intended to allow the Democrats to steal as many races as they can this coming Tuesday, just as they stole the presidency—or, to be more accurate, had it stolen for them—two years ago…

    Proper Investigations

    For that matter, “January 6” should also have been properly investigated—not as some horrendous crime against democracy, but as a psy-op managed by the FBI, and played up by the media, to make it seem a traitorous offense to question the results of our elections (an inquiry that ought to be routine in a democracy).

  • WARNING: The COVID gene injection vaccine is causing the variants, NOT the virus! if we want this pandemic to end, we MUST stop COVID vaccine; the pandemic will go on for 100 years if we don't stop!

    I think this is the key paragraph:

    You do not want antibodies ‘binding’ to the virus yet not neutralizing it. Then the virus will become stronger and respond. You will tend to give the virus properties it did not have. You can then run the risk of having antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and disease (ADED) when the induced vaccinal antibodies do indeed bind to the virus, but do not neutralize (eliminate, destroy). Huge problems also emerge when there are sub-variants that do not match the induced ‘antigen-specific’ high-affinity vaccinal antibodies (original antigenic sin plays out-immune priming or fixation, where the initial prime or exposure prejudices the antibody recall life-long).

    They Knew

    This vaccine does not stop transmission as is non-neutralizing and if you cannot cut the chain of transmission, you will never EVER get to herd immunity. This is a dangerous joke now and IMO, Fauci and Francis Collins and Bourla and Walensky know this and doing this deliberately to keep this pandemic ongoing for 100 years.

    Again, the heart of the problem is that you cannot use this vaccine during a pandemic for those vaccinated will be instantly exposed to the virus so you do not vaccinate DURING the pandemic. You are failing to give the induced vaccinal antibodies time to develop and mature its full binding affinity capacity. The antibodies will then be immature (develops immature binding capacity, immature affinity capacity) and place sub-optimal pressure on the target spike and this causes the variant disaster we are seeing. If we continue these sub-optimal vaccines as we are doing, we will see infectious variant after infectious variant emerging.

  • The Disinformation Commissioner

    Joel Smalley sent out this article from Arkmedic’s blog. What Smalley says in the beginning of his email I think is very important:

    They might get away with it if it wasn’t for these pesky data scientists!

    It’s a real shame the normies are so slow to cotton on or we’d have all the crooks behind bars already and be enjoying a joyous life of freedom. This is a pandemic of gullible, ignorant stupidity.

    It only ends when enough normies wake up so our push back meets with less resistance. Normies are the silent enemy. The perps are all out in the open, making too much noise.

    This is essentially what Morpheus tells Neo during his training in The Matrix:

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

    Go to the source to read the article there are a lot of charts interspersed and this article will make more sense as a whole then in its parts….plus I’m being lazy, but above is a video in the article about the greater good.

    • Are the unvaccinated still a danger to the rest of us?

      What world do these people live in? I thought about doing an entire article on this L.A. Times piece but The Naked Emperor has done it for me(opens new window). Just go read his article.

    • Emily Oster’s Plea Bargain

      The thinking class destroyed public debate by zealously promoting a new censorship regime in every American institution, shutting down free speech and, more crucially, the necessary debate for aligning our politics with reality. Hence, America’s thinking class became the torchbearers of unreality, in step with the Party of Chaos which seized the levers of power. This included the powers of life and death in the matter of Covid-19.

      These were the people who militated against effective early treatment protocols (to cynically preserve the drug companies’ emergency use authorization (EUA) and thus their liability shields); the people who enforced the deadly remdesivir-and-ventilator combo in hospital treatment protocols; the people who rolled out the harmful and ineffective “vaccines”; who fired and vilified doctors who disagreed with all that; and who engineered a long list of abusive policies that destroyed businesses, livelihoods, households, reputations, and futures.

      Just following orders…

      Notably, Ms. Oster’s plea for amnesty and forgiveness, showcased in The Atlantic, omits any discussion of accountability for what amounts to serious crimes against the public. A whole lot of people deserve to be indicted for killing and injuring millions of people. At the heart of her plea is the excuse that “we didn’t know” official Covid policy was so misguided. That’s just not true, of course, and is simply evidence of the thinking class’s recently-acquired allergy to truth. The part she left out of her petition for pandemic amnesty is: we were only following orders.

    • COVID-19 and the assault on the romance of reason and truth. Why we need a resurrection.

      Their claim that everything in the universe can be rationally explained and that mankind had no need of a greater Power with which to contend led to the immediate unleashing of the reign of terror and the French Revolution and in more recent times, to the doctrines of communism and the horrors of the gulag.

      The doctrines of pure reason and rationalism were badly in need of a grand rescue by truth – and this came in a majestic wave that washed first upon the shores of Britain, France, Germany and Russia and then throughout all the nations of the world.


      The romantic poets and artists thus rescued reason from its own destruction and redefined reason as a vital, consequential and inseparable part, but only a part of the search for transcendent, unlimited truth and spiritual rebirth.

      The Takeover is Complete

      I have some sympathy for the term “mass formation” that has been used by Mattias Desmet to describe the apparent flight from both reason and truth by vast sections of our society in the last two years. But I hope have demonstrated to you convincingly, that this is not a new phenomenon that started during the covid era. The takeover of our universities,  was essentially complete more than twenty years ago. The graduates and disciples of these schools of postmodernism have been teaching not only our medical students and physicians, but also our elementary and high school students and at least two generations of students in every discipline in our universities.

      Use Suffering, Don’t Just Bear It

      We can use, not bear, but use suffering to achieve a higher, a nobler and an eternal purpose for ourselves and those around us.

      Our sufferings will then not have been in vain.

      The urgent call for us is to resurrect both science and truth to its rightful place in the affairs of societies and nations.

      The Cross and the Resurrection remind us that suffering can be redemptive and triumphant.

      It also reminds us that transcendent truth is indestructible, since it issues forth from He who is the Truth, Who used suffering and turned apparent utter defeat into the greatest possible triumph.

      We are already winning.

      Never Give Up. Never Lose Hope.

      The work we have been doing is bearing fruit.

      We must never lose hope.

      No tyranny lasts forever and every tyranny has a defined lifespan.

      For us who have grieved and lamented the death of the beautiful union of reason and transcendent truth, a resurrection of both reason and truth is imperative for the future of mankind’s little planet.

      My friends, the body of reason and truth we believed to be dead is stirring.

      A resurrection cannot be far off.

      For all our sakes it cannot happen too soon.

    • How Fauci Fooled America | Opinion

      When the pandemic hit, America needed someone to turn to for advice. The media and public naturally looked to Dr. Anthony Fauci—the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, an esteemed laboratory immunologist and one of President Donald Trump’s chosen COVID advisers. Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci got major epidemiology and public health questions wrong. Reality and scientific studies have now caught up with him.

      An angel leading a soul into hell. Oil painting by a follower of Hieronymus Bosch. Text: Fauci Steps Down...Way Down. Angel says, And this, Tony, is your new neighborhood. (Color Version)

    • Newsletter from True the Vote

      • Website: True the Vote
      • Date: November 2, 2022

      I’m reproducing the whole thing here:

      Dear Friend,

      If we were living in normal times, Catherine would be updating you on the work of True the Vote. However, as you may have heard, she and Gregg Phillips were arrested Monday morning, October 31, 2022, for refusing to divulge the name of an FBI confidential informant. My name is Karen, and I am a True the Vote team member. Catherine has asked me, from her jail cell, to fill you all in on recent troubling developments.

      Since it has been a while since our last newsletter, let’s review the investigations by True the Vote that have become public in the last few months and have led to the standoff in federal court in Texas this week.

      Since January 2021, True the Vote has worked to uncover the role Konnech, a Michigan-based election management software company with what appears to be deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and has potentially played in the subversion of America’s elections.

      The True the Vote team was made aware that the personal information of nearly two million American election workers was stored on a server in China, in violation of US law, as well as Konnech’s contracts between many states and counties. This information included poll worker names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and bank account numbers. Realizing the severe national security implications of the data breach, Gregg Phillips and True the Vote immediately turned over the findings to the FBI.

      For 15 months Catherine and Gregg worked with FBI field agents in Texas on a counter-intelligence operation to end Konnech’s involvement in America’s elections. The FBI already had Konnech “on the radar” due to questionable activities that extended far beyond US elections.

      In April 2022, everything changed.
      Catherine received a call from one of the Texas-based FBI agents, who informed her that the FBI’s Washington D.C. office was now involved in the investigation. The Texas agent informed them that it was possible that they were going to be the targets of the FBI. He suggested that their best option was to go public with what they had learned.

      In August 2022, Catherine and Gregg convened a meeting called “The Pit.”  At the event they told their story for the first time in public to an audience that included citizen researchers, journalists, and law enforcement personnel.

      In September 2022, Konnech sued True the Vote for defamation, racism, and xenophobia for revealing their findings publicly. The court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) to Catherine and Gregg that required them, among other things, to provide to Konnech the names of all the individuals who were involved in the discovery of the poll worker data in China.

      To put this in context, here is a quote from this recent article in AND Magazine by former CIA operations officer, Sam Faddis:
      “Let’s imagine that a drug dealer facing criminal charges filed a lawsuit in civil court to make the cops provide the name of a source inside his organization. Would anyone think for a moment that would be a reasonable request? Would anyone have any doubt as to the fate of the informant if he was identified?

      That’s how ludicrous this is and how obscene.”
      On October 4, 2022, the company’s CEO, Eugene Yu, was indicted in California on charges including fraud, embezzlement, and data breach resulting in the theft of the personal information of election workers in LA County. The arrest was announced by LA District Attorney, George Gascon.

      The arrest was the result of an indictment by a grand jury convened in Los Angeles, which is the nation’s largest voting bloc.

      LA County is just the first of many counties that True the Vote is working to support. There are far more layers of subversion still to be exposed, with this company …. and potentially many others.

      October 7, 2022, Catherine and Gregg’s attorneys made an initial appearance in federal court in Houston to answer the civil lawsuit filed by Konnech. It was at this hearing that the judge issued a highly unusual order…that Catherine and Gregg (through their attorneys) reveal the name of the individual who originally presented them with the poll worker data on the server in China. Their attorney reluctantly complied and revealed the name of this individual.

      October 27, 2022, Catherine and Gregg appeared in federal court in Houston prepared to demonstrate that there was a criminal matter in LA County regarding Eugene Yu and Konnech. The judge refused to consider this evidence and directed Catherine and Gregg to reveal publicly the name of the other individual in the hotel room where Gregg viewed the poll worker data in January 2021. Catherine and Gregg offered to cooperate with the court and Konnech’s lawyers by providing the name of this individual under seal. The judge refused this offer. At the end of a long day of testimony by Catherine and Gregg, the judge found them in contempt of court. They were provided an opportunity to “cure” the contempt on Monday, October 31 at 9:00 AM by revealing the name of the second individual in the hotel room. If they did not “cure” it, they would be immediately remanded into custody by the US Marshals.

      October 31, 2022, Catherine and Gregg refused to name the individual who was in the hotel room in January 2021 because he was not involved in the sourcing of the poll worker data. Catherine and Gregg strongly believe that this individual’s life would be in danger should his name be revealed publicly. They were immediately remanded to the custody of the US Marshal’s Service.

      In a statement last night, Catherine Engelbrecht said, “Trust, honesty, and respect will always be our highest values, regarding both our work and our lives. As a result, we will be held in jail until we agree to give up the name of a person we believe was not covered under the terms of the judge’s TRO. We ask that you keep us in your prayers. Thank you to those who continue supporting and believing in us and our mission to make elections safe for all parties and for all people.”

      I spoke to Catherine today and she wanted me to pass this on to all of you. She met a woman in prison who said, “One thing you need to understand is that, in this place, your life is not your own.”

      Catherine was struck by this because it drives home that Election Day is coming very soon and right now ‘your life is your own and you have choices.’ Choose to vote. Choose to be heard. If you give that right away, slowly but surely your life will not be your own, just like the woman told her in prison.

      “We all have such lives of convenience, and you think it could never happen, like it could never get this bad. I’ll tell you this has been a real wake-up call– to our justice system and to our federal government. Be heard…be heard. The only way we can do that in a Constitutional Republic is to vote.“

      “Vote Serve Pray. It’s like the story of the frog in the pot that is slowly boiling. We are all so comfortable in our daily lives that we do not notice as our freedoms are being taken.”

      We are extremely grateful for the prayers and support of so many people. This is a critical moment in history and we have no intention of stopping now.

      As CE would say…Ever Onward.

      The Ballot. In counting there is strength. That's what's the matter. Boss Tweed: As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it? Say?

    • SORRY ATLANTIC. WHOOPS DOESN'T CUT IT. The Non-Apology Heard Around The World.

      Magazine Cover. Amnesty Today. Walter White Look alike says: Say Nuremberg.

    • Leftists BEG For "Covid Amnesty" After Mocking Deaths Of Americans

      Good video. He also shows many of the things that apparently Oster wants amnesty for. Got to hell.

    • Doctors find Graphene is shedding from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, forming Blood Clots & decimating Blood Cells

      He also demonstrated that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from “vaccinated” to vaccine-free or unvaccinated people destroying their red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.


      Their blood had unusual tube-like structures, some particles which lit up and many damaged cells. Few healthy cells were visible. Until three months earlier, he had never seen these formations in blood.  We now know these tube-like structures are graphene.


      A couple of weeks before the video below was made, Dr. Philippe began noticing a magnetic or electrical polarity effect on different sides of the graphene fibres.  In the image below, to the right of the fibre the cells are coagulated and on the left-hand side is what looks like a gap or roughly backwards “C” shaped spacing.  Dr. Philippe says that this “behaviour” was not seen before but now, all of a sudden, it is being seen in almost every sample.  It is an indication that “these things have changed, their reaction with surrounding blood cells has changed … and I don’t know what triggered it,” he said.

      I wish there more information on the shedding. Are all the unvaccinated experiencing shedding living with the vaccinated, have they only visited the vaccinated? How long in contact with someone do you have to be to experience shedding, etc.? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

    • Scientists worldwide claim all Covid-19 Vaccines contain Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide

      Scientists have published an urgent review of the Covid-19 injections in which they claim to have discovered nanotechnology and Graphene Oxide in both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections, and both the AstraZeneca and Janssen viral vector injections. The new review backs up the findings of numerous other scientists from around the world.

      From Spain

      And now scientists from Spain, have declared that nanotechnology, which has the ability to control atoms in your body, has been found in all of the Covid-19 injections alongside Graphene Oxide.


      In a set of slides of blood samples taken from both “vaccinated” and unvaccinated people, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen demonstrated that the graphene being injected into people is organising and growing into larger fibres and structures, gaining magnetic properties or an electrical charge and the fibres are showing indications of more complex structures with striations.

      He also demonstrated that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from “vaccinated” to vaccine-free or unvaccinated people destroying their red blood cells and causing blood clots in the unvaccinated.

    • No ‘Pandemic Amnesty,’ We Want Accountability

      An essay by Emily Oster, Ph.D., published this week in The Atlantic suggesting “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID” is fanning the flames of fury among those whose lives were destroyed by ad hominem attacks, de-platforming, delicensure, demonetization, demonization and debilitating vaccine injuries.

      Just More Gaslighting

      The Pfizer vaccine trial report hinted at data manipulation, demonstrated an unacceptably high incidence of serious adverse reactions and used short windows of observation to demonstrate dubious efficacy.

      This would have been known to any person, including a journalist writing on scientific topics, who was willing to do their job.

      Instead, Oster audaciously frames dissenters as a mix of those who probably got it right for the wrong reasons, had a “prescient understanding of the available information” or had a “hefty element of luck” on their side.

      Is this really an effort to help us to move forward? Or is it instead a masterclass on how to gaslight a large and growing swath of our population who attempted to point out the futility of governmental edicts, the lack of rigorous testing of experimental therapeutic interventions and the life-saving benefit of cheap and safe early treatment protocols?

      The MSM Publications Failed

      They failed, and they failed monumentally. And to date, they have given us little reason to doubt that they will fail again.

      The pandemic has taught us many lessons, but the biggest one is that we now know what highly influential media publications like The Atlantic really are. They are our authority’s strong arm when it comes to exacting its power and its diplomatic envoy when it comes to asking for forgiveness.

      No, we aren’t gloating. But we are keeping score.

      Photo of many doctors: Pandemic Doctors, because we all need another profession we can't trust.

    • "You Murderous Hypocrites": Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests 'Amnesty' For Pandemic Authoritarians

      The problem was not people’s ignorance of the facts, it was the organized antagonism and censorship against anyone presenting data that was contradictory to the mandate agenda. This is setting aside proclamations like those from the LA Times, which argued that mocking the deaths of “anti-vaxxers” might be necessary and justified.  After two years of this type of arrogant nonsense it’s hard to imagine people will be willing to pretend as if all is well.

      The active effort to shut down any opposing data is the root crime, though, and no, it can never be forgotten or forgiven.

      One cannot help but notice that the timing of the Atlantic’s appeal for passive forgetfulness coincides with the swiftly approaching midterm elections, in which polls suggest a much greater chance of a conservative upset than Democrats previously expected. Though the Atlantic doesn’t admit it, there is a growing political backlash to the last two years of meaningless lockdowns and mandates, and Democrats were instrumental in the implementation of both. A large swath of the population sees one party as the cause of much of their covid era strife.

      Perhaps the mainstream media is suddenly realizing that they may have to face some payback for their covid zealotry? “We didn’t know! We were just following orders!” It all sounds rather familiar.

    • My Friends are Dying of Heart Attacks

      A 50th birthday celebration and reunion is marred by multiple deaths

      And those responsible want amnesty?

      That both brothers died of heart attacks in their mid fifties raises the suspicion of a genetic basis of sudden death after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Such a condition was documented in a recent study by Chupong Ittiwut et al. The authors propose that the period of acute danger is within 7 days of vaccination. However, the case of the Eggers brothers warrants an investigation to determine if this particular genetic condition—or some other inherited arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy condition—may be accentuated by the COVID-19 vaccines, with extended periods of danger following vaccination.

      Vaccine Induced Myocarditis: Man clutching chest, with a large hypodermic needle going into his heart.

    • Orange County declares health emergency due to flu, RSV cases

      A health emergency has been declared in Orange County due to rapidly spreading virus infections.

      The county health officer issued the declaration Monday due to record numbers of pediatric hospitalizations and daily emergency room visits, the O.C. Health Care Agency said in a press release.

      Seriously! Good Night.

      While there is no approved vaccine for RSV — though Pfizer has one in development — Orange County’s health officer, Dr. Regina Chinsio-Kwong, said children and at-risk individuals should keep up to date on flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, wear masks indoors and stay home when sick.

      Protect your child. Children do not need the Covid-19 Vaccine. Group of children all maskless and all smiling. (Color)

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