News Digest: Oct 1-5, 2022: V-Safe!

Peak Insanity by Bob Moran

Peak Insanity by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.

  • Why did the CDC hide the v-safe data from the American people for almost 2 years?

    Because it clearly shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created, that’s why.


    V-safe is a voluntary safety monitoring program put in place by the CDC to monitor adverse reactions after people take a vaccine. The v-safe data shows that 33.1% of the people who got the vaccine suffered from a significant adverse event and 7.7% had to seek professional medical care. These are extraordinary numbers. They clearly show the vaccines are unsafe, that the CDC deliberately hid this information from the American public, and that the drug companies falsified the data in the trials.

    Why No Deaths?

    Death is not a reportable category in v-safe. This is because dead people can’t use their phones anymore. That is why there are no deaths.

    The CDC stopped pushing this system around May 2021 after it became crystal clear that it was accumulating data that showed the vaccines were unsafe.

    Six people staring at the shadow of an elephant on the wall. Across the elephant it says: Vaccine Deaths.: I don't see anything, do you? No, I don't see anything. (color)

  • We Now Have Clear Proof the Vaccine is Dangerous and That The CDC Concealed It

    Aaron Siri was finally able to force the CDC to relinquish their V-safe data, which showed over 10% of recipients suffered significant adverse reactions to vaccination. This article will explain why that is so important.


    VAERS thus occupies a curious position. It is repeatedly cited when it is needed (e.g. to fulfill the required pharmacovigilance role for the FDA) but disparaged as worthless whenever its data is cited to suggest potential harm from vaccination. Many have recognized the shortcomings in VAERS, and attempts have been made to produce more reliable systems, however as these systems tend to then produce evidence vaccines are in fact quite harmful, they are then scrapped (e.g. the ESP:VAERS project).

    Enter V-Safe

    Not surprisingly, V-safe’s data was never made available to the public, with the CDC giving the excuse that they needed to anonymize the data in order to protect patient confidentiality so that releasing the data could be stalled out indefinitely. To any astute observer, this is a clear admission of the data within V-safe was very concerning as the CDC could not afford to publicly release it (the federal government will always try to come up with excuses to indefinitely stall on releasing incriminating data best shown with the FDA demanding decades to curate and release Pfizer’s documents).

    Some V-Safe Stats

    Of the 10,108,273 users who participated in V-Safe the following was found (you can review the data yourself here, keep in mind there will always be a degree of underreporting that occurs):

    • 1,225,867 (12.13%) were unable to perform their normal activities.
    • 1,344,330 (13.3%) missed work or school.
    • 782,913 (7.7%) required medical care, on average 2.7 times.

    This is really bad.

    Common Scheme

    A common way that pharmaceutical companies conceal adverse reactions to their products is to not make those adverse reactions be possible for trial participants to select and document as a reaction (COVID vaccine trial participants have also testified that this happened), and based on the responses that were available in V-safe, it is clear the same also occurred there.

    CDC Didn’t Want to Know

    Additionally, it should also be noted that by May the CDC had stopped promoting this system and its usage dropped off dramatically. In my eyes this suggests that once they realized how concerning the data was, they stopped trying to collect it, and that it was not initially expected that the vaccine would be as harmful as it was.

    The Doc’s Conclusion

    The most important point to take home with all of this was that V-safe was specifically designed to be able to answer questions about the safety of these vaccines that could not be conclusively determined with other methods like VAERS. The fact that the CDC and FDA then stonewalled making that data available to the public clearly proves malfeasance by these agencies and demands a congressional investigation.

    Additionally, although many recent events have made the American people lose faith within the justice system, many of the successful lawsuits (like this one) that have been passed against the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine policies show that the courts can still serve a vital role in protecting our constitutional freedoms if the legal system is approached appropriately. Please consider sharing this article with the appropriate parties (e.g. on Gab or GETTR) because this is a message that can shift the narrative if it gets out, but please also be mindful to avoid claiming anything that is not yet demonstrated within this data.

    Doctor holding a COVID-19 Booster Shot: Tyranny: It's not always what you'd expect

  • Seven people recently "died suddenly" (or did they "just" keel over?) right on camera

    Photo of a woman with a gun to her head that has a covid shot for a barrel: Vaccine Roulette. Don't Play. (color version)

  • Signs of intelligent life on the Stanford campus

    I like Kirsch’s title.

    I went to Stanford University today to see if I could find anyone who wasn’t buying the narrative hook, line, and sinker.

    It only took me 2 hours before I talked to Aleko Brice, a senior at Stanford.


  • Maybe This is a Good Time to Remember that...

    This is a good list of things to remember. Just go read it.

    Here’s what the Yakk concludes at the end:

    Remember the names of every doctor and politician who not only supported this fucking fiasco but encouraged it.

    Remember every silent voice that never stood up against this.

    And now it’s time to remind them of what they helped cause.

    On their every Facebook Status Update, Tweets, Emails, phone calls and other communications…how stupid they were to have believed this would work.

    How they failed themselves, their children, families and communities.

    And that they can never let this happen again.

    Amen, Brother!


  • We Own the Science

    Well, at least now we know. Silly me, I didn’t think anyone owned the science.

  • We WARNED you over & over and we were always right; Bobby Kennedy jr., McCullough, Malone, Risch, Tenenbaum, Cole, Wolf, I, etc.,we warned you; see short list of some of the things we warned you about

    This is the full list from Dr. Alexander’s post:

    We warned that the lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates, vaccine mandates would kill more than it helped and would never work. We were right.

    We warned the COVID gene injections, so called ‘vaccines’, could not stop infection, replication, or transmission. We were right.

    We warned that denial of early treatment that was safe, cheap, available, would cause deaths to the vulnerable. We were right.

    We warned that the vaccines were causing blood clots, micro thrombi with catastrophic implications. We were right.

    We warned that the vaccines were causing bleeding. We were right.

    We warned that the vaccines were causing myocarditis and pericarditis. We were right.

    We warned you that the content of the COVID gene injection does not dissipate quickly, and that the mRNA and the spike and sub-unit components persist and maybe life-long. We were right.

    We warned you that if you locked children down and closed schools, you would dampen and impact their developing immune systems and illnesses like hepatitis and normally benign or rare illnesses in children will emerge. We were right.

    We warned the vaccines were linked to HIV e.g. gp120. We were right.

    We warned that the spike protein is an endothelial pathogen that ravages the vascular walls causing clots and bleeding (vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia). We were right.

    We warned about Gain of Function and the furin cleavage site insertion. We were right.

    We warned that Fauci and Francis Collins and Baric and Daszak etc. were engaging in dangerous Gain of Function research that could be deadly to humanity. We were right.

    We warned that the vaccines were causing fertility changes and miscarriages. We were right.

    We warned that the vaccine was deranging immune systems. We were right.

    We warned the vaccines could be passed in breast milk. We were right.

    We warned that the vaccine content e.g. lipid nano particle, mRNA etc. leaves the injection site and goes all over the body with dangerous implications. We were right.

  • Famous Pro-Vaccine Doctor Suspects Pfizer Booster Shot Sent His Cancer Into Overdrive

    After realizing his COVID-19 booster shot may have sent his cancer into overdrive, Michel Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., professor of immunology and pharmacotherapy at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, said going public with the information was the “right thing to do.”

    Problems after Booster

    But after receiving the shot, Goldman’s follow-up CT scan showed something unexpected: Within only a few days, his cancer had grown so fast that cancerous points were lighting up all over his scan.

    “It looked like someone had set off fireworks inside Michel’s body,” The Atlantic reported.

    Near the Shot

    The CT scan done after Michel’s third dose showed the cancer’s asymmetry had flipped and was clustered by his right armpit, where he received the third shot.

    More Studies

    The brothers said the case study “suggests that vaccination with the [Pfizer-BioNTech] BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine might induce rapid progression of AITL.”

    They noted, however, that it would be “premature” to extrapolate the findings from Michel Goldman’s case to other patients with the same kind of cancer and that “dedicated studies are needed.”

    Vaccines are still the right thing

    “I’m still convinced it was the right thing to do,” he told The Atlantic.

    He remains adamant that COVID-19 vaccines are useful for the vast majority of people, but he is unsure whether he himself will get another booster dose.

    “I don’t know what I will do,” he said.

    It was not the right thing to do with all the data that is out, however, if he thinks so, he should be allowed to say it. The question this article brings up is why isn’t more research being done regarding the post vaccine experience? Or rather why is that research not being released or discussed with the public?

  • Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written


    Why no resistance?

    Many have asked why people didn’t resist tyrants in the past. Partly it is fear. But it’s more than that. It’s that normal people, like you and me, simply cannot imagine being so evil. We trust in humanity. And so we should. Most people are good. Few are truly terrifyingly horrible. But some are. It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stopped people objecting when they should, when the evidence was unmistakable but had not yet quite reached their door, their family.

  • Xlear: A simple, cheap nose spray can reduce your risk of getting viral and bacterial infections

    Here are the key things you’ll want to know:

    1. Spraying your nose (one nostril at a time) with a single spray of Xlear, once in the morning and once at night, can reduce the chance you will get viruses and bacteria that enter through your nose because it prevents the virus/bacteria from adhering to your nasal cavity (see links to studies(opens new window)).
    2. This is the cheapest and most convenient and safest way to prevent getting SARS-CoV-2 that I know of.
    3. I was convinced enough to start using it myself.
    4. I’ve been using it more than twice a day since I first heard about it. So it “sticks.”
    5. There are three reasons for that:
      1. It is super fast to apply
      2. It is very easy to use
      3. It clears my nose to allow me to breathe easier, so even if that’s all it does, it’s totally worth it
      4. It tastes good (you are supposed to inhale through your nose after you spray and either spit it out or swallow it)
    6. It isn’t just me: Dr. Peter McCullough is a fan as well.
    7. The nasal spray is just water with 11% xylitol and .2% grapefruit seed extract. You can make it yourself easily, but I bought a four pack on Amazon for $19. That should last around a year if you do one spray a day in the morning and one at night.
    8. They have 100 employees so it’s a big operation.
    9. They don’t just sell nasal protection (Xlear brand). They also have a dental product line (Spry) and sell raw xylitol (which you can use to make your Xlear refills or use to sweeten food).
    10. The dental line is a mouthwash and toothpaste. Both are superior to other products in terms of the benefits (it prevents the problem in the first place).
    11. You can read more on their website (nasal studies including SARS-CoV-2 tests, dental studies, products).
    12. Disclaimer: I don’t get any compensation or kickbacks; I’m just a fan.

  • New paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death

    A new paper in the peer-reviewed medical literature just came out showing the COVID vaccines, and not COVID, is causing myocarditis and encephalitis leading to death.

    The paper is entitled: A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19(opens new window).

    It was published yesterday, Oct 1, and now has already has over 100,000 views of the abstract and over 6,000 views of the full text.

    Another Study

    Here is the German study on this:

    1. On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination(opens new window) PDF, opens new window (all 15 cases)
    2. Video explanation of their findings(opens new window) (with English voiceover on the first 10 cases)

    Their team was able to develop a way to test for spike protein in tissue and recently confirmed it was found in the tissues of vaccine victims.

    Kirsch concludes:

    In plain English, the vaccines can kill cells in your brain and your heart causing you to die.

  • How the California law AB2098 fits into the whole-of-society misinformation attack framework

    This is a very good article. I recommend reading the whole thing. Here are some highlights:

    The federal government is supposed to tell the truth. In fact, in 2000 a law was passed requiring it to tell the truth, and to make corrections of untruths. That law is titled Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by Federal AgenciesThe Office of Management and Budget had to require that all the federal agencies issue guidelines to keep themselves honest.

    Wow! How’s that been working out for us? Not very well:

    Despite this attempt to make government accountable for its statements, by 2020 the US government and most other governments were in full disinformation mode, lying about almost every aspect of COVID, especially regarding treatments.

    She quotes the Surgeon-General Vivek Murthy:

    Misinformation has caused confusion and led people to decline COVID-19 vaccines, reject public health measures such as masking and physical distancing, and use unproven treatments. For example, a recent study showed that even brief exposure to COVID-19 vaccine misinformation made people less likely to want a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Well Glory Bee, Martha! When people hear the truth about the jabs they think it’s a bad idea to get the jabs.

    It’s not easy to maintain lies about so many things, especially when they were things of great import to virtually all the worlds’ citizens. If the lies were placed next to the truth in a contest, and worthy citizens were able to provide support for each on a public stage, the truth would unquestionably win. So the truth had to be suppressed.

    The method chosen, used worldwide, was the creation of a bogeyman: misinformation and disinformation.

    California: Start Here

    The next step in the effort to criminalize truth and deny patients informed consent and the right to choose their own healthcare was to use the legislatures in Democrat-ruled states.

    California, home to a pretty boy, know-nothing Governor who got scooped up by Klaus Schwab long ago and a pharma-owned legislature, was logically the best place to start. California’s candidates and committees at the state level had mopped up 45.5% of total Pharma contributions made to state politicians—in the entire country. Over the 20 years from 1999-2018, California pols raked in $399 million dollars. $123 million was spent in 2016 alone, the year after infamous bill SB277 passed, removing personal belief exemptions to vaccinations. To be fair, there was also a ballot measure to reduce drug costs in 2016, which was defeated. Pharma is able to channel very large contributions to ballot measure committees, for which there are no contribution limits!

    Lies and Damned Lies

    But AB2098 (Titled Physicians and Surgeons: Unprofessional Conduct )is premised on a series of lies stated right in the bill. Here they are:

    (b) Data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and
    Prevention (CDC) shows that unvaccinated individuals are at a
    risk of dying from COVID-19 that is 11 times greater than those
    who are fully vaccinated. (Gross lie: you are at higher risk of death from COVID if vaccinated, now—Nass)

    (c) The safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines have been
    through evaluation by the federal Food and Drug
    Administration (FDA) and the vaccines continue to undergo
    intensive safety monitoring by the CDC.

    (d) The spread of misinformation and disinformation about
    COVID-19 vaccines has weakened public confidence and placed
    lives at serious risk

    (e) Major news outlets have reported that some of the most
    dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the
    COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals

    California, a Lost Cause

    I live in California so this is hard to accept. We are considering moving, but it pisses me off to no end that my home state, a state I used to be proud of is so incredibly compromised at this point.

    California is a lost cause. And the people know it. Between April 2020 and July 2021, California lost nearly 1% of its population.  This is the first time in recorded history that CA has seen a drop in population.

    California’s legislators will vote for anything, when instructed to do so. I can only recommend that its honest doctors relocate, along with so many others who are leaving the golden state for greener pastures.


  • EXCESS Mortality (all-cause mortality) in selected 'western' nations; see 0% horizontal line

    Excess Mortality Chart, showing many countries with excess mortality

  • The CMA in Canada doesn't want to talk about the excessive number of Canadian doctor deaths

    On their website, they say, “make supporting physician health an imperative for the CMA.” This is bullshit. They don’t give a damn. Here’s the proof.



    I like this guy.

    My view was and continues to be that AB 2098 will never go into effect because some court is going to enjoin its enforcement before it goes into effect in January. The issue got a little more complicated based on a Ninth Circuit decision a few weeks ago. However, I am still convinced that the Supreme Court and lower courts will not allow a medical board to restrict, interfere or sanction a physician for providing information to a patient, even if that information is against the current mainstream Covid narrative.

    I  hope he’s right, but a case he thought for sure he would win, the judge dismissed (see next article) and he thought it might have some bearing on Newsom’s decision to sign or not.


    I thought I was right on the law and I thought I had the facts on our side, especially since 1. there has never been a court in the U.S. jurisprudence that has allowed a board to sanction or even investigate a health care provider based on the provider’s public speech, 2. the Board admitted that contrary to its claim on its web site that humans screen complaints, a computer generates a form letter asking the doctor to respond to the complaint, and 3. the Legislature declined to give the board the power to investigate the public speech of physicians.

    However, the judge said that he agreed with everything the Board said, most notably that the Mackenzie did not have “standing” to sue (i.e., the right to sue in federal court) because nothing happened to him; he just got a form letter asking him to explain and justify his comments to the school board.

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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