News Digest: Oct 30-31, 2022

  • Working Toward Our ‘1946 Moment’

    I just discovered this guy in the comments section of Substack. I am encouraged by how many great comments you can find to articles in Substack. There are so many people out there who have excellent minds and who are thinking earnestly about the situation we are in. Sean Arthur Joyce is one of them.

    Friends, I am the casualty of a bioweapons attack. We all are—and some are fatalities. We have to stop kidding ourselves that we’re not in a war, or that we’re only in a metaphorical war. This is a real conflict with real casualties. This is millions of people injured in both Europe and the United States, to say nothing of Canada. This is tens of thousands killed by a gene therapy injection meant to ‘save’ them….This is the FDA committing scientific fraud in order to license these same dangerous mRNA vaccines for children as young as six months old, who are at zero risk of dying from Covid-19. If that doesn’t describe a war I don’t know what does.

    Are We Just Playing the Board Game ‘Clue’?

    And are we still playing “Clue” the board game while the others play for real? Thank God for our whistleblowers: Dr. Peter McCulloughDr. Robert MaloneRobert F. Kennedy Jr.Dr. Charles HoffeDr. Julie PonesseDr. Byram BridleDr. Naomi WolfDr. Jessica RoseDel Bigtree…. Heroes all, from their haloes down to their socks, but they’re up against an evil such as the world has never before seen, even worse than Nazism or Stalinism. People so evil they’re willing to shoot dice with the law of unintended consequences—gambling with peoples’ lives—and drop a biological agent on an entire world.

    This is a War

    This is a war and we are in occupied territory. In any wartime situation, governments operate in an ex judicio state, which simply means in Latin, “outside the law.” That means that in wartime, the only law is “Might is Right.”

    He quotes Karl Popper:

    …modern totalitarianism is only an episode within the perennial revolt against freedom and reason.

    The Truckers

    The Truckers’ Convoy was a supreme example of the peoples’ will erupting in a spontaneous, peaceful demonstration. But from the start, one thing worried me: it was like a body with a great big heart full of courage, but with no head—no strategy, no endpoint beyond simply ending vaccine mandates. Generally in a war such counter-insurgency measures come with a distinct set of demands. Remember: we are up against well-funded, well-organized, well-trained organizations like the WEF, the WHO, and the CDC—all of them with access to billions in resources to develop their strategies.

    Nuremberg (emphasis is the author’s)

    To me, we’ll be in a situation analogous to the 1946 Nuremberg Trials ONLY when all of the war criminals responsible for engineering and releasing a dangerous bioweapon on the world are in prison, all of those responsible for forcing a dangerous vaccine on people are in prison, all of the government bureaucrats responsible for life-threatening lockdowns—all sentenced to life with NO possibility of parole and the worst mass murderers given the ultimate sentence.

    Then and only then can we begin to build a new, more just world.

    Advice from Jesus (emphasis is the author’s)

    Jesus once said you can’t sew a new patch on an old garment because it won’t hold together. While I respect and admire Brian Peckford and his proposed new Magna Carta for the Canadian constitution, I think the party system is corrupt beyond repair. Jesus’ principle applies to our broken democracies: tinkering with them won’t solve the problem. They must be rebuilt from the ground up.

    He quotes Popper again:

    “Economic power must not be permitted to dominate political power; if necessary, it must be fought and brought under control by political power.” AND: “…the old question, ‘Who shall be the rulers?’ must be superseded by the more real one, ‘How can we tame them?’”


    I conclude with the words of the late historian Howard Zinn: “Our problem is not one of civil disobedience. Our problem is civil obedience.” He was summing up a principle of anarchism: what we need more of is NOT obedience to a central authority but to the principle of mutually respected autonomy and freedom. For most anarchists of whatever stripe, it’s local governance that is their most cherished principle. This is how Reiner Fuellmich puts it: “We’re going to have to start from scratch, build up our own supply systems as far as energy, as far as food systems are concerned—in our regions, and then connect with each other, exchange ideas. But never again will we allow people to rule from above, from very far away.”[21]

    Then and only then can any genuine democracy be attempted.

  • Whatever happened with that crowd in Michigan, Obama really couldn't handle it

    The notion that it’s somehow dangerously “anti-democratic” to insist on clear forensic proof of any seeming victory at the polls is itself dangerously anti-democratic—as in Pete Buttigieg’s chilling “seven words on democracy,” lately hailed by “our free press”: “When you lose, you accept the outcome”—which is another way of saying, “You win when we say you win; and if we say you lose, you lose. So shut up.” From there it’s quite a small step to tar anyone objecting to that quasi-Nazi diktat as a Nazi—which is arguably what Obama went to Michigan to do, with “our free press” as his accomplices.

    Will Democracy be Impossible?

    No matter what may happen next, in this election or thereafter, American democracy will be impossible if we can’t question what the government-and-media unanimously scream about our ludicrous elections, or on any other subject; nor can we ourselves survive if we keep snapping at each other’s throats, as both the parties and “our free press” want us doing.

    I’m of the opinion that what seems to be working at this point are people like Trump, DeSantis, Kari Lake, MTG and others. It would be nice if civility reigned, but it doesn’t and continuing the past Republican doormat behavior is not the answer. I’m not saying Miller is saying this, but there comes a point when the moneychangers have to be driven out of the temple.

  • total lies are total disrespect and it's time we the people stopped standing for it.

    Very good article. I recommend the whole thing…particularly the Twitter video about Gov. Whitmer or maybe we should rename her Gov. Witless. Or maybe, just so there is no confusion, Gov. Witless Whitmer. Thoughts?

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